Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Azleeza-neechan, 誕生日おめでとう~

This entry is made special to my best friend+sister.

To Azleeza Mukhtar a.k.a. Sakurai Sho の wifey(hyuuu~~), this is for you!



May Allah bless your life, amin.

*I just edited some part, the Sho-pic is not mine~~*
*Hope you like it, neechan! ^_^ *

Friday, May 17, 2013

'Mini'- reunion?

Hai, hai, doumo~~

Just got back from my class (3rd year of Lower Secondary School)..
well, only the girls (as we were only 25 students that time; 10 boys, 15 girls)

there were some girls I haven't met them for a long time, some I met them even last year..
well, that's the rule when you are still learning; no matter school, collage of university, right?

Got a little 'depress' after I got the news about my UPU result.
But, still..it doesn't mean I can't smile anymore~ ^_^
I believe there still a thousand more ways for me to continue my learning.
so, daijoubu, daijoubu~

I'm going to continue reading manga, so adios for now~

Dani deshita~

*'Everything happened must have reasons, but it doesn't mean you hae to give up'*
*Have no idea if there was someone said that, but still, sure! I'll try!*

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just a quick dictum!

Hey there, just want to wish for today...;


Don't care even I'm no longer a school student..,
well, later might get the student 'label' again soon enough...

Still, there you go!
Today's three words wish~

*Thousands thanks to all my teachers, no matter what age I were that time..*
*Will miss your existence forever in my life, In Sha Allah*

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great day today, I think.. ^_^


Okay, this entry could be a total boring entry, so I've warned you already.

Today, went to eat lunch at the Johnnys restaurant. It's a restaurant that mainly for steamboat. Of course, there also proper ready-dishes.
It was quite a time since I ate lunch at a restaurant..hihi~ shiawase da wa~

Then, went to the MPH Bookstore. Well, that was the main purpose of today's outing. ^_^
Bought 3 novels~ And then I realized, 2 out of 3, it has 'suami'(husband) word on the title.
......what should I say? I just love to read book~ keh keh keh!

It was unplanned, but we went to the arcade; or should you say 80% games are for kids.
Who cares that, I LOVE to play the Big Daiko(drum), and sometimes the basketball shoot. (spare me for the 'fake' name for the game, I just don't remember~)
Let's run away from the 'real' life for a while~ hihihi  ^_^

Lastly, went to buy the crispy savoury; the chicken & cheese flavour at the Hot&Roll food shop. Mecha umai yo~

And, got back safely and sound(except for the extra-full stomach! LOL!)

It was fun today, honestly.
Really hope that I can do it again in the future~

That's all...

Dani deshita.

*told you it's boring..*
*new anime series that I'm watching right now..[xxxHolics]. Well, seemed like it caught my heart a bit..*

Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting addicted back to anime~ anime~ anime~

Ohayou gozaima~su!

Don't mind this entry too much..
It just a total random one coz I have no idea what to share this time..keh3!

But, the title said so!
I am right now getting addicted to the anime that I once watched years ago..
well, I just call it 'The-Road-Back-to-My-Nostalgic-Childhood-Time'
wahaha! XD (boo for my suck ability naming a title)

Right now, I'm watching The Prince of Tennis (not from the 1st episode, just the OVAs and special movies)
Later, The law of Ueki, I'm going to you! hehe...
There were about 3-4 animes that I bookmark-ed; as for the waiting list~
of course, some of them were the anime I already watched, but I wanted to re-watch.
And, there were also new anime that I just managed to catch it title, but not the anime itself. Huhu...
Now is the time!! Firee~~(effect from watching PIXAR's movie continuously 2 days ago)

So, that's all!
Haha! Told you it just a random one!

See you later!
I'm going to watch 'movie~~'

*I just don't want to comment anything about the PRU13..., that's all! *
*Oh! How I missed that OP&ED from P.O.T's anime!! Ryoma~  :')*