Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's been a month since.....

yep, I know.

It's been a month since my last entry, and IT's been a month since I LEFT THE HOSTEL~~

I've been planning to post an entry about, but I just kept forgetting about it, and there you go!
It's been a MONTH.

Hmm...what else I want to say here..

I have successfully finished my first semester..
and next year, here I come, 2nd sem. ~~

I'll do my best for next semester too...

So, please wish for my success too.
Thank you for those who have been supporting me all this time.

Rainen mo, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. m(_ _)m

Dani deshita.

*...and what with the too formal sentences..? -_- *
*I'm back to me-watching-anime ~~ ahaha! *

Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Ai wo Utaou] by Arashi lyric

Yo, hisashiburi~

maa, maa...
as I don't have anything to,
here you go!

Ai wo Utaou by Arashi 
from the newest album, [LOVE]


Kono sekai ni Yoake no oto Kimi no koe Itsuwari nai deai
Asahi no you ni Umare kawari Toki wo koe Tsutsumu yo
Kimi rashisa ga Boku no kibou

Hey! Ima Omoi no mama ni
Hey! Ai wo utaou
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Dokomademo tooku hibike
Hey! Kimi ga waraeba Minna waratte
Akete yuku hikari ga Asu wo terashiteku Mou sugu

Nageki no sora Arasou basho Kikoeru Nanika ga kawaru yoru
Iyashitakute Soba ni iru yo Itsudemo Kokoro ni
Kimi ga iru yo Boku no yuuki

Hey! Donna ookina koe de
Hey! Ai wo yondatte
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Kanashimi wa owaranai
Hey! Mukae ni yukou Soba ni iru yo
Kono yoru ga aketara Nanika ugokidasu Mou sugu

Sail away Tooku e Sail away Haruka haruka tooku e
Stay, stay Nandomo Stay, stay Yoru to asa wo mukaete

Hatenaki umi wo mae ni ma ni koushin
Kitto kore koso watashi no kibou no michi
Kouki na hokori tachi ga ima hold me
Holy, holy story (yeah, yeah)

Kanashimi nante soko ga nai
Dakara koso yume to kizamu ho wo hari
Sora ni muke tsudzuku koukai
You're my michi wo terasu toudai

Hibiku minna no kodou Furuwaseteku Mienai yami wo harashiteku

Hey! Ima Omoi no mama ni
Hey! Ai wo utaou
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Dokomademo tooku hibike
Hey! Kimi ga waraeba Minna waratte
Akete yuku hikari ga Asu wo terashiteku Mou sugu

Hey! Ima Omoi no mama ni
Hey! Ai wo utaou
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Nido to nai Kono toki wo
Hey! Kimi to issho ni ikite Tsutaete yuku
Yorokobi mo itami mo Subete tsutsumi komu I love you


In this world, the sound of the dawn breaking and of your voice It was a sincere meeting
Like the morning sun, I'll cross over time and be reborn so that I can hold you
You being yourself is what gives me hope

Hey! Now, to our heart's content
Hey! Let's sing of love
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah And make it echo as far as you can
Hey! If you'll smile, everyone else will smile too
Very soon, the breaking light will start to shine on tomorrow

A sorrowful sky above a battlefield I can hear something changing on this night
Wanting to heal you, I'm by your side Forever, in your heart
You being here is my courage

Hey! No matter how loud of a voice
Hey! You call out your love
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Sadness won't come to an end
Hey! Let's go to welcome it I'll be by your side
If this night opens to a new day, very soon something will start to move

Sail away Faraway Sail away Far, far into the distance
Stay, stay Over and over Stay, stay Welcome the nights and mornings with me

I march forward before the endless sea
Surely this must be my path to hope
My noble pride is holding me now
Holy, holy story (yeah, yeah)
There's no bottom to the hollow feeling of grief
That's why we pass the time with our dreams and raise our sails
We continue our voyage toward the sky
You're my lighthouse that shines on my path

Everyone's heart beats are resounding It makes us tremble, dispelling the hidden darkness inside

Hey! Now, to our heart's content
Hey! Let's sing of love
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah And make it echo as far as you can
Hey! If you'll smile, everyone else will smile too
Very soon, the breaking light will start to shine on tomorrow

Hey! Now, to our heart's content
Hey! Let's sing of love
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah This moment won't return again
Hey! Living together with you, I'll tell you this
It's a phrase that encompasses both joy and pain “I love you”


This song really catch me with its 'orchestra' music.
So, everytime I hear it, I just couldn't help to imagine the image they sing this song at the concert~
waaahh~~ tamannai~~!!

So, that's all!

Dani deshita.

*I just keep forgetting this blog of mine..huhu*
*No worry~ I'm still here! ^_^*

Friday, October 11, 2013

[Counting Tailed Beast Song] lyric - Naruto Ep.330


Rare, is it~?
I've always posting (yeah, it's copy+paste!) on Arashi's songs lyrics.

But, I just like this song very very very very much!
So, here it goes, the lyric!

the first lyric that I got is from this :

I can see that person worked very had for the lyric.
But, unless someone is Japanese, it is quite hard to understand or catch all the words.
I am just practising my Japanese knowledge, so I tried correcting some part.

So, here you go~

Romaji :

Bijuu kazoe uta, hajimari, hajimari!

Hitotsu hito yori inemuri, Shukaku! 
Futatsu faiya (fire) moeteru, Matatabi! 
Mittsu mizu nara makasero, Isobu! 
Yottsu yougan atsui ze, Son Goku! 
Itsutsu itsudemo kakeashi, Kokuo! 
Muttsu murisezu awatezu, Saiken! 
Nanatsu nanafuji soratobu, Chomei! 
Yattsu yappari 'wee' daze, Gyuki! 
Kokonotsu *kokon to saikyou Kurama! 
Doudou sorotta bijuu no nakama 
Choi muzu dakedo ii namae! 
Minna rippa na namae da ne! 
Minna suteki na namae da ne! 

Otsugi wa Jinchuriki! Ikuttebayo! 

Hitotsu hidoi kumadayo Gaara! 
Futatsu funyan to neko nade Yugito! 
Mittsu Mizukage yondaime no Yagura! 
Yottsu yonjyu nen yonbi to, Roshi! 
Itsutsu ikattsui pawaa (power) no Han! 
Muttsu mukuchi na kinagashi Utakata! 
Nanatsu nagomosu kunoichi Fu! 
Yattsu yabai yo rappu no Killer Bee! 
Kokonotsu konoha no Uzumaki Naruto! 
Tottemo tsuyoi Jinchuriki no minna! 
Bijuu to nakayoku nareru kana? 
Minna rippa na shinobi da ne! 
Minna suteki no shinobi da ne! 

*'kokon' also can be referred the sound of fox*

Translation :

Tailed Beast Counting Song, here we go, here we go!

First, dozing better than human, Shukaku,

Second, burning in fire, Matatabi,
Third, leave the water to Isobu,
Fourth, hot as lava, Son Goku
Fifth, always running very fast, Kokuo,
Sixth, not rushing and taking it easy, Saiken,
Seventh, the flying leaf insect, Chomei,
Eighth, as always, it's 'Yeah!', Gyuki,
Ninth, the strongest ancient and modern, Kurama
All the grand Tailed Beast have come together,
It's a bit hard, but they have nice names,
They're all have splendid names,
They're all have wonderful names.

Next is the Jinchuriki, we're going(to sing)!

First, the one with terrible shades under his eyes, Gaara,

Second, soft like a cat, Yugito
Third, the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura
Fourth, being with Four Tails 40 years, Roshi
Fifth, uncompromising power, Han
Sixth, reserved and dressing casually, Utakata
Seventh, the heart-warming female ninja, Fu
Eight, he have crazy rap skills, Killer Bee
Ninth, the Leaf Village's Uzumaki Naruto
All the powerful Jinchuriki!
Can they become friends with the tailed beasts?
They're all are splendid shinobi.
They're all are wonderful shinobi.

*I only half of the credit :P *

hai, owarimashita~
hope you enjoy karaoke-ing the song with the lyric together~

so, see you again! ^^

*oh ya! I'm home, guys~~*
*miss the bed sooooo much!! muahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuah!!*

Friday, September 27, 2013

Grammar and Complaint

Doumo! Dani desu! ^^

Today, I just want to share about my activity; or could I say the activity that my lecturer did in his Grammar class today.
[ A complaint letter ]
Yes, sound funny and...'what the use of it in Grammar, anyway?'

