Friday, December 24, 2010

the secondmade for..AIBA MASAKI's BIRTHDAY !!


this is the second post about AIBA's birthday post for my blog ! also mean, I have been blogging for about..a year?
whatever it is..
I'm glad to know them since 2 years ago!
and now, my love for them were... continuing to grow!!
what am I saying here??

get back to the real topic..
24th December,
it can be meant as Christmas Eve for some people,
but for will always mean one thing,
which is is ARASHI's miracle boy's birthday!!

誕生日おめでと うございます!!

mou...,Masaki have become 28 years old...
and he'll be starring in a new drama this coming January...
hoping he will stay the same for ever!!

for this year..
I don't what should I do for Masaki's bithday..,

oh ya! I hope the other members will celebrate HIS birthday !!
not for Christmas Eve's party !!
I want to celebrate for him..celebrate with him..
but that would be impossible!

what else...
I don't know what to say..
my brain is not in good condition to type anything else..
waiting patiently to watch the newest Himitsu no Arashi-chan...
aaahhhh !!

I'll post later...
again, Tanjoubi Omedetou Masaki !!
some pics of the cutest member, Masaki Aiba !!

kawaii deshou ~
I found a picture of him being a girl..(not in the TSD)
really, I cannot take off my eyes of him !!


*It seem, [Mote Arashi, dame Arashi] have come back!!*
*Masaki daisuki!!*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

now, I'm back with everything I had waited for a long time!

doumo doumo!
berapa lama dah tak menconteng-conteng dekat sini..
well, I just totally forgot about my hometown's phone cable had been stole..
I already knew about this..but I..seriously forgot..
and then, I have no time to write this and that along the times I'm there..

never mind about that..
I arrived home yesterday, one step into my house, guess what?
It already past twelve o'clock...night of course!
slept at 1 o'clock in the morning..and get up from sleep at 7..
balance, huh?

I went to school this morning, took the text books, almost 'broke' my right shoulder,
waited for my exam result..
and ALHAMDULILLAH, i passed everything even though
there was one I thought I would score..
but still, my family congratulated me...
thanks for all of your congrats !
I really appreciate it!

my class got all passed !
yes! no one failed in my class...
all of us wanted to thank all the teachers that had been taught us for every subjects,
but we can't found them...
here I want to say....


yappa sa,
'sensei' tte sugoi deshou!
they are the amazings person ever in the world !!

ok, ok....
it seem I almost got into something deeper..
without I realize it...
nevertheless, will update later..
with important date tomorrow!
it's not Christmas Eve, it's someone's birthday!

*finally I got to ride the train a.k.a KTM(Keretapi Tanah Melayu)*
*I love you teachers !! Love you so much!*

Saturday, November 27, 2010

mengapa kami sanggup bersabar untuk benda itu??

doumo doumo !
ini ada kisah nak kongsi dengan siapa yang sudi bacalah..

hari ini, dalam sejarah hidupku,
dengan perasaan yang bercampur-baur, berjaya menunggu@beratur selama 2 jam 1/2
hanya untuk mendapatkan cat percuma oleh satu paint company ni..
yang kelakarnya, mengapa kami sanggup tunggu untuk benda itu ye?

inilah yang tak boleh fahamnya !
bila dah sampai rumah(lebih kurang 20 minit yang lalu), we just can smile + laugh by
our 'stupid' action..
ishk ishk ishk...

whatever it is...yesterday was Satoshi's birthday, today is laughing day (hope so),
and tomorrow we never know..

Ijyou, Dani deshita !

*I want to watch AnS !! Shukudai-kun !!*
*what kind of purpose can we use for the free paint?*

Friday, November 26, 2010

again..the oldest member's birthday...OHNO SATOSHI !

doumo doumo !
honestly.., I almost forgot about today, you know!
maybe because...I became relaxed too much, so gradually...I forgot about it !!
but, luckily I managed to look my notebook back, and there I found ;
'November 26, Ohno Satoshi's.

okay okay..
let's get back to our usual work..
let's celebrate this date !
誕生日おめでと うございます !!

oh ya ! last year, I didn't put his info, right?
so this is it .


