Saturday, July 20, 2013

Experiences for the FIRST three weeks at the college, part 2 (end)

really sorry for the late post!
It suppossed to be done at the same night on the last post, but somehow I forgot about it, and I have to wait until the next week(which is this week) to continue it.

Don't worry, it have nothing important, really...

Okay, where were we last time?
Oh yeah, the orientation days! 'That' orientation day....hmm

Sure, let just skip reviewing about it again.
Now, here comes the SECOND WEEK!
The class started to be held.
The students were divided into groups, section, etc.

I got my my section, I met with my classmates (which supposed to be 29, but its 26 now)
Kind of having hard time remembering their names that time.
A...nd! There were no lectures at all for each class that week.
Hm...I still have no idea what kind of reaction should I said at that time, coz we had no idea at all.
But, we 'greeted' the classes in that maze-like-building-of-KPTM.
I entered the library, and I like the atmosphere in it (except for the too-chill part).
Experienced the lost situation, and myself suddenly became very friendly with seniors that I hardly ever know.
In total, it was fun for the second week; well, first week for the class though.

Finally, I met two lecturers that will be teaching us for this whole semester.
I'm going to learn psychology in education too, did you know!?
'It seems to be fun', that what I always thought for myself.
And, I'm praying + hoping for it.

So, that's all for my 'first three weeks' being at the KPTM.
Don't worry, I'm not going to do this for the next 3 weeks or whatsoever.
Maybe after I'm in the 3rd year there.., I'll consider about making a post about it.
Hehe.. ^_^

That's it! It's done!

Will always doing the 'going-home-every-weekend-routine', so don't be surprise if my new posts are made only on weekend. :P

Until we meet again, adios!
Dani deshita.

*The only things I want at my hostel ; Wi-Fi, fridge and microwave/oven.*
*Please~~!! Please, please!*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Experiences for the FIRST three weeks at the college, part 1


Doumo~~ minna~~ genki desu ka~?

hehe..okay, okay, I'll stop that annoying 'little' screaming.
Just want to say,

Hey, I'm back!
Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan to all Muslims and Muslimahs.

I've been waiting for you, Ramadhan~
^ ^

Okay. end for the introduction.
Now, let's get back to the main topic here...

As it stated there, my experiences.
Yeah, 3 weeks are just like..'it just a short time, nothing to say', or 'just the first 3 weeks? Just wait until the end of semester then you know.."

Thanks for those who have that kind of thought, but I'm still going to type, to express all my feelings about the first 3 weeks experiences here...

So, let's the replayed journey begin..

On the first week, or more precisely the FIRST DAY,
I was kind of furious + confused with the handling of the KPTM's for us;the students.
It's not like I'm saying they got bad system for that day program, just wondering what had happened that day.
"Was it because of the numbers of those who came to register at the registering counter were just too many that exceed their calculation?"
or "Was it because their place are small? (I mean for the campus)"

It was like my head was being hectic itself that day, after seeing many students with their parents started complaining about...everything!
Especially, the highlight for that day; (and for me, maybe?) the students moving in the hostel.
Me, with hundreds of other future students...., okay!
here comes the proverb!
EXACTLY packed like sardines!!

It was toooooo difficult to move, to get out of the main gate(or what they call, 'lobby' which is not that grand lobby), even to give way to those who have to bring their daughter- (because that hostel is ONLY for woman's student) to-be-student's toiletries, bags, shoes-still-in-their-boxes, and whatsoever stuff.

Yes, I was kind of upset because of my image that I have since long time ago bout this situation.
'people queuing up, check-in at the hostel, and with smile on face, climb the stair/get on the elevator to send their children.'

That what I thought would be happening that day.

But, as you read, it was just a DISASTER.
A total, total disaster.
I got to know that the hostel I'm staying right now were used as hostel not long time ago, so they (the KPTM's superior) have no idea what's happening there the day we checked in the hostel.
.....okay, I can see that for sure.
There was no any volunteer or senior from the KPTM that tried to instruct us to do this, or that, or those.