The thing was, our lecturer (he is a man, by the way),
he asked us to share with him any complaint that we have after 11 weeks being in KPTM.
Well, not that we have SO MANY complaints, so..."No~ we don't have any, Sir"

Somehow, our Sir is very good in intriguing us, and gradually, yes!
All of us do have some complaint.
About the college, or the ATM machine, or the staffs, or the lecturer, or the classmates, or other student of different section(class), the senior, the hostel and whatsoever.

I managed to make an essay about it...,
and I felt so relieved after finishing my last sentence, before we sent it to the lecturer.

You thought it only stop there?

After our complaints have been collected, he gave it back, but not at the owner of the complaint.
And~~ here comes the interesting part.

Each of us have to give solutions for the problem/complaint stated in the anonymous essay!
LOL !!

Some of you might not understand the funny part I'm talking here,
but it was very interesting moment in the class!

I did wrote my best solutions for a complaint essay that I got (it got no name of the owner, but somehow I knew the writer. :P )

And, at the end of the class, we took back our complaint essay, and some read the solutions given for their problems, some crumbled theirs!
To hide something, maybe? :P

I had fun in that class, seriously.
(it's not that I'm very good in Grammar subject, but I can't hate the lecturer that some of they claimed 'unfriendly+bias')

That's all I want to share.
It is a mystery thing; why things getting very interesting when it is nearing the end of the semester?

Still, I'm stopping here.
Until then, folks!

Dani deshita yo~

*ARAFES '13, I can't wait to watch you!!!!~~~ kyaaaa~~!! *
*Arashi new album [LOVE] ! Finally, it is 'love'... hehe ^^*

Saturday, September 21, 2013

just want to give lots of, LOTS of love~~ ^_^

I'm too lazy to type many thing here (yes, I have many thing to express here, but...!)

So, I just want to copy&paste some pictures that I found very, very very full of love!!
(from my perspective, maybe? but who care such thing! :P )

*all credits goes to the pics owner, not me. I just used it to calm myself, that's all.*

awwww~~ *being lovestruck*


thanks for being alive, and thanks to Allah The Almighty for creating these such cute+irresistible furry creatures!!

so, that's all folk!

Dani deshita yo~~

"Smile, you don't own all the problems in the world"
- not mine too, just got it somewhere -

* I feel a bit relieve....-breath out- *
*dear assignment...... - I'll handle you later, ok~? ^^ *

Wednesday, August 28, 2013



I left my 'beloved' blog for  3 weeks without any, errr,,
本当にすみませんでした! m(_ _)m

yes, it was kind of hectic for the past 3 weeks after 'going back to college' after the raya celebration holiday.
a~nd, yesterday night was a worst night for me.

Ok, let me give some introduction for this week first.
This week is the mid-term exam week, so, there will be no class.
The good news : for my course, we only have one paper to sit for, which is the TTS 1033 paper (IT).
The exam day was today, and of course, I went to answer it~
And, the rest days for this whole week, we're FRE~~~~E !! (it just a week, though :P)

We got assignment to be done for the IT class, and it have to be done before 30th of August (yep, this Friday guys!)
And, I was kind irritated with 2 of my group members....(yeah, I know it is not good)
But, Alhamdulillah...everything is over...(for now, I guess?)

Still, kind of troubled with the result of those assignments that have been done..,
but just leave the past in the past, and gonna find a future (love the phrase; credit : Simple Plan)

Okay, that's all for today..
tomorrow, I'm off from all the work outside the house.
So, I don't know what to face, but がんばります!

Ijyou, Dani deshita~~

*I really, really really missed my (house)bed!*
*Should I be worried...?*

Sunday, August 18, 2013

that illness have come back!


hey, nothing much I want to post here ..
just want to presenting the illness..

that's all from me~
mata ne~

*I wonder whether I can watch 24 hour TV this saturday...*
*mitai kedo naaa....~ *

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to hometown, and Raya is cominggggg~~~ weee~~



okay, okay..
just want to post this simple + fast!

may all of the Muslims out there, no matter what country or races are you,

*pic are not mine, so credit goes to its owner~*

May you can spend the best time with your family, friends, partners and so on.
Pray that all of your pahala for puasa will be rewarded with 'full marks'! ^_^

Until then, adios~
phir milenge~  < just want to try new style

Dani deshita yo~ ^^

*seriously, I was kind of upset being told to do that and this without any consideration...*
*but...let just let it all go away, and let start the 'book' with a new one! okay? ^_^ *

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Experiences for the FIRST three weeks at the college, part 2 (end)

really sorry for the late post!
It suppossed to be done at the same night on the last post, but somehow I forgot about it, and I have to wait until the next week(which is this week) to continue it.

Don't worry, it have nothing important, really...

Okay, where were we last time?
Oh yeah, the orientation days! 'That' orientation day....hmm

Sure, let just skip reviewing about it again.
Now, here comes the SECOND WEEK!
The class started to be held.
The students were divided into groups, section, etc.

I got my my section, I met with my classmates (which supposed to be 29, but its 26 now)
Kind of having hard time remembering their names that time.
A...nd! There were no lectures at all for each class that week.
Hm...I still have no idea what kind of reaction should I said at that time, coz we had no idea at all.
But, we 'greeted' the classes in that maze-like-building-of-KPTM.
I entered the library, and I like the atmosphere in it (except for the too-chill part).
Experienced the lost situation, and myself suddenly became very friendly with seniors that I hardly ever know.
In total, it was fun for the second week; well, first week for the class though.

Finally, I met two lecturers that will be teaching us for this whole semester.
I'm going to learn psychology in education too, did you know!?
'It seems to be fun', that what I always thought for myself.
And, I'm praying + hoping for it.

So, that's all for my 'first three weeks' being at the KPTM.
Don't worry, I'm not going to do this for the next 3 weeks or whatsoever.
Maybe after I'm in the 3rd year there.., I'll consider about making a post about it.
Hehe.. ^_^

That's it! It's done!

Will always doing the 'going-home-every-weekend-routine', so don't be surprise if my new posts are made only on weekend. :P

Until we meet again, adios!
Dani deshita.

*The only things I want at my hostel ; Wi-Fi, fridge and microwave/oven.*
*Please~~!! Please, please!*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Experiences for the FIRST three weeks at the college, part 1


Doumo~~ minna~~ genki desu ka~?

hehe..okay, okay, I'll stop that annoying 'little' screaming.
Just want to say,

Hey, I'm back!
Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan to all Muslims and Muslimahs.

I've been waiting for you, Ramadhan~
^ ^

Okay. end for the introduction.
Now, let's get back to the main topic here...

As it stated there, my experiences.
Yeah, 3 weeks are just like..'it just a short time, nothing to say', or 'just the first 3 weeks? Just wait until the end of semester then you know.."

Thanks for those who have that kind of thought, but I'm still going to type, to express all my feelings about the first 3 weeks experiences here...

So, let's the replayed journey begin..

On the first week, or more precisely the FIRST DAY,
I was kind of furious + confused with the handling of the KPTM's for us;the students.
It's not like I'm saying they got bad system for that day program, just wondering what had happened that day.
"Was it because of the numbers of those who came to register at the registering counter were just too many that exceed their calculation?"
or "Was it because their place are small? (I mean for the campus)"

It was like my head was being hectic itself that day, after seeing many students with their parents started complaining about...everything!
Especially, the highlight for that day; (and for me, maybe?) the students moving in the hostel.
Me, with hundreds of other future students...., okay!
here comes the proverb!
EXACTLY packed like sardines!!

It was toooooo difficult to move, to get out of the main gate(or what they call, 'lobby' which is not that grand lobby), even to give way to those who have to bring their daughter- (because that hostel is ONLY for woman's student) to-be-student's toiletries, bags, shoes-still-in-their-boxes, and whatsoever stuff.

Yes, I was kind of upset because of my image that I have since long time ago bout this situation.
'people queuing up, check-in at the hostel, and with smile on face, climb the stair/get on the elevator to send their children.'

That what I thought would be happening that day.

But, as you read, it was just a DISASTER.
A total, total disaster.
I got to know that the hostel I'm staying right now were used as hostel not long time ago, so they (the KPTM's superior) have no idea what's happening there the day we checked in the hostel.
.....okay, I can see that for sure.
There was no any volunteer or senior from the KPTM that tried to instruct us to do this, or that, or those.