Nicknames: Ridaa (Leader) / Captain / Oh~Chan / Satoshi-kun / Samii (By Nino)
Profession: Actor, singer and Radio host
Birthdate: 1980-Nov-26
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 166cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: A

u-oh !
I have no much time left..
so, I am so sorry if the pictures are...scattered...
here the lovely pictures of Kaibutsu Land!!

kawaii !!
satoshi kawaii !!
before I leave..
just want to say..there are some pictures that suppose to be other people..
which mean..they are not all mine !
so, here, I want to thanks to anybody who let me taking this pictures...
and..credits for them !


*Kaibutsu-kun wa..,mou 30? uwa ! bikkuri !*
*demo..Oh-chan wa zutto kawaii ni miteru kara..maa ii ya !*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the forgotten stuff...

Aiba's new drama info :

Popular group of Arashi stars drama "Bartender" that starts January (TV Asahi Friday 11:15 pm) after a year.

Aiba who acted single father in My Girl in this time frame, this time he challenge geninur bartender who client's hurt feeling.

This is based on original "Bartender", current serial of Super Jump, popular human drama that exceeded book sales 2.5 million copies.

Aiba spills his heart before shooting srtarted "I want to make cocktail that last in your heart" Ryu Sasakura that Aiba-act, he wind Europe cocktail contest at 26 years old, but he was fired a bartender Kato, his master. He came back to Japan in frustration.

He takes the occasion of meeting with journal reporter Miwa Kijima to start afresh. He search the life he live though his work, he face to clients who visit the bar, and heals an emotional wound by "warm butting in".
Usually he is artless and lovable airhead character, onve he stand at counter he chance talented bartender. Leading role that has 2 faces, this could required vast acting skill, Aiba is fully high-spirited, "Each week. I want to create the cocktail that last your memory!"

Friday night that close a week, please relax!" He is currently training from technique to manner under professional bartender every day. His excellent bartender is also highlight.

The epace of Bar that only adults are admitted, story is completed by each episode with core of romance and growth, fate encounter against rival.

Nakagawa producer who handled My girl too, "Leading role Ryu Sasakura is faithful guy. young man who has not only skill as bartender but also lives on answering the client feeling. I see these part in Aiba-san who wave nearly breaks and try to answer fans feeling with serious effort.

Hochi as this is character who need sure skill and rich knowledge, he is in the middle to create persona. He learn manner to use shaker, knowledge by professional bartender.

Mainichi Bartender is serial one a month at Super Jump, comic total sales is over 2.7 million copies with 1-17 vol.

This was TV animated 2006. drama is after return from Paris, and roaming around and restarted again as bartender. he directs clients who come because of work, love, family rouble to a solution with a glass of cocktail.

Ryu's growth who searches a ultimate cocktail, and romance with heroine,1st episode depict battle with Mika Mijima, Ryuichi Kasahara a bartender called "Mr. Perfect", master Goro Kase. Nakagawa producer says "this time he does genious bartender who search his own way, he does willing to be hurt but brings off for clients. I feel certain that this lead his passion and upstanding character to Ryu's attractive force" .

well, when I first saw this article, I just thought.."Nande? Nande Bartender nano?"....
of course, it just an acting and of course for them it normal to do this kind of thing...but for me, a really heavy feeling got into my heart...
It consist cocktail...that's why I felt something..
aaaahhh !!!!!

whatever it is...right now, I just want to watch [Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen] !!!!
the zookeeper Aiba Masaki is so cute !!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

berjaya beli CD cerita Jepun !! 雅紀 大好き !!

doumo doumo !!
sebenarnya, berkenaan title tu, sepatutnya dihantar semalam..
entah bagaimana, terlupa atau lebih tepat lagi, malas hendak buka blog..

