Thursday, July 30, 2009

kyou wa SUGE saiyaku!!!

ehem ehm...

huwaaaaa...saiyaku da!!!
before I start anything..
this is the dialogue from our 'oral asessment' (this time it in group)
and of course..i'm the worst!
.............huh.....tapi,nak buat macam mana..?
benda yang dah lepas..janganlah dikenang semula!
zasetsu! zasetsu! zasetsu!


A- Najwa B-Shazzwin C-Myself (Amirah as our 'extras')

B: I think there are commotion over there
A:I think..something wrong is happening there!

( tip-toe,going to the main scene)

amirah is sitting on a chair,unconcius

B & A :Amirah! wake up Amirah! Amirah...(keep calling the name)
A: Amirah!Fire Burning Amirah! Wake up!(suddenly the girl standing,walking two steps infront
and then sit back at the chair back)
C:Please calm down...(A & B are doing some gag(s) ) She is all right. nothing to be worried about.
A:What has happened to her,teacher?
C:She fainted due to weakness.
B:But she seem fine earlier?She even can laugh!
C:Yes,but her blood sugar level went down because she had not eaten breakfast.
A:Yea! yea! I read somewhere that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
C:You are right.It is the most important meal of the day.
B:I always eat breakfast in the morning before I come to school.Otherwise my mom will scold me!
C:You know,at your age you should eat three healthy meals a day
B:Is it beacause we are still growing?
A:(with confident)Yes! Our bodies are still growing!
C:You should eat all types of food,such as carbohydrates,proteins and even roughage.
B:Just like in the food pyramid?(while doing the three-shaped hand)
A:(thinking)The food pyramid tells us what we should eat and how much of it.
C:You are certainly correct!
A:Thank you! I hope she will be alright..
B:Me too.
C:She will but..(while carrying Amirah's arm) she have to take care of her own health
A:Where are you taking her,teacher?
C:I am taking her to the sick bay.Maybe she will be alright after getting a couple hours of rest.
B: Are you going to tell her parents,teacher?
C:Ehm..I think I will.Do you mind accompanying me taking her to the sick bay?
B:Sure,no problem (while A is cleaning/arranging the chair,B & C already carrying Amirah to the
A: (looking at the B & C & Amirah) AWIN! TEACHER! ~wai~t fo~r me~ (slow motion)

-the ending part was kind of hard to tell,so I stop here-



Ye...itulah dialognya..
....what do you think?....
the C part was awful,right?

anyway..talking about 'acting in front of the other students and the teacher' is trully make me frust,nervous,suspense...zasetsu,kinchou,fuan


wah..! that much more refreshing! kalu ada inhabited island dekat depan mata kan bagus...
boleh jerit sampai tak ada suara pun boleh! lagi senang hatiku ini!
esok..for two time I have to get all my voice out!! (not really all)

kita tengok esok!

I'll just have to think..everybody at the class are my little brother..
....I'll try....

*listening to ARASHI's wonderful songs*

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

does laughing is good for our health??

hari ni...dekat sekolah..
ada satu kejadian sudah terjadi..
apa ye? emmm...
let's refresh back!!!

hari ini..awin and rahman dah mulakan satu peperangan..(semata-mata gurauan)
memang dahsyat betul diaorang tu kan??
dan disebabkan apa yang diaorang buat tu memang 'menyakitkan' perut sebab asyik gelak je..
tiba2 terlintas dekat kepala...
"does LAUGHING is GOOD for US??"

I just searched..and,what I found out is that LAUGHING does bring good things for us..human!

here are some from the article I found :

Some mental health professionals say humor is one of the best ways to relieve stress, and research proves that laughter plays a key role in human life. A good laugh loosens muscles, lowers blood pressure, and may lower levels of hormones that create stress and weaken immunity. When you laugh, your body moves blood to your heart and lungs, boosting your energy level and making you feel better instantly. It also aids communication and creates a sense of closeness between you and the people you're laughing with. Researchers found that when people laugh, a part of the brain's reward system is triggered. In this reward system, a person feels pleasure and wants to have the same pleasant feelings over and over again.

@ to my lovely dear friend whose name start with 'N' and end with 'N' that ha... @

tapi..dalam masa yang sama..
dari sesetengah pandangan orang yang mungkin lain pandangannya...
atau apa2 sahajalah..
ketawa yang berlebihan juga boleh membawa kepada keburukan.
contohnya...macam "kalau ketawa samapai MEMANG tak ingat dunia langsung tu..ilmu boleh hilang.. something like that..

jikken kekka :
you do what you think that is good for you


walaupun gambar ARASHI ni tengah senyum..anggap sahajalah..mereka sedang ketawa..
jadi..mari ramai2 kita ketawa!

*starting from today..I will try using 'full word'*
(^_^) :P :-/ :]]

Sunday, July 19, 2009

muka yg sgt dikenali..

This time, I'll just want to share our ARASHI's pictures !!
(eventhough I am not their owner)

so...jom kte tgk gambar diorg!!

ini la ARASHI...

jom kte kenalkan sorg2 plak...


yg ni...ohno satoshi


yg ini..sakurai sho

AIBA MASAKI's aiba masaki

NINOMIYA KAZUNARI's ninomiya kazunari


the youngest among ARASHI..matsumoto jun

WAHAHAHAA....siap pun...
then..last but not least..ARASHI PICTURES!!

sampai situ je la..
kalau rajin..lain kali je la letak gambar baru yerk!!

*emm..kind of my tension gets up so much heh..?*

Thursday, July 9, 2009


hmmm...konnichiwa everybody...!
new blogger here...first testing here..first time blogging and such..
senang2...first time la!
so..yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!