Okay, I might sound like an old woman here; complaining.
But let me add some information on what happened that day.
-The only person that have to go and check-in their name, were only the students, so the parents have to
-There were only two persons that handled all of us, but each for different job.
  One to check-in, one to pay hundred ringgit as they said it is for maintenance,
  but we got to know that AFTER we got in front of the hostel. Okay, that really
  could make people go outrages.
- That day's weather was good; it was hot.
   But without any tents prepared, it was VERY hot...and the parents still have to wait..hmm...
What do you want to say about that?

Oh, look! It just the part 1, and I have type almost half of the page!
Very hm...

But, alhamdulillah, I got to check-in and met with 'my' room.
Yes, I got the 12th level, with roughly 11 rooms, with additional each room can hold the capacity of at least 10 - 13 peoples.
Yeah, was seriously 'cool'.
The 'true' arrow was just too far away missed from my target/image.

But, still it's not like I can die from it so...I just give it a rest...'nothing to fear, it could be normal for the first semester student'.

And, alhamdulillah again, I can adapt myself in that kind of living in just a short time.
Just still have to bear from the noises from my 360 degree at night....even now.

I got to meet very nice 10 peoples in my room; that come from different countries in Malaysia, and of course, different kinds of personalities, that's for sure.
Together with me, we, the 11 girls decided that for the first week, we should be together(for the orientation day).
Yes, we kept being together...together..wherever together for the whole 1st day of orientation day.
It's not annoying.., well, at first.
But even after I explain about myself that I don't get easily panic when separated, as long as I know the current place, or maybe the place that we might be going....,
they STILL told me to stick close.
Okay, fine! LET'S STICK CLOSE!

Later that evening, they're the one who got lost in the middle of the sea of students.
I searched for them...and got abandoned in silent word, but clear action for sure.
'It's okay, I don't really mind. You guys the one who did that, I'm not worry at all'

"Dani, don't go away by yourself, we might could not find you later"
"Dani, why do you like to go by yourself? Let's eat together with us"

*poker face from me*

"Dani, are you okay? Want to go to the toilet?"

*still being poker face, just a polite smile, while I shakes my face.*


It quite hurt to flashback those days of 'being together', really.
Even if I want to listen and take notes everytime I heard the new information bout the colleague's department of students, of lecturers...
My eyes could not help finding every flaws in that enormous hall owned by Persatuan Puteri Islam Malaysia (as KPTM seemed to rent that place for the orientation program).

It was a formal program eventhought there was no any superior (except for the 1st & closing day of orientation), and I saw men (or should I call them boy),
 wearing a T-shirt with inappropriate images/arts.
No worry, it's not vulgar word or art, just it DOESN'T FIT to be wore at that kind of day.
It supposed to be a common sense already!! What is happening here?!

I was just too dumbfounded when I encountered those boys.
I want to scold them very much, coz it also shows, "OUR"; "MY" batch students are like..'THAT'??!!

So here, I want to take some chance to tell you something, dear gentleman that might reading this.

You are not handsome, you are not cool, you are NOTHING if you have no common sense to decide whether it is appropriate to wear T-SHIRT with pictures on it at the orientation day!

Even it might look kind of nerd on you wearing shirt with short/long-sleeves, believe me, YOU LOOK HANDSOME because it is a attire that fit the program.

I didn't say I'm the perfect one here...
Sometimes, even I did something that doesn't show the level of my IQ.
I'm here just to let everybody know and in the same time, I also can remind myself.

I think, only this for the first week.
I'll try to continue tonight, in shaa Allah.

So, be good and let's met again~
^ ^

Dani deshita.
Mata ne~

*How I miss the bazaar Ramadhan the past first 2 days of fasting. Huhu*
*as I said to myself many times, BAZAAR & TERAWIH prayers that complete the fasting month*

Monday, June 24, 2013

Long time no see~


okay, I know it have been such a long time~
but, hey world! I'm still alive!
haha! XD

Alhamdulillah for that..

Let's me replay back my memories.... .. ... .... . . . . . .

Starting from 19th June, I went to create my own bank account at the Bank Islam.
Also to pay the fees/payment for the KPTM (kolej poly-tech MARA, yeah, I'll be furthering my studies here~)
After that, I straight to the post office, and sent the letter that showed I accept the offer. (kind of worrying right now..who knows what happened to the might arrived late, or it got lost in the middle of nowhere..... Okay, let's stop negative thinking here, myself!)

20th June
Went to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for medical check-up (MEO). Yeah, by myself..
Alhamdulillah, I didn't encounter any 'scary' person or whatsoever.
Met with the boy, or should I say once-my-very-best-boy friend.
He came with his mother, also for MEO. Okay, that was a good thing cause I have a person who know the direction. Hehe... :P
Have to wait until the 1st of July for the result though...

21st June
Had to come again to the hospital, cause my BMI is a little bit high. Not that high, just a little.. :P
So, they asked me to fast from 8PM-8AM starting from the night of 20th, and an appointment at 8AM to take my blood.
Nah, it doesn't scare me AT ALL, as I looooove the smell of hospital~ did I told you that before?

22nd & 23rd June
Went to shopping for the toiletries, a sport shoes, sandal(a medium formal outdoor shoes), and a (verycute+beautiful) bag.

And that includes my activities for 5 days straight, and I can 'accuse' them that caused me cannot update any new entry... well, until today. ^ ^

Whatever it is, In shaa Allah, I'll be registering at the KPTM tomorrow.
I'll try my best to 'comfort' myself in a new place.
Luckily, it is not too far from home.., just about 20-30 minutes by car, 40-50 minutes by train/LRT(I guess?)
So..., I'm not that scarily thrilled.. haha! XD

Okay, I'm starting to type weird thing, so I'll stop today's entry.
Will try my best to update new entry, maybe my thought about my place to stay (or what you people call 'hostel'  XD ), or about my new friend that I meet there..
I already know some peoples though.....

Ijyou, Dani deshita~ ^_^

*I've been waiting for Shiyagare~*
*...okay, maybe I'm a little bit nervous for tomorrow..?*

Sunday, June 9, 2013

[Endless Game] by Arashi lyric


Okay, as I have no mood to make a new entry (eventhough I have a lots to express), so I just copy and paste the lyric for Arashi's new single, also the song for Sakurai Sho's drama [Kazoku Game].

So, douzo!


Sekasareru mama ni kowaresou nanda (Warning...) Abaredasu shunkan
Nemurezu asa wo mukaeru In my head (Question) Kono koe wa mimi wo fusaidemo
Kono mama de Sono mama de ii no ka (Warning...) Nejirete ikunda
Moshimo shitteiru no nara Hold my hands (Answer) Yeah, me wo tojita

Fushigi na yume wo miterunda
Chippoke de karappo na yuganda yokan ga tomaranai

Arienai koto bakari sa Mukai shika nai no sa
"Seihirei ni miete Kono omoi wa hanpirei"
Wakaranai koto bakari sa Demo mitai mono ga aru
"Owarinaki sekai Kurikaesu play the game"
Doko e ikeru no Nozomeba itsudemo Zero kara hajimaru ripurei
Ichi ka bachi ka no fe-zu e Nido to modorenakutemo

Tsumari are mo kore mo subete (Warning...) Ozanari nanda
Itsu no ma ni ka nomi komareteta (Question) Kara no naka munashiku utsuru
Konna ni mo sugu soba ni iru no ni (Warning...) Mienai furi shitenda
Moshimo shiritakunai nara in your heart (Answer) No Matowaritsuku

Ate no nai mama tadayounda
Tegotae no nai aijou Yurasaburarete iru bokura wa

Kanashimi wo nugisutete Mukiaeba ii no sa
"Uso mo hontou mo Dochira demo nai kara"
Kudaranai koto bakari sa Demo shinjite itai
"Usureteku sekai Maki modosu memory"
Nani ga aru no Sono doa wo akeyou Riaru to tsunagaru reset
Susumu beki ketsumatsu ni Kotae wa mienakutemo

Nanimo tsugeru koto nai mama (Silence) Jikan dake wa
Futashika na mama sugite yuku Susume yo Sore demo

Itsumo aru hazu dakara Kawaranai mono ga
"Nakushita mono to Umare yuku mono"
Kono sekai wa muzukashii koto bakari janai darou
"Kimi no kokoro ni Ikidzuita endless

