Sunday, February 28, 2010

dah keluar dulu laa..! hehehe !!

minna, doumo doumo !
wah..nanto?(believe it or not)
PV TROUBLEMAKER dah keluar sepenuhnya !!
suge tanoshii !! omoshiroi !! mecha omoshiroi yo !!!
it just..kind of weird seeing them do a new kind of PV..
but, it fresh !!
hehehe..(what am I talking about again..?)

I really want to put it here..
so, I have searched it at the YouTube..
and the results is...*drum rolls*....
subarashii desu ! I got two versions...short version + full version
eventhough the concept are using stop motion, it really fascinating !!
betul ke guna perkataan tu..?
maa ii ya !
so, douzo !

(short version first)

(full version)

sugoi janai?
just watching the PV..
I can't even imagine how much job they have to do..(or the staff..)
whatever it is..
maybe I'll try to copy the lyric + tranlslation here..
at the next entry maybe..

until here then..ja ne,

*please no...!! huhuhu*
*just waiting for the time..*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

together with new PICTURE !! wahahaha !

doumo doumo !
hari pictures have arrived !
yeah ! yatta !
and of course, all the picture is about..

stop talking here, let's continue !

this is what I got this far..(only for ARASHI / whole member)
what I want to say is...this is their journey..
from 1999, the starting of ARASHI, until present
how much have they changed?
you decide yourself...
I'll already put the picture in order year, so that you can decide which member is the most changed from then..
also, I noticed there are picture they did it twice, but in different year..
let have a look !

hora !
you really can see the changes a little, right?
hehehehe...the order of the five also the same..
but don't mind their skin color, it because of the spotlight..(i guess)
next, it for the member !!!
starting from Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Ninomiya and the youngest Jun

that all...
first I want to say,
the first picture is definitely Ohno Satoshi !
I don't know why he wear dress...don't ask me more!

next, Sakurai Sho !

next, Aiba Masaki

dou..? kawaii janai?
next, Ninomiya Kazunari, the game otaku !

emm...does not change, huh?
a little..
well, it's Nino !
last person !! Matsumoto Jun !!

chubby, huh?
who'll expect that...
well, it also mean, the end of the entry for today..
yeah ! otsukare desu !!

until then, ja ne..
sayonara..bye2 !

*the longest time taken ever from 1743-2129 !*
*soooo many obstacle..haaah~*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

what to do....?

doumo doumo !
hari ni, pagi tadi...
acara menegecat kelas telah berjalan dengan lancar,
except bilangan boys yang datang hanya 3/10...?
tapi, kehadiran bertiga tu pun dah cukup mencepatkan kerja !
alhamdulillah....thank very much to them..

for girls...,
bilangan agak memuaskan...just mostly of them,
just sit (?) maybe...
kind of disappoint a little...
but who care about that?
well, baru habis tengok cerita CJ7..
really funny ! it make my heart...happy?
kind of something like that...

before I end my entry..
just want to say,
new picture will be coming !!
maybe tomorrow..or tomorrow and tomorrow..
just wait for it..

last but not least,
Sakurai Sho just arrived safely at Vancouver, Canada yesterday..
around...10 AM (?)
I'm not really into paparazzi or something, so of course I' not sure !

ja ne...
sayonara...bye2 !

*the class + new paint ! kalau kemenangan tidak berpihak kepada kami juga...must be something !!!*
*Sho looked so tired...pity him, he have to go back to Japan and go to Vancouver a day?*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[FIGHT SONG] by ARASHI..."yowai toko misete mo daijoubu"

doumo doumo!
minna, kyou wa...
there's no interesting topic for today,
so I just put up one of ARASHI's song!
title : Fight Song by ARASHI


itsumo doori no kimi de ii
nante iwanai hou ga ii
soko kara mata hajimari darou?
kore ga kimi ni wa niatteru

You'd better not say something like
"You're fine as you are"
It's a new beginning from there on, isn't it?
You look your best like this

hito wa hito jibun wa jibun
kurabeta jiten de maketeru
jibun ni makenai tsuyosa ga
donna kabe wo mo kowashite iku

People are people
You are yourself
You lose once you start comparing
The strength you have not to lose against yourself
Will break down any wall

toki ni wa naite ii yo
yowai toko misete mo daijoubu
demo soko de kusaru na
mada yareru sono saki no saki

It's okay to cry sometimes
It's okay to show your weaknesses
But don't stagnate there!
You can still achieve it
The dreams (that lie) ahead

donna ikutsu mono kotoba yori mo
tatta hitotsu no kotoba ga ii
mazu wa jibun de fumidashite mite
"ganbare" sonna yasui YATSU de ii

Better than any other myriad of words
Just one is fine
First, try stepping forward
With a "GANBARE!"(do your best)
Just something as simple as that is fine

itsumo doori no kimi de ii
nante iwanai hou ga ii
soko kara mata hajimari darou?
kimi ni todoke bokura no uta

You'd better not say something like
"You're fine as you are"
It's a new beginning from there on, isn't it?
It was your registration in our song
(not really sure about this line..sorry)

ima wa nayamu koto mo aru deshou
hekomu koto datte aru deshou
demo mirai no dokoka de kimi to
warai aereba michi wa tsukurareru

You have worries right now, right?
You have times when you are down, right?
But if there's somewhere in the future where we can laugh together
Then a path can be made

donna ikutsu mono kotoba yori mo
tatta hitotsu no kotoba ga ii
yatto ippo fumidaseta yo ne
"ganbare" hora ne niatteiru yo

Better than any other myriad of words
Just one is fine
At last, you've stepped one foot forward
"GANBARE!" See, you look your best.


minna, dou omou??
omoshiroi janai??
heehhe...this song can be use for a challenge or something like..
more like, sports day, reunion day, happy day...disappoint day..
this song is so energetic, that why you can use it when you feel down !
hope you like this song !
dewa, mata ne..!

*what is the meaning of "yowai toko misete mo daijoubu" ? who knows??*
*ARASHI no member saikou !!! saikou desu !*