Okay, I might sound like an old woman here; complaining.
But let me add some information on what happened that day.
-The only person that have to go and check-in their name, were only the students, so the parents have to
-There were only two persons that handled all of us, but each for different job.
  One to check-in, one to pay hundred ringgit as they said it is for maintenance,
  but we got to know that AFTER we got in front of the hostel. Okay, that really
  could make people go outrages.
- That day's weather was good; it was hot.
   But without any tents prepared, it was VERY hot...and the parents still have to wait..hmm...
What do you want to say about that?

Oh, look! It just the part 1, and I have type almost half of the page!
Very hm...

But, alhamdulillah, I got to check-in and met with 'my' room.
Yes, I got the 12th level, with roughly 11 rooms, with additional each room can hold the capacity of at least 10 - 13 peoples.
Yeah, was seriously 'cool'.
The 'true' arrow was just too far away missed from my target/image.

But, still it's not like I can die from it so...I just give it a rest...'nothing to fear, it could be normal for the first semester student'.

And, alhamdulillah again, I can adapt myself in that kind of living in just a short time.
Just still have to bear from the noises from my 360 degree at night....even now.

I got to meet very nice 10 peoples in my room; that come from different countries in Malaysia, and of course, different kinds of personalities, that's for sure.
Together with me, we, the 11 girls decided that for the first week, we should be together(for the orientation day).
Yes, we kept being together...together..wherever together for the whole 1st day of orientation day.
It's not annoying.., well, at first.
But even after I explain about myself that I don't get easily panic when separated, as long as I know the current place, or maybe the place that we might be going....,
they STILL told me to stick close.
Okay, fine! LET'S STICK CLOSE!

Later that evening, they're the one who got lost in the middle of the sea of students.
I searched for them...and got abandoned in silent word, but clear action for sure.
'It's okay, I don't really mind. You guys the one who did that, I'm not worry at all'

"Dani, don't go away by yourself, we might could not find you later"
"Dani, why do you like to go by yourself? Let's eat together with us"

*poker face from me*

"Dani, are you okay? Want to go to the toilet?"

*still being poker face, just a polite smile, while I shakes my face.*


It quite hurt to flashback those days of 'being together', really.
Even if I want to listen and take notes everytime I heard the new information bout the colleague's department of students, of lecturers...
My eyes could not help finding every flaws in that enormous hall owned by Persatuan Puteri Islam Malaysia (as KPTM seemed to rent that place for the orientation program).

It was a formal program eventhought there was no any superior (except for the 1st & closing day of orientation), and I saw men (or should I call them boy),
 wearing a T-shirt with inappropriate images/arts.
No worry, it's not vulgar word or art, just it DOESN'T FIT to be wore at that kind of day.
It supposed to be a common sense already!! What is happening here?!

I was just too dumbfounded when I encountered those boys.
I want to scold them very much, coz it also shows, "OUR"; "MY" batch students are like..'THAT'??!!

So here, I want to take some chance to tell you something, dear gentleman that might reading this.

You are not handsome, you are not cool, you are NOTHING if you have no common sense to decide whether it is appropriate to wear T-SHIRT with pictures on it at the orientation day!

Even it might look kind of nerd on you wearing shirt with short/long-sleeves, believe me, YOU LOOK HANDSOME because it is a attire that fit the program.

I didn't say I'm the perfect one here...
Sometimes, even I did something that doesn't show the level of my IQ.
I'm here just to let everybody know and in the same time, I also can remind myself.

I think, only this for the first week.
I'll try to continue tonight, in shaa Allah.

So, be good and let's met again~
^ ^

Dani deshita.
Mata ne~

*How I miss the bazaar Ramadhan the past first 2 days of fasting. Huhu*
*as I said to myself many times, BAZAAR & TERAWIH prayers that complete the fasting month*