yesterday, I went to Wangsa Walk (not alone) yesterday...and because the last time
I went there I forgot to enter the video shop, so this time the video shop is the first shop I got in !!
The main reason why we went there was just 'window-shopping'...
but I could not stay in that 'state' because I found....
DVD for マイガール a.k.a My Girl from Japanese drama!!
how happy I am !!!
Masamune-kun !!
Koharu-chan !!
I just, *found the DVD* "aaahhh!!!" *jumping around in the place; squealing quietly*
I'm really rally glad I went there yesterday !!
even though it costs a bit, what do I care??
as long I got something that can hold me for my ******* 雅紀 !!
uwaaahhh !!!
chou ureshii !! 嬉しい !!

finally, i got to watch the story today, with a satisfied heart because no one home except for me and my sister + my little brother...
with a good screen of TV?
something like that...

whatever it is...
I have nothing else to say anymore !!
right now, watching ARASHI's last year Anniversary Tour while waffling is
楽しい !!

Ijyou, Dani deshita !!

*try listen for ARASHI's 'kind-of-old' song, [Allergy]*
*"Doushitemo no mikomenai... Mitame wa melon, aji dake lemon"*

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yatta ! [Attayu!] Yatta ! [Attayu!]

doumo doumo !! one my happinest day !!!
I had been watching [A no Arashi], [D no Arshi], [G no Arashi], [Uda Uda Arashi]
and more !!
chou ureshii !!!!!!!! chou ureshii !!!!!!!!

of course, [A no Arashi] and [Uda Uda Arashi] was the most funniest ever!!
I love Aiba Masaki's "Jikken kekka"(The experiment conclusion), his 'stupid' but geniuses experiment and of course, the result of conclusion which make my mood so GOOD !!!
yatta !
and, Ninomiya + Ohno's 'gyakukaiten' (reversing action) !!
chou omoshiroi !!!

one of my dream have been granted again..!!
Alhamdulillah !!

what else can I say?
they make my day happier, stronger, and my mood, 'goodier'?

that's all for now!
ijyou, Dani deshita !!!

*相葉 雅紀 大好き !!!
*what else can I say..? I'm in the core of happiness right now!*

Monday, October 25, 2010

just want to share some of my stories with you..

doumo doumo!! was..just a normal day.
I went to school in the morning, answered some Geographic questions..
and watched my friends played UNO.
not really a great day..

Ok! Ok! Let's forget about that thing for a while!
when I got home, (after the hectic things with THAT girl)
I found something that maybe could bring the usual me..(mwahaha)
and that thing was...?

this part of my carpet ! hehehehe...
and I had some ideas, why don't I wrote something..
so..this is what I had done!!

(Matsumoto Jun)

(Sakurai Sho) - the most hardest name to be make

(Aiba Masaki)

(Ohno Satoshi)

(Ninomiya Kazunari)

what a stupid thing to do..
but unfortunately I'm already finished with this 'stupid' thing!
just to release my tension

maybe..just this things that I want to share with you..
and bla bla bla bla bla...
I'll try to waffle something again tomorrow..
after all, tomorrow is..'at home!
meaning, I'll stay at home! don't want to go to school...
please don't comment anything about this...hehehe

until then..

*about the ARASHI's name..sorry if there any mistakes..*
*hoping for some miracle right now..*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

saikou no hi desu !!!

doumo doumo!
hari ni.., rasa macam nak guna balik tiga bahasa yang selalu digunakan..
macam the older + oldest entry..(ke empat bahasa?)

today, just as I had mentioned at the previous entry,
there would be a 'jamuan besar' for the whole class of 3ST '10
and of course, I joined with them..I went to watch movie with them + the teacher,
I watched them played bowling.., and lastly, we had our 'kind of' late lunch..
eventhough there were time where I thought "this is not right" or "not like this"
or something like that, but it went smoothly..

harap-harapnya.., the whole class akan ingat peristiwa hari ini dengan hati yang tenang..
walaupun cikgu dan beberapa pelajar kena 'bang bang boom' , but we still had fun !!
terasa rugi sangat-sangatlah pulak sebab tak sempat rakam saat bila cikgu
kena 'bang bang boom'..
tapi..doaku moga the memories stay in my head for the rest of my life (maybe?)..

well, I have nothing to show except for the mini-details about what we we have done today..

Watched the movies !
(some of the available movie at the cinemas..I really wanted to
watch the [Sammy's Adventure]..)

