Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The secret that is no longer a secret...

Kaifa halukum?
Hope all of you are in the pink; in good health.

For many times, I'd promised that I would post an entry about the 'secret' that I want to share, but finally I just managed to find the perfect time.
And, here it is!

It just about a story from my childhood memory.
Well, it could be true as everyone (who is older than me) in my family told the same....
As for me, I'm not sure, but I DO have the subtle memory about it.

It was about me being in medicine overdose condition.
I repeat again, OVERDOSE.
Kind of scary, right?
I have to admit that it is scary when I think about it in my present time (which is now; this year)
I never thought that medicine overdose could harm the body of the consumer; it could even kill a person!

That is why, I am so grateful right now to Allah !
And I always will !!

OK! Let me start the tale << ececeh...

I was 4 or 5 1 or 2 years old when the incident happened.
Me, at that time, have only a sister (which is now in the university!) who is 2 years apart with me.
My sister was 6 or 7  3 or 4 years old that time, and she had a fever.
So, my mum gave her the aspirin or what I know as cortal(?), the fever medicine for kids.

I'm sure you know this thing.
For my situation, it was coloured yellow and
it is sweet as it is for  kids.

At that time, my mum just gave ONLY one to my sister as she was still under 7 years old.
After my sister ate the medicine, my mum put the remaining medicine on top of the refrigerator that was 3 times higher than me (and maybe 2 times for my sister).
As I could remember, my mum went into the bedroom for a while as she left us in the kitchen.

AND, at that time, my sister who was standing on top of a chair, reached up for the medicine and she (at the border) grabbed it!
Oh ya, I forgot to say here, that I loved to eat medicines when I was a kid (even now, actually).

So, as a 'medicine lover', I asked my sister to give some of the remaining cortal to me (eventhough I was healthy that time).
And, my sister who still knew nothing about overdose, gave the medicine to me.
she kept giving the medicine to me...

....until there was only 1 more left.

And, in the same time, my mum was screaming (maybe?) as she saw I ate the medicine and my sister giving me those medicines.
After that, I was sent to the hospital.

Sorry to say, but I do not have even a bit about the memory of me being in the hospital (for the check-up).
I don't know why~~

But, from what my mum told me,
At the hospital, the doctor checked me and it seemed like nothing wrong with me. (even after I ate all those medicine?)
But anyway, my mum was told to stay for with me a while in the hospital as I was put in a ward.
Well, not a private one, for sure.
That time, the hospital that we went was kind of a countryside hospital, so it was still incomplete.
My mum said that, I was put into a ward (a hall,precisely) that was full with many kind of patients!
Old peoples, pregnant women, kids, patient from accident and whatsoever were in the same hall that time.

And, this was from my mum's said,
"You were running from the end to end and it was so hard looking after you that time!"

brown teddy bear emoticons 12 Cute Brown Teddy EmoticonsAhaha!
I'm sorry, umi!  ごめんね、かあちゃん!!
I didn't mean to...

As you could see, I was being hyperactive that time.
That was weird actually, as I was supposed to be in the bed, sleeping or resting.
But, it seemed like the effect of the overdose had affecting me in the other way (maybe..)

In the end, my mum had fed up chasing me and she was quite embarrassed because of me, so she brought me home.

And, the story end there.

As I heard almost the same story from my mother's family (aunts,uncle,grandma), I was laughing the whole time.
Was it really a true story, or just a fiction made up by them?
At first I though it was just a made up story, but what about the memory about  me eating all those cortal?

Finally, I concluded that it was a true story.

And, recently, I realized about something that I never ever thought it would be.

Since I was in Year 3 or 4 until last two years, which was my third year in middle school,
I could hardly remember about me being in sick, especially fever.
Well, what I want to express here is I hardly got infected even after running in the rain and not taking a bath after that.
I know that is not good, but at that time, that was me.
Once in two years was normal for me having a fever.

But, starting from last year, I got fever, twice.
And this year, until this day, only once.

And what does it mean?
Could it be that the medicines I ate had became my immunity that protected me for about 7 years?
wallahualam. Only the God know.

Okay, I know there will be people laughing after reading my story.
But, I am not ashamed of it.
After all, it was a secret that is no longer a secret.
Come on, everyone have their own childhood story, right?
So, why not I share one of mine?

I hope that there would be something that you could take from my story.
Not about taking overdose, of course!
Just remember that this kind of thing could be happening around you.
It might be your siblings, or your family, or your friend, or it might be...yourself?

Time's up!

That's all for today, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's hope that I can write more story in the future.

Thanks for reading! << Oh, have I ever wrote this?

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*I want to watch AraFes!! Chou mitai!!*
*The songs from UraMania album are so good!*

Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm tired ~

But, I still got to the class later tonight,
so, がんばります!!

That's all!
Please give me a break! <<  勘弁してください~~

以上、Dani でした!

*Aiba Masaki's solo, [Happy Sunny Day], what kind of song will it be?? brown teddy bear emoticons 4 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons*

Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Akashi] by Arashi lyric

How can I forgot about this..?
Well, blame for the exam, maybe?

Most of you might knew this song..
It was for the 2012 Olympic in London last August...
So, have fun!

btw, Akashi means proof.

