Saturday, August 2, 2014

Long-complicated-journey just to get back to hometown!

and, Hey....people? Anyone..?
fine, whatever..  -_-
(I think this is what people call self-comforting?)

First of all (I know it's kind a late, but still...),
It's the 6th day of Raya, though...huhuhu...

I actually wanted to share the journey that I had to go through before the Hari Raya...
It always a tradition for me, and my whole family to celebrate the happy day at Kelantan; which is my hometown. I was not born there, but I was made by two-pure-Kelantanese, so, that's it! XD

And, before celebrating the raya...,
it was a first time for me to not sahur + break fast with my parents, coz of some reasons.
very sad, though...
Alhamdulillah, luckily for the last day...I got to do that two events with them... :)

I went to buy the ticket for me and my lil' bro so that both of us could be sent first.
Reason : lack of space + driver

So, we were sent (ok, with the bus) to Perak first though, and after couple of days,
Got to see my parents!!

It was kind a in an overwhelmed state for me..hahaha!
sound very weird that word to be matched with me...kahkahkah!

Whatever it was, we arrived safely; no accidents and stuffs.
If possible, I don't want to experience the same thing ever again...
I was like being dug out(?) from my body and soul whenever thinking about it...

I think, that's it.
The idea for this entry also ver, very random that I don't really need longer time for typing this...
(yeah, I 'loveeeeeee' to procrastinate....I know that..)

So, until then folks!!

Dani ใงใ—ใŸ.

*My friend seemed to start to blog~ keh3....*
*Once again, welcome dik! Do your best for the next entriess!!*