(waiting for the bowling go inside the gutter! hahahah!)

(at the bowling site...)

(the view that I managed to capture while on the way to the restaurant)

(the view inside the Four Happy Season Restaurant : Winter Room)

(this kind of lamp really amazes people..just like the wind chime!)

(ABC Durian? uwaahhh.. believe me, it is so delicious but it will
become sticky the time it had melted..)

(some skits of being 'fake waitress and a fake customer..mwehehehe..)

(present from the really lucky draw..I'm glad I chose the '#12' )

(the unfinished food...huhuhu, sorry for that..)

([Natsu no Koi wo Niji Iro ni Kagayaku] desu !!! the give-over
little cute cupcake)

the memories keep wandering in my mind again...
sekarang rasa menyesal pulak sebab tak rakam saat 'Bang Bang Boom' tu..
tapi kalau rakam..tak nampaklah macam real, kan?
maa ii ya !
this is some dialogues is this the right spell?) that I remember just a
minute then. This scene happened after Andyka, the magician a.k.a "David Blaine
tiruan" baru saja selesai buat magiknya dan duduk atas kerusi, berbual dengan
pengacar yang ditiru..

Farahin : "Yea...jadi, macam mana, David.., eh? David apa ya tadi?"
Mawa : "David Blaine lah ! Apalah you ni.."
Farahin : "Ah iye iye... apakah rahsia David Blaine tentang magic tadi?"
Andyka : "Saya..saya.." (tiba-tiba Andyka tengok tepi, cakap something
dekat Azfar)
Farahin : "Ada apa-apa ke, Encik David?"
Andyka : (Bangun dari kerusi, cakap dengan suara yang serak-serak,
kepalanya pening)
Teacher: "Pening? Bagi dia makan dululah..mesti sebab dah lapar ni..."
Andyka : "Sorry, kejap-" (terus keluar dari hall tu, pergi toilet)
Teacher: "Sudahlah..jom makan dulu...makan makan.. Tadi dah penat
jalan-jalan kan? Hanif, baca doa!"
Hanif : " Okeh, jom baca doa semu-" (Andyka masuk hall balik,
terus duduk dekat kerusinya)
Andyka : "Sorry ye semua..pening sikit.."
Azfar : (Berada di belakang kerusi Andyka, nak pergi ke depan)
"Okey semua, getting back to OA in 3,2-"
Andyka :(Berdiri sekejap, and then tiba-tiba jatuh pengsan)
Setengah murid berdiri, ada yang tengah makan.
Tiba-tiba, buih keluar daripada mulut Andyka, and time itulah semua
orang berdiri, termasuk teacher, dan juga pengurus + beberapa pekerja datang
bergegas masuk dengan paniknya, kemudian lampu terpadam. Lagilah bertambah
panik semua orang!
Ummu suddenly pergi ke tempat Andyka pengsan, dia cakap dia tahu apa nak buat, dan dia jerit jangan sentuh mulut dia, jangan masukkan apa-apa dalam mulut Andyka and some more words like that.
At that time, muka teacher sudah pucat, termasuk beberapa orang budak perempuan yang tidak tahu apa-apa berkaitan rancangan ini..
Teacher suruh semua orang bertenang, then teacher tanya pengurus restaurant, kenapa lampu terpadam, then, bila seorang pekerja pergi tengok, tiba-tiba Azfar cakap..

Azfar : "Teacher, ini semua mesti sebab cikgu dah kena, Teacher!"
Teacher : "Kena apa?"
Azfar : Dah kena teacher! dah kena !" (with great expression?)
Teacher : "Kena apa ni? Kena apa?" (dengan muka yang sudah pucat + takut)
Azfar : "Teacher dah kena Bang Bang Boom!!!!" (Semua yang tahu tentang
rancangan bertepuk tangan, sambil jerit Yea!!)

