Friday, February 22, 2013

'Frist tmie'?


Okay, just want to test if anyone can understand the title..
yes, it's 'first time?', and it doesn't really mean anything..

Just want to say, finally I managed to drive on the 'real' road~

Alhamdulillah, nothing bad or unwanted thing happened.
Maybe because it is the reality that I will face after I get my driving license, so it kind of..usual.
(Boo at my comment! hehe! XD)

For my driving class' teacher, hoping the days with him will get much better,
(He is a nice man, though....)

After this, I have to get for the motorcycle class..
yeah..the 'mendokusai' part..

Anyway.., I'll try to keep stable with my life right now...
In shaa Allah...

Until then, adios~

*Just got back from girls' shopping~ with my mom! Wahaha!!*
*And....bought some nice new hijab's brooch~ Ureshii~ ^_^*

Monday, February 18, 2013

The class start today~ I'm tired~~

Konbanwa~ (as right now, it's 8.20 PM) I stated in my previous entry..,
"I'll try to make a post on my first day driving class" (did I really said that...?)

Never mind about that..,
here I am, wanted to speak up all my opinion about..everything!
Everything on what was my feeling, what was the weather, what was the people-
Okay..not really that far.

Firstly, I got a male instructor, I just state the initial, Mr. K (encik K, ye..)
Well...what should I say about him? My first impression, maybe?

He seemed..quite nice (in personality, I mean).
A bit dark skin he have, but that is not a big matter.
The matter right now..he is a smoker. (truly, not really my type! sorry bout that, though, da~)

yeah, got a bit 'tantrum', or what we commonly say, 'bebelan'..
but still, I learned many things (well of course, IT IS the driving CLASS!)

As almost everything was a first time for me..,
Quite hard to hold everything in hand.
Quite nervous+excited+scared~
The last time(or should I say first time?) that I learned with my mum,
I just drove on a STRAIGHT; full with bumpers' road.
Never done the turn/curve part, so quite hard.
and also the hill.

Yeah, I already went to the hill today~

Even I have no idea..."Did I did the driving well? How can I got to try and drive, while practising the handbrake and clutch and whatever on the hill?"

It was still a mystery for me right now as my mum said that so.
However, it was a good thing.
At least, I do knew some little things~

Better do next time..
I don't want to be called a 'wimp', or a coward just because I fail the test.
Eventhough I did failed for my motorcycle test...Huhu...really frustrating right now that thing!!

ermm...maybe that's all that I want to share today.
The next class is on this Wednesday..not really that far.

I' my best!

Sore jya, ato de!

*Okay..everything that was 'threw' to me were not ALL correct!*
*Confession! I like something different right now! But I just love it~ ^_^*

Friday, February 15, 2013

Foot on the clutch, brake and accelerator...^_^


Finally, I managed to drive the manual car!! (illegally, I should say.)

Yeah, sound pathetic..
"it just driving a car, so what?"
But, as I really have a dream that I had planned years before...
'What I wanted to achieve by driving the car by myself'';
'What I wanted to do when I pass my car test';
and more of 'what I wanted...'

This morning/afternoon,
me and my mum (as she got a week off for the Chinese New Year Holiday),
we went to buy some groceries, some daily necessities,
and while waiting until 12 pm,
she asked me.."want to try and drive the car?"

p/s: btw, the manual car that my family have is the Toyota Unser(go and search if you don't know), so just imagine the size of it.

As my first class for the car at the driving school start this 18th February..,
I did have some doubt..'Is it safe to do it with my ummi, and without using the 'kereta latihan' that the driving school always use?'
My mum said, "It's okay, nothing to be afraid of, but you don't just press the accelerator with all your might!"

Swallowed my saliva, I tried. "Ok! why not?"

We went to the road near my mum's school (she's a teacher, yeah!),
My mum stop the car (but not the engine~), and we changed our place.

At that time..I was scared. The 'wild' doubts came back to my mind.
'what if I got into an accident later?', and many more 'WILD' thoughts.

But, as my mum taught me with a calm voice (sometimes she did threw 'Not yet!', 'Not that'),
I got the spirit, 'don't be too prejudice, don't be too paranoid, it's gonna be okay!'

Alhamdulillah, it went very well (I'm saying in terms of accidents.)
Unfortunately for the timing of the brake before encountering the bumper, I quite failed a couple of times.

Still, I managed to understand the way to hold the steering in a stable way(same goes to my body;stable),
the pressure you have to put for the accelerator in a correct calculation, the way you let go the clutch, and there is more!!

I'll update later if I have another perspective about driving..
Yeah, I just wanted to store my memory of my first experience of driving a car..
whereas I did before the real driving class!

Last but not least,
thank you for being with me and teaching me~

That's all for this..week, maybe?
I try to 'remember' about the existence of this blogger account of mine~

Till then guys~
Saraba da! (it mean farewell, not too much change with 'sayonara')

*Right now, watching anime, anime, anime, anime, anime, anime and anime!*
*I just wanted to replay back my childhood memory....should I?*

Saturday, February 2, 2013

ermm....what should I say about it?


Yes, it's already February...,
and it mean one thing.. :
I'm officially 18 !!

Yatta~~ (it's nothing, just I'm glad that I still have chance to live on this round world)

Of course, I wanted to do some job as I always 'says' since I was little.
For me, 18 is the age where I, no, almost everybody in this world can do things or works that can help others.
It sound weird, yes.
But that what I 'declared' long time ago...
And, that passion still in my heart.

Just, I think that declaration still cannot be fulfil due to some reasons.
Still, I want to keep that passion forever, until the day I would leave this world.
In shaa Allah...

Now, for some quick diary about my activities on yesterday and today...,
Yesterday, I went to help my friend a.k.a. my neighbour a.k.a. my sister's friend a.k.a. my Arashian friend.
Her sister got married yesterday, and had to settle some stuff ; passing the chocolates to the guests, cleaning the food+drink after the event ended. Quite tiring, but it was cool! Hehe...(doing some volunteer work on my birthday is really a good thing!Honestly!)
No need to thank me, sis! I'll try my best to help you anytime! ^_^
Today, went to the wedding reception. Alhamdulillah, got nothing to complain about. Everything was smooth~
Hehe...couldn't believe myself using that word, though.

Okay, okay...
I'm getting carried away with the story that has no end.
Got to stop, as I want to continue watching anime.
Yes, that's my current 'job' right now; watching the anime-from-my-childhood-memory that were on list.
Hehe..try my best to finish them!

Sore dewa, ato de na!

*btw, I met my classmates from the Year 6 class. Ohisashiburi~ (well, I didn't greeted him though..)*
*how's the story about my motorcycle +car licenses?*