Wednesday, December 30, 2009

at last !! AIBA MASAKI-kun wa subarashii !!!

doumo doumo !
minna !! everybody !!
akhirnya..penantianku telah berakhir !!!
penantian? emm..pencarian lebih sedap didengar..
Pencarianku Telah Berakhir !!!
My Girl Ep. 9 & My Girl Finale..
akhirnya habis jugak...alhamdulillah..
nasib baik sempat habis sebelum masuk tahun 2010..
owatte de..yokatta~~

tapi...bila dah habis, it mean no more..My Girl? Masamune? Koharu?
hhmmm...macam itulah nampaknya..
anyway..episod akhir memang banyak 'namida chorori' ...! hahahaha!!
'tears leak'? doko kite kana??

and now, I'm hoping to watch ARASHI's new drama, 'Saigo No Yakusoku' (The Last Promise)
the story is..about :
"Saigo no Yakusoku" is described as a human suspense story involving the hijack of a major building. The members of Arashi play five young men who happen to be inside, and the story depicts their attempt to escape and their interactions with the other people caught up in the incident.

I really can't wait !!!!!
but...I have to wait because the drama will be broadcast starting next year, in January...

so..till then
ja ne...sayonara..bye2!

*what happen with the blog? thank goodness it can be fixed...*
*hope it don't happen again...bila terasa nak mencoret nanti..hahah!*

Thursday, December 24, 2009


doumo doumo~
kyou wa, christmas eve right?
when we talk about christmas mean..?

I have wait fo a long time for this !!!!
today, we're gonna fill this blog with AIBA MASAKI !!!!!
ikuzo !

$ mini-profile

-Name : Aiba Masaki (kanji : 相葉 雅紀 )
-D.O.B : December 24 1982 (today of course !)
-P.O.B : Chiba, Japan
-Height : 176 cm
-Blood type : AB (no wonder he is so happy-go-lucky)
-Profession : singer, actor, radio host

$ this is some little 'fun facts '$

Often referred to as Aiba-chan and Aibaka.
-He has earned various nicknames that relates to the word idol.
(ex. Super Idol, King of Idols, etc.)
-His family owns a Chinese restaurant named Keikarou in his
hometown somewhere in the Chiba Prefecture and his father is the chef.
-He is very proud to come from Chiba and often proclaims it in interviews.
-Aiba is a fan of TOKIO, another Johnny's Entertainment band.
-He enjoys playing the saxophone, but stopped due to health reasons.
-Aiba once suffered from pneumothorax, the collapse of one lung due to
immense pressure change in the chest cavity caused by trauma or a spontaneous
rupture in the lung. Symptoms include shortness of breath and severe chest pain when breathing. Aiba-chan's lung collapsed during a saxophone practice session. The moment
his lung collapses can be seen in the DVD "all or nothing". He was hospitalized for
4 days and went through an operation, and now has a scar on his right chest from
the operation.

-Aiba sleeps with a HUGE stuffed animal dog every night, even when on tour.
-Aiba's least favorite season of the year is spring because he suffers from hayfever.
-Aiba has a very noticeable birthmark on his left shoulder.
-He has a huge obsession with basketball. He saw Johnny's idols (SMAP)
playing basketball on the TV "I Love SMAP", and thought that he'd get to play
basketball with them if he joined. After asking some female classmates for their advice,
he sent an application to join. It was not until he was asked to audition that make Aiba
realize Johnny's Jimusho trained young boys to dance and sing.
-According to one of Aiba-chan's interviews, the most bizarre gift that he ever
received on his 20th birthday was a walking stick, given to him by none other than
his own leader, Ohno Satoshi!
-Aiba follows Sho even in his dreams. Sho talks in his sleep about Aiba.
Once saying “Let Aiba sleep!” The other time he said in his sleep to Ohno
that he should go and wake Aiba instead.
-Halfway watching movie “I am Sam”, he left the cinema because the story
was too tragic.
-He eats the most among all the members: can’t stop eating between
meals (according to Sho), eats two bentos a day (according to Jun), after having a
sushi meal with one of the Tokio members, he still ordered a large
set meal (according to Ohno).
-Nino said he’ll always memorize his line before movie shooting starts,
but Sho says Aiba memorizes his lines AFTER shooting.
-His birth date was decided by his mom who wanted to give birth at
Christmas eve no matter what.
-Once he tried going into hotspring bath when he was really really sleepy.
He slept halfway through and nearly drowned, fortunately his family members
saved him in the end.
-Aiba loves to bounce around during concerts and often commits
mistakes in his choreography.
-He loves animals and claims to have the ability to "speak to them."
-He is terribly afraid of Kangaroos. This is because of his encounter
with a kangaroo called "Hacchi" in the weekly variety show "Shimura Zoo"

