Friday, September 27, 2013

Grammar and Complaint

Doumo! Dani desu! ^^

Today, I just want to share about my activity; or could I say the activity that my lecturer did in his Grammar class today.
[ A complaint letter ]
Yes, sound funny and...'what the use of it in Grammar, anyway?'

The thing was, our lecturer (he is a man, by the way),
he asked us to share with him any complaint that we have after 11 weeks being in KPTM.
Well, not that we have SO MANY complaints, so..."No~ we don't have any, Sir"

Somehow, our Sir is very good in intriguing us, and gradually, yes!
All of us do have some complaint.
About the college, or the ATM machine, or the staffs, or the lecturer, or the classmates, or other student of different section(class), the senior, the hostel and whatsoever.

I managed to make an essay about it...,
and I felt so relieved after finishing my last sentence, before we sent it to the lecturer.

You thought it only stop there?

After our complaints have been collected, he gave it back, but not at the owner of the complaint.
And~~ here comes the interesting part.

Each of us have to give solutions for the problem/complaint stated in the anonymous essay!
LOL !!

Some of you might not understand the funny part I'm talking here,
but it was very interesting moment in the class!

I did wrote my best solutions for a complaint essay that I got (it got no name of the owner, but somehow I knew the writer. :P )

And, at the end of the class, we took back our complaint essay, and some read the solutions given for their problems, some crumbled theirs!
To hide something, maybe? :P

I had fun in that class, seriously.
(it's not that I'm very good in Grammar subject, but I can't hate the lecturer that some of they claimed 'unfriendly+bias')

That's all I want to share.
It is a mystery thing; why things getting very interesting when it is nearing the end of the semester?

Still, I'm stopping here.
Until then, folks!

Dani deshita yo~

*ARAFES '13, I can't wait to watch you!!!!~~~ kyaaaa~~!! *
*Arashi new album [LOVE] ! Finally, it is 'love'... hehe ^^*

Saturday, September 21, 2013

just want to give lots of, LOTS of love~~ ^_^

I'm too lazy to type many thing here (yes, I have many thing to express here, but...!)

So, I just want to copy&paste some pictures that I found very, very very full of love!!
(from my perspective, maybe? but who care such thing! :P )

*all credits goes to the pics owner, not me. I just used it to calm myself, that's all.*

awwww~~ *being lovestruck*


thanks for being alive, and thanks to Allah The Almighty for creating these such cute+irresistible furry creatures!!

so, that's all folk!

Dani deshita yo~~

"Smile, you don't own all the problems in the world"
- not mine too, just got it somewhere -

* I feel a bit relieve....-breath out- *
*dear assignment...... - I'll handle you later, ok~? ^^ *