Romaji :

Ano hi boku wa yume wo tada oikakenagara
Gamushara ni kono hi wo tada mitsumeta
Dokomademo ikeru Doko e demo yukeru

Koko ni himeta yuuki wo ima kono setsuna ni
Tooku chikatta keshiki ga Ano koro no mama
Boku no mae ni hirogatteru kara

Kazoekirenai namida to tsuyogari wo
Hitori kasanete Sora wo mezashitan darou
Daremo ga todokanai mono Kono te nara tsukameru to
Dokomademo Dokomademo Zutto Egaki tsudzuketa yume wo

Aa Afuredasu chikara Koete yuku kokoro
Haruka Tatakai no sute-ji
Genkai no mukou de Yorokobi no sakebi wo
Ano hi Oikaketa ano bamen ga Koko ni aru kara

Daremo ga kono senaka wo oikakete kuru nara
Boku wa mada minu ashita kono michi wo aruki tsudzukete yukou
Jibun wo shinjite

Tachidomaru koto sae shiranai hokori wa
Takanaru tamashii tsuki ugokasun darou
Itsuwari no nai kodou ga Ima toki wo kizamu you ni
Itsumademo Itsumademo Kitto katari tsugareru kiseki

Aa Afuredasu chikara Koete yuku kokoro
Towa ni Todokeru mese-ji
Kagayakeru mirai e Yorokobi wo tsunagete
Zutto hashiri tsudzuketa akashi wa Soko ni aru kara

Ari no mama sonzai wo Ari no mama no kanjou wo
Seotta omoi wo ima koko ni Toki hanate
Seijaku no shunkan ga Mitashiteku kandou wo
Jibun sae koete hanabatake

Aa Afuredasu chikara Koete yuku kokoro
Haruka Tatakai no sute-ji
Genkai no mukou de Yorokobi no sakebi wo
Ano hi Oikaketa ano bamen ga Koko ni aru kara

Translation :

Back then, while I was simply chasing after my dreams
I ran recklessly with my gaze fixed on this day
Believing I could go on forever That I could go anywhere

Pulling out the hidden courage from inside of myself Now, for this moment
The distant landscape that I made my vow to is still the same as ever
It's spread out in front of me here

I held a countless number of tears and bluffs in my arms
Carrying them by myself, I think I was aiming for the sky
Something that no one can reach , but certain that if it was with my hands, I could grab it
Continuing forever, anywhere Towards the dream that I'd always been drawing

Ah With power welling up inside and a heart that will overcome anything
I'll go to the next stage of this competition that seems so far away
Passing my limits, I'll give a shout of happiness
The scene that I'd been chasing after back then It's here now

If everyone is going to chase after my back
Then I'll keep walking on this road to a future I've never seen before
Believing in myself

Pride that doesn't even know the meaning of standing still
It'll arouse my excited spirit
My beating heart doesn't lie Steady as it marks the passing time
Forever Forever Surely Miracles that are passed down to us

Ah With power welling up inside and a heart that will overcome anything
A message that will make it to eternity
Connecting happiness to a shining future
The proof that we've always kept running will be there

Existing as we are Experiencing emotions as they are
Release the feelings you've been carrying right here and now
The moment of silence fills me to the point I'm moved
Overcoming even myself to fly away

Ah With power welling up inside and a heart that will overcome anything
I'll go to the next stage of this competition that seems so far away
Passing my limits, I'll give a shout of happiness
The scene that I'd been chasing after back then It's here now


This song is really a good one!
It doesn't revolve about romance love, or something similar.
It shows us that we must keep going on to the future that we have dreamed of.
So, never give up in your life!

Mae ni mukatte!!

以上、Dani でした!

*....I'm feeling blues~*
*I'm so tired nowadays...*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Kyou wa doumo arigatou!" - this is my true feeling...

Well, here I am again!
brown teddy bear emoticons 1 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons  << For me...,this mean a 'Hi' sign

Today, (after quiet a long time) I went out to have some fun.
One word ; TANOSHII !!~ (enjoyable)

I really had fun today, as I went to play bowling, ate lunch (which is chicken chop btw), and a private karaoke screening of Arashi's concert.

And the most important thing that I want to share here...;

The truth is, I already knew that 'new' friend, it just I never met her as we only chat through my blog, and sometimes we messages each other.
The first meeting ever with that person was exactly today!
And, it might makes no sense, but the base was because of Arashi.
You might laugh or mock at me, but because of that...
My interest and love towards Arashi had increases A LOT !

We don't have to be scared or feel ashamed because of our liking, but try to find a way to make a proud of them!
And, I did found one here!
And, I am happy with that!

......It seemed like my entry makes no sense right now..

I can't tell all the details here, but just want to convey my appreciation to the 'person' I met this morning, to my most lovable 'A'-neechan and somehow to my parents because they gave me the permission to hang out with my friends.


That's all the story I have today...(well, I planned on telling my secret that I promised to tell from the last entry, but later can always come!)

Ijyou...dani deshita!

*I failed again in 'rising up' the way I type for my entry....*
*I'll try my best next time~*

Saturday, September 15, 2012

owarimashitayo~~~ (It's over)

Yes! I'm back..

Have nothing (or it just me who still have nothing to write) to comment/share right now....

It's over!
The SPM Trial (for my class...?) is over~~
Wow, honestly, it was 'that' and 'that' and this'...

I'll be back later to share my stories along the whole 3 weeks of test..


*who would ever thought about that kind of incident?*
*Finally, I got to sleep for a long time this morning..*