-Aiba also once have been 'possessed' by a spirit of a mother when Arashi, together with Takizawa hideaki (tackey) work in a TV program titled 'USO! JAPAN'. Before that,
he once said at an another TV program, that he was getting thinner,
no matter how much he eat. But then, he find out that there are a ghost inside
his body and the ghost has absorb the food out from his body, mid-air. He also believed to have the 'third' eye.


saigo no part wa...,chotto kowai ne...?
tak kisah la...
sebelum kita letak video..jom tengok gambar dulu!

iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! yabai yabai yabai yabai !!!! this is yabai ! (dangerous) !!!
over cuteness !!!

before I close the call...this is some from Aiba's singing..

Hitsuji No Kazoe (counting sheep)
(this is before he got the pneumothorax, he still can play the saxophone)

Itsuka No Summer (one day in summer)
(sooooooooo sexy ! it is summer..)

Hello Goodbye
(this song is really cute ! it just like him! )

wow! at last...but not least..
eh? macam silap je ayat tu..
sebelum memang betul2 menutup tirai, inginku ucapkan...

誕生日おめでとうございます !!!!
tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu !!!!

hoping to see more of 'brand new AIBA MASAKI'

*panjangnya ! yeay yeay yeay !*
* for contless time, I WANT TO WATCH MY GIRL !!*

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

we arrived safely...~

doumo doumo !
emm...well, just like the title say..
my family..and also myself, have returned from the hometown,safe and sound !
rasa pelik pulak..sebab dah lama kat kampung..jadi terbiasa la pulak..
tapi..yg frustnya..tuisyen pun kena stop..
dah la teacher science nak bagi nota pasal topik yang nak sangat2 belajar !!!
sayang betul...
tapi, segala yang cikgu ajar akan ku gunakan sebaik mungkin, insya ALLAH..

well, hari ni pun..tak ada buat apa sangat..
just pergi sekolah, ambil list untuk buku tahun depan.., jalan2 dengan jiran 'membesar bersama'..
agak penat + best la..dapat jalan2 dengan orang yang masa cuti panjang je boleh jumpa..

Aishah Najihah Bt. Ali, semoga kita dapat berjumpa lagi tahun depan..!
esok mungkin pertemuan terakhir kita tahun ini..
semoga kita dapat keputusan yang cemerlang untuk tahun depan!

nampaknya...tahun ini memang membawa banyak peristiwa..
insya ALLAH, akan ku simpan semuanya dalam memori ku ini...
semoga next year memory will become more update!!
-kenapa banyak sangat pasal tahun ni?-

anyway..MY GIRL last episod + second-last episod masih belum tengok lagi..
sedihnya !!!
tapi tak apa...satu hari akan dapat tengok jugak !
MASAMUNE + KOHARU...zetttai ni mirumasu !!!

okeylah..ada orang mintak nak baca..
untuk memenuhi kehendak beliau..
chow dulu !
lagipun nak pergi jalan..
atau lebih tepat..SHOPPING !!!!
hahahaha! dah lama tak shopping ni..

ja ne..
sayonara...bye2 !

*esok 24 disember !!! Aiba !!!*
*nak cakap apa dkt sini? dah lupa pulak....*

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the adventure of MERLIN !!!

doumo doumo !!!
baru2 ni kan...
ada tengok cerita Merlin...
terus jatuh hati !!!
tapi...jatuh hati ke??

sekarang dalam proses nak rewind balik tengok season 1..
tapi....,macam susah je...
tengok la dulu..
and of course, sekarang ni masih belum tengok cerita MY GIRL EP.9 & 10 !!
nak tengok masamune + koharu !!!
sedih betul....

sebelum mengundur ada satu gambar..MERLIN !

hehehee...dah tak ada kerja agaknya..
okey! ijou, dani desu !!
sayonara..bye2 !!

