Monday, January 6, 2014

In 2014....


Okay, it's already 2014.
The number has changed, and I believed.., my life will be changing to something..,
like just a little bit new changes.

Still, I don't really do the 'azam' every time a new year come.
It just get too troublesome after some time..

OKAY, here it is :
I'll do my best to keep the GOOD result.
I'll do my best so that I'll not WASTE my money on useless things.
I'll do my best to be patient ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, Insya-Allah.
Lastly, I'll do my best to be a good person in any points, Insya-Allah.

Somehow, the 3rd and the last kind have the same meaning..?

I cannot say 100% I will succeed on accomplishing all those four coz I'm not the one who can decide what going to happen.
Of course, I want to keep it as a Principe of my life, not just for this year.

I'll do my best~!

Until the new entry..
Dani deshita~

*I want to start back my 'diary life' it appears to be a good thing to do actually ! *
*Mission accomplished for today~! Alhamdulillah...*