Kanashimi wo nugisutete Mukiaeba ii no sa
"Uso mo hontou mo Dochira demo nai kara"
Kudaranai koto bakari sa Demo shinjite itai
"Usureteku sekai Maki modosu memory"
Nani ga aru no Sono doa wo akeyou Riaru to tsunagaru reset
Susumu beki ketsumatsu ni Kotae wa mienakutemo

Translation :

Always being rushed, you're about to break (Warning...) That's the moment when you get violent
Unable to sleep, you greet the morning In my head, there's a question Even if you block your ears, the voice will reach you
At this rate, will you really be happy with how you are now? (Warning...) Everything's becoming even more distorted
If you know the answer, then hold my hands Yeah We closed our eyes

I'm having a strange dream now
I have a bad feeling and though it's tiny, empty, and warped, but I can't stop it

Impossible things all around There's no choice but to confront them
Seeming like "a direct proportion" at first, these feelings were actually " inversely proportioned"
I don't understand a thing, but there's something I know I want to see
In our endless world, we play this game over and over again
Where will you go? If you wish for it, you can set off any time A "replay" that starts from zero
Heading to a desperate phase Even if we can never go back again

This and that, in other words, everything you do is careless (Warning...)
Before I knew it, I'd been swallowed whole Questions were pointlessly reflected inside my shell
Though you were this close to me already (Warning...) I pretended not to see you
If you don't want to know (Answer) No Then cling to it in your heart

Wandering aimlessly
We're being swayed by an impassive love

Let's throw away our sadness and face each other
It's not a lie or the truth
Everything's worthless, but I want to keep believing
My memory rewinds itself as the world becomes dim
What's on the other side? Let's open that door
A reset that connects to reality
We should continue towards the conclusion Even if we can't see an answer there

Just unable to tell anyone anything (Silence)
Only time continued to pass as I was in doubt Even then, go forward

Because it should always be there, it's something that's constant
The things we've lost and the things that are being born
Not everything in this world is difficult, right?
In your heart, you sighed endlessly

Let's throw away our sadness and face each other
It's not a lie or the truth
Everything's worthless, but I want to keep believing
My memory rewinds itself as the world becomes dim
What's on the other side? Let's open that door
A reset that connects to reality
We should continue towards the conclusion Even if we can't see an answer there


Okay, there you go!
It's a good song, I got to say....just a little 'difficult-to-pronounce-word' for me..
ehehe... ^_^
Credits goes to
She's cool!

So, I'll post later~
when I finally have my mood, maybe?
ufun! :p

*Finished watching anime [Beelzebub]. Well, I did have fun watching it...*
*Next, which anime to 'attack'? Hohoho*

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Azleeza-neechan, 誕生日おめでとう~

This entry is made special to my best friend+sister.

To Azleeza Mukhtar a.k.a. Sakurai Sho の wifey(hyuuu~~), this is for you!



May Allah bless your life, amin.

*I just edited some part, the Sho-pic is not mine~~*
*Hope you like it, neechan! ^_^ *

Friday, May 17, 2013

'Mini'- reunion?

Hai, hai, doumo~~

Just got back from my class (3rd year of Lower Secondary School)..
well, only the girls (as we were only 25 students that time; 10 boys, 15 girls)

there were some girls I haven't met them for a long time, some I met them even last year..
well, that's the rule when you are still learning; no matter school, collage of university, right?

Got a little 'depress' after I got the news about my UPU result.
But, doesn't mean I can't smile anymore~ ^_^
I believe there still a thousand more ways for me to continue my learning.
so, daijoubu, daijoubu~

I'm going to continue reading manga, so adios for now~

Dani deshita~

*'Everything happened must have reasons, but it doesn't mean you hae to give up'*
*Have no idea if there was someone said that, but still, sure! I'll try!*

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just a quick dictum!

Hey there, just want to wish for today...;


Don't care even I'm no longer a school student..,
well, later might get the student 'label' again soon enough...

Still, there you go!
Today's three words wish~

*Thousands thanks to all my teachers, no matter what age I were that time..*
*Will miss your existence forever in my life, In Sha Allah*

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great day today, I think.. ^_^


Okay, this entry could be a total boring entry, so I've warned you already.

Today, went to eat lunch at the Johnnys restaurant. It's a restaurant that mainly for steamboat. Of course, there also proper ready-dishes.
It was quite a time since I ate lunch at a restaurant..hihi~ shiawase da wa~

Then, went to the MPH Bookstore. Well, that was the main purpose of today's outing. ^_^
Bought 3 novels~ And then I realized, 2 out of 3, it has 'suami'(husband) word on the title.
......what should I say? I just love to read book~ keh keh keh!

It was unplanned, but we went to the arcade; or should you say 80% games are for kids.
Who cares that, I LOVE to play the Big Daiko(drum), and sometimes the basketball shoot. (spare me for the 'fake' name for the game, I just don't remember~)
Let's run away from the 'real' life for a while~ hihihi  ^_^

Lastly, went to buy the crispy savoury; the chicken & cheese flavour at the Hot&Roll food shop. Mecha umai yo~

And, got back safely and sound(except for the extra-full stomach! LOL!)

It was fun today, honestly.
Really hope that I can do it again in the future~

That's all...

Dani deshita.

*told you it's boring..*
*new anime series that I'm watching right now..[xxxHolics]. Well, seemed like it caught my heart a bit..*

Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting addicted back to anime~ anime~ anime~

Ohayou gozaima~su!

Don't mind this entry too much..
It just a total random one coz I have no idea what to share this time..keh3!

But, the title said so!
I am right now getting addicted to the anime that I once watched years ago..
well, I just call it 'The-Road-Back-to-My-Nostalgic-Childhood-Time'
wahaha! XD (boo for my suck ability naming a title)

Right now, I'm watching The Prince of Tennis (not from the 1st episode, just the OVAs and special movies)
Later, The law of Ueki, I'm going to you! hehe...
There were about 3-4 animes that I bookmark-ed; as for the waiting list~
of course, some of them were the anime I already watched, but I wanted to re-watch.
And, there were also new anime that I just managed to catch it title, but not the anime itself. Huhu...
Now is the time!! Firee~~(effect from watching PIXAR's movie continuously 2 days ago)

So, that's all!
Haha! Told you it just a random one!

See you later!
I'm going to watch 'movie~~'

*I just don't want to comment anything about the PRU13..., that's all! *
*Oh! How I missed that OP&ED from P.O.T's anime!! Ryoma~  :')*

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Report on interview TESL UiTM, 28th April 2013

Hai, hai, doumo~~

as I promised, I'll report the interview for the TESL that I just took this very morning, today!
(well, not that morning, it started at 8.30)

Before I go to the interview details, I want to point up some things that I found, THIS is also important.

First, make sure you arrived at the venue stated in the letter EARLIER than the time in the letter.
Second, make sure you bring at least two pens/mechanical pencils
Third, make sure you go to the right place as stated in the letter, and beware of not being lost.

..maybe only that.

About thing/documents that you have to bring, all are according in your interview letter.
Make sure you read the letter thoroughly;don't miss anything coz it  might cause other problem.

When you arrive, there would be a whiteboard/board and there some printed papers with names on them pasted.
Your job, search your name;which panel you are, and enter the hall(I think it was a hall) and sit according your panel.
DON'T get the wrong panel, because it might affect your progress for the interview later.

In the hall, you would have to answer question on the paper;writing question paper.
For my situation, there was Part A and Part B; choice question and essay writing.
The question have no different from the English Language paper for the test, it just the passage was quite high level, that's all.

After you finished with your question paper, they will collect your paper (usually, other candidates too, but there would be 'datang lambat' cases.)
And, you'll be carried to another block, and according to your panel(different panel, different room), you'll have to wait for your turn for the interview.
There would be another paper pasted on the door which have the names of candidates of that panel.

For my situation, I got the Panel 1, and my name was listed as number 7.
But, as I arrived a little bit late, my name was skipped and....of course, you have to be the last one.
can't help about that..

Usually, the candidates would enter one by one, according to their numbers as stated on the paper.