*nak tengok MASAMUNE + KOHARU !!!!!*
*p/s: nama orang yang membawa watak merlin adalah colin morgan..*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

alhamdulillah...berjalan dengan lancar !

doumo doumo !
akhirnya..berakhir jugak majlis semalam...
dengan jayanya!!
walaupun ada la jugak resistance2 sikit...(perkataan baru dalam sains!hahha)
well, I can say...I have a new uncle !!
but, it also more 'free-going without headscarf' in the house....
what a life!

sekarang ni..ada seorang manusia yang sedang memerhatikanku...?
okey2! memerhatikan diriku tengah karang blog...
hahahah!! banyak songeh betul!
boleh ke???
ishk3...tak kisah lah...!
plus...tengah melayan naruto + detective conan + kekkaishi + .....?
apa lagi? sukahatilah!!

ikutkan hati, nak letak gambar perkahwinan semalam...
tapi pendrive sudah diambil tuannya la pulak...
nasib badan..~
nanti kalau dapat, I'll make sure to put some..
yakusoku desu !!!

semalam pun..kerja dapat dua !
bagi 'mini-hamper'....ada kerepek & dadih.
tapi..entah macam mana tukar kerja pulak...
basuh pinggan...
hahaha..yang bestnya, basuh dibawah langit, bukan bumbung ye...
hehehehe...sedap betul kalau berangin...

nak cakap apa lagi?....
dah tak ada 'isi' dah sekarang ni...
okey! sampai sini sajalah...
ja ne...

*hari isnin kitaorang 'belarok' !!!*
*jom pakai jubah !! hahahaha!!*

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

yohoiiiiiittt !! kora !!

hari ni.. agak sakit hati la sikit...
from this morning..until the evening(night maybe)
iya da....!! kirai ! kirai ! kirai ! daikirai !!!!
nasib baik dapat tengok MY GIRL..walaupun ep.9 part 1 & 2 je,
puas hatilah sikit.. orang kata 'mengubat hati yang lara'

anyway, tuisyen is problem at all !
the teachers really giving out the best eh?
sekarang ni, tengah melayan balik manga!
rindunya !!!
naruto, kekkaishi, gakuen alice, detective conan, ookiku furikabutte..
and of course my girl by sahara mizu.
tapi sekarang ni dah azan maghrib..
kena sambung esoklah nampaknya...
semuanya 'dia' tu punya pasal !!

okeylah! sampai sini saja..(sebelum jadi mengumpat orang pulak..)
mata ne ~

*Aiba wa chou kawaii !!! He saved + made the day better for me!*
*lagi dua hari sebelum kemuncak..MY GIRL !!! *

Sunday, December 6, 2009

waahhhh.... !!

doumo doumo!
wah... it's already 6th December eh?
well, tak adalah sesibuk mana...
lepas masuk tuisyen ni...
cuma yang bezanya selalu kena tidur awal la nampaknya..
itulah! tidur lambat lagi!
padan muka diriku ini!

lately.... emm?
macam mana nak cakap ye?
tak kisahlah! tapi masalhnya sekarang ni, nak cakap apa?
dalam hati ni asyik nak cerita pasal tuisyen,tuisyen,tuisyen ja!
tapi, beruntung masuk tuisyen pun, dapatlah baiki sikit, benda yang selama ni susah nak selesaikan...jadi senang!

my parents are away..~
dou shi yo??
tapi duit ada! ah ah ah ah ah!
dapat elaun tuuuu........first time ni!
kena jaga elok2...amanah!
ni apasal cerita pasal duit pulak ni?

nak cakap apa lagi?
ah! MY GIRL !!
hari jumaat lepas Ep. 9 dah keluar...
so, tengok esoklah! insya ALLAH.
jumaat ni...episod akhir!! EP. 10 !!!
tak sabar nak tengok!
Sakurai Sho jadi guest appearence episod akhir nanti!
ahahahahaha........ tak sangka ye?
macam mana watak Sho agaknya?? (start to imagine..)
tak sabarnya!!!
tapi, MY GIRL dah nak habis...
anyway, ARASHI really getting popular now, hah?

later than, ja ne~?

*Aiba berjaya bawak watak Masamune dengan bagus sekali!!*
*Nino sakit belakang? What??!!!*

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tuisyen?? isogashi ni natta yo!

doumo doumo!
big news! I'm going to enter a tuition center!
It just near my grandparents house!!
yaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ureshiiiii!!!!!!!
demo... jishin ga nai desu....~
dou shi yo???!!!
over all, I will do my very2 best..!
hope to be bless only..hehehe..

sekarang ni...dekat kampung..
hehehe...lebat la jugak...
dah banjir dah pun..tadi masa balik dari pergi mendaftar, kena lalu kawasan banjir,
tinggi dah sampai...betis?
agaknya la...
sekarang ni..tengah tunggu MY GIRL EP. 8!!
cepat betul 'jpoplovers' upload kan !!
arigatou gozaimasu!
hehehe...jom tengok!

ashita, I will start attending the,
kena bangun awal pagi la gamaknya! hahaha...
selalu bangun, tengok tv...
esok..kena pegi 'sekolah' !
wish me luck...!

ja ne..?

*harap2 tak ada language error la esok! onegaishimasu!*
*I'm not 100% kelantanese!!! *