Here some tips!
If your number is still faraway, or near the last number, PLEASE talk/make a conversation with the other candidates.
Believe me, it could help you A LOT !
Don't be shy to start a conversation; who knows the person you greet that time could be your best friend?
I said this because of my 'little' courage asking another candidates, I never thought the first person I greet there would be another Arashi fan! That was beyond my imagination, honestly!
You might have the same fate as me (in a different details).... ^_^
no one knows about it~

And, when you make new friends/acquaintances, you can also ask them about the question that might be asked, or even the question that the interviewer asked them.
It just like killing two birds with one stone!

Talking with other people, eventhough you just met them, could help you to calm down.
You have the feeling of nervous, scared or whatever, AND the other candidates you just know also have the same feeling.
So, why don't you try to be friendly once in a time? Hehe...

Lastly, when you got call to go inside the interview room,
Don't feel too scare with the interviewer, they also human beings like you.
There would be two interviewer; could be the different gender or same.
For my case, both interviewer were really generous with smile, I really thankful for that,Alhamdulillah.
If you meet with a interviewer that have a sour/gloom face, just keep on smiling, don't think you cannot smile to them.

They would ask you to describe yourself.
Just describe it briefly;your name, your D.O.B, your family, your parents' work,your hobby
Don't waste time to explain everything IN DETAILS. Just a brief one.

And after that is where it could a little complicated.
They would ask you anything.
It could be general knowledge, the current issues(I got this for me), the things you like to do, your opinion about the school's education and etc. It could be anything!
But, don't be panic. Just answer the way you think that might be the answer.
It's not like you'll be reject just because you got the answer wrong.

'Do you really want to be an English teacher?' < This question seemed to be like a compulsory question, so..
just prepare an answer for it yourself.
Also, they could ask question that relate to the question about teaching so...prepare too!

Until the end of the interview, don't be panic. Just answer the question asked casually(NOT in a 'bahasa pasar' way),be honest with your answer; don't tell lies.

The point of the interview is just they wanted to see whether you CAN speak in English or not, do you have the CONFIDENCE to speak English.
Don't be scare of some little mistakes in grammar, vocabulary or whatever..just keep on answering WITH a point.

Okay..I think that's all about today's TESL interview.
I was quite nervous about it...
many things happened when I have no idea about how it works, so that is why I'm typing all these report.
So that, I hope there would be another generation that can use my report and...just to make a little prepare, that's all~

So, I'm sleepy right now...
See you again...later?
(well, it could be next week...What?!)

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*I was happyhappyhappyhappy+did not expect to meet another Arashi-an there~*
*...maybe that's what they call fate..? only HE knows that...^_^ *

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I can't believe I just leave this blog untouched! What!!??

Doumo, doumo!

Forgive me for the lack of new entry...(yeah, I know I became a 'lazy girl' for this..huhu)

And, for after-a-long-time,-this-new-entry, I'm going to share about my current education 'status'.
I got the offer for the TESL interview this Sunday(28th April)!!


I was 'sowasowa' (restless) all along waiting for the UPU result..
and Alhamdulillah...
I just don't know what to say..


deep inside...(my heart, maybe?)
I'm kind a..feeling scared..a bit?

Up until the day I got know the result, I was scared of not being accepted in ANY programmes that I applied.
And now, I'm scared of what going to happen that day.


ok, I don't mid if you label me as a coward of whatsoever...
..maybe I am one, right now.

Still, I'm going!
What gonna happen, I have no idea..
I read some other blogs that shares their experiences..
and how their life as a TESL-ian(they stated themselves, alright)

I'll do my best!

Hmm...what else?
I also got the offer for the matriculation..,
but I have no idea why I got the KMP (Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis)
still not sure about it...,
AND! I'll have to discuss with my family first..
The end.

That's it!

Sorry for the lack of 'information' about what I'm doing these past weeks..
I just...I don't know.
Just lost in the maze on what I should type, should share, should copy+paste in the entry...

I...try my best for the upcoming days.

And! I try to open up a schedule on the day after I go for the interview...
It's not like people around me really want to know how the progress, right?

Arrgghh! Got to stop!
Or have to read another ridiculous+boring, uninteresting story.

Ijyou, Dani deshita~

*bought the [Last Hope] drama DVD two days ago! How happy I was~~!*
*Now...waiting for the movie..[Platina Data]. Ah ha ha ha!*

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Breathless] by Arashi lyric

Here again, with the lyric for the song Breathless, one of the double singles 'Breathless/Calling'
yes, it's a good song!

Breathless by Arashi (Ninomiya Kazunari's movie [Platina Data] song)

Romaji :

Nani wo motome Doko e yuku no ka

Mioboe no aru sono sugata wo Madoromi no naka de oikakete miru
Yume ga sametemo omoidasenai Kakeochita toki no sukima wo Tadayou dake
Haki dashita kono omoi wa Mou todokanai
Kodoku sae sadame naraba Furueru kokoro wo tsuyoku dakishimete

Karada juu sakenderu Marude mugen no meiro ni
Kizu darake no kioku Kanashimi no hate made Samayotte
Uso no nai sekai nado Doko ni mo nai jidai demo
Tashikametai jibun dake ni kizamareteru DNA
Mogaiteiru Sakendeiru Ikiru jibun no sugata wo sagashi tsudzukete

Itsushika namida mo karehateta Nuritsubusareteta itami sae Uzuki dashite

Omae dake wa Mou hanasanai Keshite kienai de
Yakusoku wa hakanaku tomo Kono te ni nukumori wo tada dakishimeru

Owaranai fukai yami Furerarenai jikan ni mo
Futari dake no kioku kawarazu aru no nara Oshiete
Kanawanai negai demo Kotae no nai sekai demo
Ai suru koto Sore dake wa kimatteita DNA
Furikaeru toki sono hohoemi wo Tsuyoku yakitsuketai kara Maboroshi demo

Jibun ni kakusareta Mou hitotsu no sugata Nanika wo sasayaiteru
"Motomeru mono wa hitotsu" Kono te ga shinjitsu wo hanashiteru

Karada juu sakenderu Marude mugen no meiro ni
Kizu darake no kioku Kanashimi no hate made Samayotte
Uso no nai sekai nado Doko ni mo nai jidai demo
Tashikametai jibun dake ni kizamareteru DNA
Mogaiteiru Sakendeiru Ikiru jibun no sugata wo sagashi tsudzukete

Translation :

What are you searching for? Where are you going?

In my sleep, I see a figure I think I remember from somewhere and try to chase after them
When I wake up from my dream, I can't recall who it was  In the gaps of this falling broken time, I'm just wandering aimlessly
These feelings that I let pour out, they won't reach anyone anymore
If even loneliness is fated for me
Then hold my trembling heart tightly

My whole body is crying out As if it were lost in an infinite maze
With memories full of cracks and scratches, I'm wandering until I reach the end of this sadness
Whether in a world without lies Or an era that doesn't exist anywhere
I want to make certain of this DNA that's engraved only into me
Keep searching for the figure of yourself who is struggling and shouting out, trying to live

Before I knew it, my tears had dried up Even the pain that'd been blocked out starts to ache
It's only you that I won't let go of again
Please never disappear Even if your promise is a short-lived one, I'll just hold on to the warmth in my hands

In an endless, deep darkness, unable to touch anything
As long as the memories between only the two of us won't change... Please promise me that
Even if wishes don't come true Even if the world has no answers for you
To love someone or not, that alone is something your DNA decides
I want to strongly burn that smile of yours into my memory for when I look back Even if it's just an illusion

Hidden from yourself, there's another you inside, whispering something to you
"There's only one thing you're searching for..." These hands are telling me the truth

My whole body is crying out As if it were lost in an infinite maze
With memories full of cracks and scratches, I'm wandering until I reach the end of this sadness
Whether in a world without lies Or an era that doesn't exist anywhere
I want to make certain of this DNA that's engraved only into me
Keep searching for the figure of yourself who is struggling and shouting out, trying to live


As usual, credits belongs to

The other couple songs in the Breathless/Calling CD, 'Full of love' and 'Alright',
both of it also rock! I love them! ^_^

I'll try to update more useful entry..(if I manage to)

Until then..

*I really want to make an entry about the recent anime I watched, and I cried becoz of it!*
*I'll try my best~ ^_^*

Thursday, March 7, 2013

[Calling] by Arashi lyric

Today, just want to post this!
Coz I've been singing/humming in recently~
As you can expect from new single! ^_^

Calling by Arashi (Aiba Masaki's drama, [Last Hope]'s theme song)


One day... Now and forever...
"This is a last hope"

For my life For your life
 Ima wo tsukamunda 
In my world  Umareta Take your time
In my life Ima wo susumunda Koko de umareta

Kesshite kienai Kokoro fukaku Shizuka ni furu Ame no you na
Sore ga boku wo koko made Tsurete kitanda
Kono saki datte zutto sou darou

So time to go Kotae wa "ima" Subete kakeru
One way, no doubt Sono toki ni Kibou ni umarete yuku

Afuredasu mama Kokoro de sakebe It's a moment of my life
Owarasenainda Shinjiteru We can believe
Dare hitori So never end Kawaranu inochi
Tatoe kasuka na hikari datte Me wo sarasazu Ima wo tsukame

Tsuyoku omou Kokoro hitotsu Kimi no naka de Moeteru kara
Yamanu Ame ni utarete Kimatta unmei wo
Kowashiteku Itsudatte sou darou?

Don't give it up! Kimi ga kitto Go! Omou yori mo
Believe in yourself Hito wa motto tsuyoi mono dakara

Dakara tada ikite yuku dake darou It's a moment of my life
Detarame to hito ga warattemo We can believe
Doushitemo So never end Taisetsu na kimi wo
Nakusenai kara Tashika na Sono inochi no kodou daite

Garasu no mukou ni My world Te wo nobasu Oh...

Afuredasu mama Kokoro de sakebe It's a moment of my life
Owarasenainda Shinjiteru We can believe
Dare hitori So never end Kawaranu inochi
Tatoe kasuka na hikari datte Me wo sarasazu Ima wo tsukame

Translation :

One day... Now and forever...
"This is a last hope"

For my life For your life Seize this moment 
Born in my world Take your time
In my life I'll keep moving forward This feeling was born right here

It never disappears It's there deep in your heart Like a quiet rain falling
That's what brought me this far
And it's how I'll keep going forward from now on, right?

So time to go The answer is to bet everything on "now" 
One way, no doubt Hope will be born in that moment

While my feelings overflow, I'll scream it out with my heart It's a moment of my life
I won't let it end Trusting that we can believe
Nobody's life stays the same So never end
Even if it's a dim glimmer of light, don't look away from it And seize this moment

Because you have a heart inside that burns so passionately
Being hit by an endless rain, you'll break apart the fate that had been decided for you
You're always like that, right?

Don't give it up! Go! Because people are definitely a lot stronger
Believe in yourself Than you imagined them to be

So we've just gotta keep living, right? It's a moment of my life
Even when ridiculous things and other people laugh at you We can believe
No matter what So never end You who are so important to me
I can't lose you So I'll hold on to the beat of your heart which proves you're certainly alive

On the other side of the glass is my world I reach out my hand toward it Oh...

While my feelings overflow, I'll scream it out with my heart It's a moment of my life
I won't let it end Trusting that we can believe
Nobody's life stays the same So never end
Even if it's a dim glimmer of light, don't look away from it And seize this moment


Forever and ever, the credits goes to yarukizero-san~
saikou da ze~~

sore jya...
mata na!

*I'll definitely  buy [Last Hope]'s DVD! ZETTAI NI!!*
*Takumi-sensei~~ kyaaa~~*

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PLEASE! Don't accuse me 'doing nothing' !


well right now I feel really upset when I thought back about what people said to me.
Yeah...everytime we met, I always wonder, 'why do you have to say that matter, again and again?'

Can guess what 'matter'?

No need to guess actually..,
Only I can create the answer myself. Haha!

I DON'T sleep back in the morning after I wake up! (Only on weekend XD)
I DON'T wonder around, leaving home 'alone'!
I DON'T abandon the 'mission' my mum told me to do!(cooking, cooking~)
I DON'T leave my house-job! (eventhough sometimes it piled up for tomorrow)

What else?

Whatever it is,
STOP saying I'm just 'making fats'; rolling lolling in my house!

Yes, I'm jobless right now.
But, I'm alive + doing my works thoroughly!

I am what I am...
You have no idea what I've done, what I'm doing, and what will I do!

p/s ; is this what we call 'complaint'?

*Anime! Thanks for spending time with me! Hehe... XD*
*After all, I was banned from it last year..~ lalala~*

Saturday, March 2, 2013



The only thing that I want to say right now..,


以上、Dani です!

* Anime+manga...I'm addicted with you~*

Friday, February 22, 2013

'Frist tmie'?


Okay, just want to test if anyone can understand the title..
yes, it's 'first time?', and it doesn't really mean anything..

Just want to say, finally I managed to drive on the 'real' road~

Alhamdulillah, nothing bad or unwanted thing happened.
Maybe because it is the reality that I will face after I get my driving license, so it kind of..usual.
(Boo at my comment! hehe! XD)

For my driving class' teacher, hoping the days with him will get much better,
(He is a nice man, though....)

After this, I have to get for the motorcycle class..
yeah..the 'mendokusai' part..

Anyway.., I'll try to keep stable with my life right now...
In shaa Allah...

Until then, adios~

*Just got back from girls' shopping~ with my mom! Wahaha!!*
*And....bought some nice new hijab's brooch~ Ureshii~ ^_^*

Monday, February 18, 2013

The class start today~ I'm tired~~

Konbanwa~ (as right now, it's 8.20 PM) I stated in my previous entry..,
"I'll try to make a post on my first day driving class" (did I really said that...?)

Never mind about that..,
here I am, wanted to speak up all my opinion about..everything!
Everything on what was my feeling, what was the weather, what was the people-
Okay..not really that far.

Firstly, I got a male instructor, I just state the initial, Mr. K (encik K, ye..)
Well...what should I say about him? My first impression, maybe?

He seemed..quite nice (in personality, I mean).
A bit dark skin he have, but that is not a big matter.
The matter right now..he is a smoker. (truly, not really my type! sorry bout that, though, da~)

yeah, got a bit 'tantrum', or what we commonly say, 'bebelan'..
but still, I learned many things (well of course, IT IS the driving CLASS!)

As almost everything was a first time for me..,
Quite hard to hold everything in hand.
Quite nervous+excited+scared~
The last time(or should I say first time?) that I learned with my mum,
I just drove on a STRAIGHT; full with bumpers' road.
Never done the turn/curve part, so quite hard.
and also the hill.

Yeah, I already went to the hill today~

Even I have no idea..."Did I did the driving well? How can I got to try and drive, while practising the handbrake and clutch and whatever on the hill?"

It was still a mystery for me right now as my mum said that so.
However, it was a good thing.
At least, I do knew some little things~

Better do next time..
I don't want to be called a 'wimp', or a coward just because I fail the test.
Eventhough I did failed for my motorcycle test...Huhu...really frustrating right now that thing!!

ermm...maybe that's all that I want to share today.
The next class is on this Wednesday..not really that far.

I' my best!

Sore jya, ato de!

*Okay..everything that was 'threw' to me were not ALL correct!*
*Confession! I like something different right now! But I just love it~ ^_^*

Friday, February 15, 2013

Foot on the clutch, brake and accelerator...^_^


Finally, I managed to drive the manual car!! (illegally, I should say.)

Yeah, sound pathetic..
"it just driving a car, so what?"
But, as I really have a dream that I had planned years before...
'What I wanted to achieve by driving the car by myself'';
'What I wanted to do when I pass my car test';
and more of 'what I wanted...'

This morning/afternoon,
me and my mum (as she got a week off for the Chinese New Year Holiday),
we went to buy some groceries, some daily necessities,
and while waiting until 12 pm,
she asked me.."want to try and drive the car?"

p/s: btw, the manual car that my family have is the Toyota Unser(go and search if you don't know), so just imagine the size of it.

As my first class for the car at the driving school start this 18th February..,
I did have some doubt..'Is it safe to do it with my ummi, and without using the 'kereta latihan' that the driving school always use?'
My mum said, "It's okay, nothing to be afraid of, but you don't just press the accelerator with all your might!"

Swallowed my saliva, I tried. "Ok! why not?"

We went to the road near my mum's school (she's a teacher, yeah!),
My mum stop the car (but not the engine~), and we changed our place.

At that time..I was scared. The 'wild' doubts came back to my mind.
'what if I got into an accident later?', and many more 'WILD' thoughts.

But, as my mum taught me with a calm voice (sometimes she did threw 'Not yet!', 'Not that'),
I got the spirit, 'don't be too prejudice, don't be too paranoid, it's gonna be okay!'

Alhamdulillah, it went very well (I'm saying in terms of accidents.)
Unfortunately for the timing of the brake before encountering the bumper, I quite failed a couple of times.

Still, I managed to understand the way to hold the steering in a stable way(same goes to my body;stable),
the pressure you have to put for the accelerator in a correct calculation, the way you let go the clutch, and there is more!!

I'll update later if I have another perspective about driving..
Yeah, I just wanted to store my memory of my first experience of driving a car..
whereas I did before the real driving class!

Last but not least,
thank you for being with me and teaching me~

That's all for this..week, maybe?
I try to 'remember' about the existence of this blogger account of mine~

Till then guys~
Saraba da! (it mean farewell, not too much change with 'sayonara')

*Right now, watching anime, anime, anime, anime, anime, anime and anime!*
*I just wanted to replay back my childhood memory....should I?*

Saturday, February 2, 2013

ermm....what should I say about it?


Yes, it's already February...,
and it mean one thing.. :
I'm officially 18 !!

Yatta~~ (it's nothing, just I'm glad that I still have chance to live on this round world)

Of course, I wanted to do some job as I always 'says' since I was little.
For me, 18 is the age where I, no, almost everybody in this world can do things or works that can help others.
It sound weird, yes.
But that what I 'declared' long time ago...
And, that passion still in my heart.

Just, I think that declaration still cannot be fulfil due to some reasons.
Still, I want to keep that passion forever, until the day I would leave this world.
In shaa Allah...

Now, for some quick diary about my activities on yesterday and today...,
Yesterday, I went to help my friend a.k.a. my neighbour a.k.a. my sister's friend a.k.a. my Arashian friend.
Her sister got married yesterday, and had to settle some stuff ; passing the chocolates to the guests, cleaning the food+drink after the event ended. Quite tiring, but it was cool! Hehe...(doing some volunteer work on my birthday is really a good thing!Honestly!)
No need to thank me, sis! I'll try my best to help you anytime! ^_^
Today, went to the wedding reception. Alhamdulillah, got nothing to complain about. Everything was smooth~
Hehe...couldn't believe myself using that word, though.

Okay, okay...
I'm getting carried away with the story that has no end.
Got to stop, as I want to continue watching anime.
Yes, that's my current 'job' right now; watching the anime-from-my-childhood-memory that were on list.
Hehe..try my best to finish them!

Sore dewa, ato de na!

*btw, I met my classmates from the Year 6 class. Ohisashiburi~ (well, I didn't greeted him though..)*
*how's the story about my motorcycle +car licenses?*

Saturday, January 26, 2013

When you're becoming a 'lazy' person despite of everything....


Got nothing to say,
just right now, the person who lived beside my house seemed to renovate her/his house.
And, yes!
We're the one who got the 'noise'!'s not like I'm mad or what(luckily I have some problem with my ear right now...Is that a good thing?)


And, that's all I wanted to share right now!

Going to get my salary~~ (finally...?)
And, I'm planning to go Ochado, if possible.

Until then...

*Honestly, Really, Seriously, I'm becoming a lazy4x person nowadays!*
*Somebody, please help me~~~~ Huhu..T^T*

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm just....too bored!

Hey, hey dou~mo!

I just sound like having fun, but nah!
It just the 'boring-ism' got into me today....
Yeah, I have many gadget I can use...but somehow I have ni idea what 'to do' with them.
If only I'm working this time....

Ok, it's not like I'm complaining to anyone or whatsoever..,
it just when it became that way.., I couldn't help but to sigh all morning..
..well, might be all day.

Nevertheless, I still haven't neglect all the 'tasks' given to me by my mum.
That is the only thing that can keep me out from being bored...

Why just thing have to be this way...?

Okay, I'll stop here as everything started to become awkward right now.
Ciou! (did I got this right?)

Until then...later!

*Today : Drama [Last Hope], 2nd episode. I really can't wait for it!!*
*And please Mr.Johnnys, put on the full [Calling] song!! Pleasepleaseplease!!*

Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, I broke my promise....REALLY sorry about that! :P


Okay, I know,
this past way too long after what I promised since my last entry.
It's not like I'm giving excuse, just I got too busy 'continuing' my life by doing works. (yeah, totally an excuse! Haha!)

Firstly, I went to help my former school's library(as I used to be one of the librarian there) as I just truly wanted to do some job(eventhough not a formal one).
But, as the days went by(till this day), I started to become lazy going over there(well, I just went to help for about...3 days? Huhu) 
First reason, my sister got home+break from her study for about one month.
Second reason, I got 'a little' ill, might be becoz of heat stroke(?), then I got totally lazy to get up on the morning.
Third reason, I started to become a 'nocturnal' human. Haha!! I just found it really weird to describe myself like that, but yeah, that is the reality!
Lastly, I already registered my name for the driving license, for both (apparently). I got this feeling, 'It seemed like I WILL be out of the house almost everyday...''s not really what I planned...

Well, the past in the past...and I have to face the present.
I'll do my best about....erm....everything I'm doing right now.
It seems a bit hard to..., but this is my only chance right now. mean one thing.

I might update new entry irregularly...(yeah, it's not like anyone reading this, duh! Please, let me be in my worl~~d !!)

what else?
Okay, the end.
Got nothing else interesting...
Until then!

Before I forgot...,
Aiba Masaki's Tuesday drama, [Last Hope] have a REALLY 4x cool song!!
Of course, it is ARASHI that sang that song~~~
Wahaaa~~~ how happy I am!
(eventhough, I still haven't watch the 1st episode yet..Mitai yo~~)

Gaman !
Hehe.... ^_^

*[Last Hope]'s song, 'Calling'*
*Yes, the song is 'calling' me right now to hear it again and again even just a bit could be heard right now*
*starting back my new 'old' hobby, Origami~*

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And, it's done!


Yes, finally...
right now I just want to..jump and run all over the world expressing how happy+satisfy I was today! (truly hyperbola! wahaha!!)

Day 10; Last day :
- Okay, folks...once again, I was a minute late after 8 AM. Wahaha! Why people always like that?
- There were only 14 of us (Examination Attendants) today. Yeah...the last 14 EA's.
- Got the PA Block. I have lost count how many times I went to patrol that block. There were only the PA and the M block today. Well, let just put aside!
- This morning, my assigned class was changed 2 times! First, becoz of an EA who was absent. Next, because there was one EA got sudden asthma (not really 'that' terrible, though).
- As a 'good kid', I just smiled and 'Okay! I don't mind!" while running to the assigned class.
- Once I entered the class, I encountered two women, one seemed much older than the other.
- They're very nice. Well, what else can I say? They're just..nice people, really. (sorry, sudden lost of vocabulary)
- Before the exam started, another lecturer/invigilator, male this time came in. Yeah, as usual, "you can call me Dani."
- It might be that today was the last day, that I met with a lot of 'new' things, or should I say...feelings?
- When it was time for the candidates to enter the venue, the head invigilator, the older woman got up to work.
- She read the instructions, WITH a very loud voice that I never heard before these past working days. She seemed very strict with the instruction, especially about the cheating between candidates and going to the toilet stuffs.
- She even told all the candidates (which were already in their seats, preparing for the exam) to "STAND UP! Get everything out of your pocket!"
- I was like...'wow' in my mind. Of course, it is definitely one of the best way to prevent students from cheating in the examination.
- Maybe becoz the 'strictness' were intended to the candidates, so I didn't thought about her being 'too' strict. Well, different people have different way of thinking, right?
- Chatted a bit with the male lecturer/invigilator as he was the one who asked me about the head invigilator(when she was not in the venue that time). He's really friendly, I got to say. He even told me about the salary, how do we get it, how it was different in other department and many more.
- He said he just started working as a lecturer at the TAR College(TARC) 6 months ago. He even shared information about universities, and of course, he asked me if I wanted to join the TARC later. I just nodded and smiled shyly, as I still have no idea about that. And, I already set my mind that, I would search for the government universities/IPT's first before choosing on the private school.
- Of course, if my fate is at the TARC, I'll go. It's not a bad thing...
- Okay, the morning paper was a 3-hour 15 minutes paper, and here! First time ever I know the exact numberof me going to the toilet;accompanying the student.
- I was at the 2nd floor, and I went 16 TIMES! Wow~~ that's really tough!!
- Went to eat lunch at the TARC canteen 1...after all, it was the last day...
- Got back at the store room before the other. Nevermind about that.
- For the evening session, only the PA block was used. And the 12 EA's (the other 2 worked at the office) went to the same destination, the PA Block. Our last job place...
- You know what? I got to work together with the 'strict' older woman, AGAIN ! What a miracle~
- As I already knew her, the work got easier. And the same thing happened when the candidates were all inside the venue, on their seats. Some of the students who sat at the back giggled with the way the woman invigilator 'shouted'. Whatever...
- The 2-hours paper went just fine, and I went to accompany the student to the toilet, only ONCE! Haha...
- And, returned back to our office..., I quickly tried to finish 'my last job' on TARC, while some were 'trying' to 'store' their last memory in that office maybe, and even cause the senior brother got 'pissed off' and was throwing 'fire' at some certain person. Well, the truth was the jealousy... What an unreasonable excuse. haiihh~~
- Okay,'s almost the end now. Bought my last 'Each-a-Cup' at TARC. Hehe...
- Got back home, feeling too happy that made me sleepy. Keh3!

Okay...that's all !
I just want to say this one thing.

Dear myself, お疲れ様でした!
Eventhough it was nothing cool, really, thanks you for your hard works!
もう一回、おつかれさま〜〜 ^_^
(sorry for being this annoyed girl, it just I have no one to tell me that, except for one person. ありがとう、ねえちゃん!)

My diary of 'working days of an Examination Attendants(EA) ended here, on this post.
Tomorrow, I'll do a sum up of everything; total summary of what I found/got/discovered throughout my working days.

So, until then!
Good night!

*Okay, now I'm FREE ~~ Yahooo~!*
*Well, I got a real working experience~~ Lalala~~*

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Countdown till last day working : 1 day

Ganbarimasu! ^_^

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Okay, I got an off day tomorrow~~


As I got the 10th January as my last day working as EA, I got tomorrow off~

And, here's today's summary!

Day 9 (countdown till last day : 2 days) :
- Got a little bit late today. Never mind about that. Hehe...
- They said the venue for today was just about 3 blocks, so most for the class venue got 2 EAs
- I got the PA Block for the morning session, and guess what? The other EA was my best friend! Haha~ how lucky was that? ^_^
- We get PA6, and that venue was quite big (and all seats were used), total of students was 118. Maybe becoz of that number, it felt big? Hm...?
- Went to toilet  quite a few times, and there was boy EA, he said that the invigilator that worked with him, brought 3 students at one time! I just, "what? can we do that?"
- Because the person who did that was the invigilator a.k.a. one of the lecturer itself, so even the EA boy did the same a few times. Oh, yeah! It was 3-hours 15 minutes paper by the way. That why I met the same EA again and again...Can't help that.
- Rushed back to our office, and quickly signed off as we didn't have much time to eat. Then, our chief said, "You can return back at 1.15, so careful and go eat."
-'Yahoo' is the word I really wanted to say that time, but feeling that the others EAs (who were in the same block with me) were very thrilled about that, I just grinned foolishly.
- Somehow, we got back a little late as the chief said, "you're late have to walk by yourselves. Here, check your venue".
- Oopsii...sorry becoz we're late. But, no complain as we walked quickly and went to search for our assigned venue.
- I got the M Block (the second time) and immediately signed my name and ran to my specified class.
- Got to work with 2 male invigilators, and luckily, they were nice. (eventhough there were not so many  conversation)
- The exam that evening was the Engineering paper. Once the candidates were allowed to get in their venue, I just saw...all boys. Okay, it's fine. Just boys kept going inside. You gotta be kidding.... All boys again...
Oh no...
- Until there were only 3 girls got in the venue, I exhaled with relief. Piyuuh~
- Got nothing interesting, just kept seeing 4 boys on the back 'discussing' when they thought no one was watching. haha, my eyes were running over you~
- But, until the end, I just let them be. After all, candidates discussing secretly were quite difficult to prove their wrong action, while it is much easier to prove candidate who bring in notes/small paper.
- The 2-hours paper ended safely, and as usual, tearing up papers session.
- Somehow, the air in the room that we always use whenever all the EA's got back from their venue and to continue our job by tear up/count the unused answer booklet was..different a bit.
- Yes, maybe the other EA also had the same thought that I had. It was our last day for together, all EA's to gather in a bunch; chatting, joking with each other.
- Then, some of them asked for our email/Facebook so that they could add or keep in touch. Yeah, I love that idea.
- Everyone (including me) were asking each other, "9 or 10?", meaning whether they work at 9th or 10th January. If they got the same date, then they would say, "let's meet again tomorrow". If the date were different, then some would hug or shake hands.
- It was a touching scene actually. I never ever thought our relationship would become this close, just in about 2 weeks. Wasn't it cool?
- We(me and my best friend) waved our hand to other EA who went to the opposite direction. Went to bought some drinks, before me and my best friend(she got the 9th, while I'm 10th) walked going to our own way.
- Got home before 6 pm.

The End.

Quite 'tough' to replay back my mind about this whole day.
but, honestly, all these days, it was the best experience!

I' my best, posting the last entry about my last day working...on the 10th January, Thursday.
Until then...wait for me~~ ^_^

*I really need to buy a new earphone!! Warrgghhh!*
*Planning to visit my school tomorrow....Hm...dou deshou? *

Monday, January 7, 2013

Yeah, I met nice peoples again today... ^_^


I'll just start my diary right away~~

Day 8 (countdown till last day : 3 days) :
- Arrived as usual at the store room, sharp at 8 AM.
- Somehow, many of my girl colleagues wore baju kurung today..When they decided that?
- For the first session, I got the PA Block. Yeah, countless time already, but never mind.
- And, I got the first PA venue, which is PA1. Yes! It's at the ground floor~~
- The paper was the Measurement of External Works (don't ask me what it was about, I have NO IDEA about it), so, each candidates got two tables for themselves.
- And, the room felt much wider as there were only 39 students inside the PA1 venue. Okay, that's better maybe.
- Got two men as the invigilator, a Chinese lecturer and a Malay lecturer. Alhamdulillah, both of them were really nice to me. The Chinese lecturer even joked with me; as I introduced myself,
"Just called me Dani",
"oh, Dani ah? Later, I might call you Darling ma(in a Chinese slang),"
- Yeah, I laughed with that. Somehow, it feel nice to have a joke with someone you just met for the first time. Hm!
- Forgot to say, it was 3-hours paper for the morning session. But, as my venue was at the ground floor, I have no complain when I had to go and accompany the candidates to the toilet countless time.
- On the candidates table, there were too many stuff/papers/plan and whatsoever! Even watching them made me go, "uwaahhh!!"
- The paper finished at 12 noon, and I packed everything (that I supposed to) and brought them back to the head counter.
- Quickly went 'to search' for sugar a.k.a. glucose/sweet things as I was wobbling and my head started to knock themselves. Yeah, I almost faint. (..yeah, right)
- Just kidding about that, but I really need to recharge back my glucose loss, and I just ordered an ice tea for my drink.
- ...Becoz I was searching for sugar, not food ! I just don't understand which part they couldn't caught up my words. (I was a bit mad at some- no! A person that time)
- Just let that be...
- Got back at the store room, and I got the H Block. Just beside the store room block actually. Hihi !!
- Fortunately, it was 2-hours paper for the evening session. Yippi~~
- And, both the invigilators in-charge were men. Today, I have a luck with men, maybe? Haha! XD
- They really nice people. They talked to me. They smiled at me. (yeah, normal stuff....)
- I was kind of tired actually on the evening side. My venue was at the upper floor;the third floor.
- And, going back and forth accompanying student to the toilet was honestly tiring!
- But, I used to it! Hehhe...
- Got nothing interesting among the students (just they were..erm..I don't know), and the paper ended.
- Together with the stationery box (that contain all tools for the invigilator&EA to use) and the unused answer booklet, we head back to the office. Yeah, no need the van, just walk!
- Finished the last work for today, and found out I will be working on 10th January for my last day. Yeah, it almost finish...
- 'Played' a bit with my best friend, and went home safely.

The End.

Erm..yep! You can see that countdown.
My job is coming near the 'ending'.
I'll make a total conclusion about my job after I end my last day working.

Until then,
mattete ne~~

*I'm sorry but it seemed like I made a mistake about someone on my previous, previous entry*
*Will correct it ASAP ! Really sorry~!*