Masa itu, teacher hampir nak kejar Azfar yang dah berlari keluar dari hall tu, bila tak dapat, Teacher nampak Andyka dah bangun, dengan mukanya yang tersengih-sengih gembiranya !
The girls who also had been fooled also yelled, " Jahatlah Azfar ni !", "Woi! Apa ni!?" , dan sebagainya yang berunsur tidak puas hati.
Pengurus restaurant tersebut pun sudah dimasukkan sekali dalam kalangan 'orang yang dah tahu' atau lebih tepat lagi, Azfar dah rancang dengan mereka!

Actually, I have no idea about these things but at the really last-minute I got knew from the girl in front of me(the one who became the fake waitress in the picture), said " The group actually wanted to trick teacher. Andyka akan jatuh sakit, pengsan dan nampak macam orang yang kena sawan.."
when I heard that..I just thought that it was me and my friend the only one who doesn't knew anything..
But the end..we're save! We managed to know the plan, before it happened!
ahaha! Kind of happy a bit..
because, I'm sure if I don't know about this super duper secret, I would had jump there, calling "Andyka! Are you okay? wake up" , getting panicked and something like that.. was so a..happy + weird + whatever it is !!
I'm glad I could make it..

Lastly before I stop,
just want to say..
the class shirt was marvelous!

ijyou, Dani deshita!!

*Listening some of ARASHI's songs before going to bed..*
*" Cikgu dah kena cikgu! Cikgu dah kena! Cikgu dah kena Bang Bang Boom!"*

Friday, October 22, 2010

a hectic day !!! a hectic day !!!

it's been a long time, huh?
even though the exam had end many days a go..
I still can't get my schedule back..
Even though I have something to share,
I always forgot about the blog..
what a scatterbrain, huh?

today was a...hectic day maybe?
I thought that when we had finished the exam, the class relationship
will become better..
But it seem that I am wrong..
that's why it is soooo frustrating....
what can I do to unite them back?
what can I do?

sometimes it is really hard to make people agree with us, right?
however, tomorrow will be the day where the whole class, 25 + the homeroom teacher,
for us to enjoy the day..
I hope they can enjoy the day....
because I get some sense that maybe today incident will heat them up and..
the result is?
no more friendship, no more smiling, no more laughing ?!

I just hope that tomorrow will be a happy day for all of us !

ijyou, Dani deshita !!
mata ne..

*I'll try to write more regularly..hehehehe*
*Chibi Maruko-chan's ending song was created on 1990? What?!!*

Friday, October 15, 2010

it's already..autumn?

doumo doumo!
today is..Friday.
I got nothing to do...
and of course, I am so bored right now!!!

what to do?
any ideas..?
after all, right kinda..
dou iu no kana..?
I've become lazy to write this thing?
after all, for about many weeks I leave this things..
I can't get the rhythm back..
maybe I'll try..

of course, the things I've done all this days were just..
just..interenet, watching dramas..and bla bla bla..
nak mendownload susah..
lambatlah pulak...

anyway.., things at school are just...normal.
we just watched CD's, play some quiz..
that's all...
oh yeah!
this Sunday, I have a...'jamuan' for all kinds of prefect that are in school, in a hotel..
just near Kuala Lumpur..
still, what to wear?
even I'm not sure yet..
just look what we have later..

and what else..?

mata kana?
jya, mata desu!

*it have been a long time since I've done this 'star' back...*
*I'll try to get the rhythm back..soon*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itadaima... !!! Mou owari da yo~!!

doumo doumo!!
finally...after a couple of month studying..
I'm back !

tapi yang nak tulisnye ni je..
malas la pulak nak mencoret hari ni..
esok smbg lagi...


Monday, August 30, 2010

30th also mean? Matsumoto Jun no 誕生日!!


doumo doumo!!!

yatta ne...mou 30th of August 2010

and of course in Japan is also 30th August..

so..Matsumoto Jun, tanjoubi omedetou !!

first, let's survey what Matsumoto Jun Mini-profile !!


Name : Matsumoto Jun
Nickname : Matsujun
Birthdate : 30/08/1983
Birtplace : Tokyo, Japan
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Blood type : A

- A person who often called 'strong face'

- Another member who starred many dramas and movies such as;
Hana Yori Dango, Bambino, Kimi wa Petto, Gokusen 1,
Kindaishi Shounen no Jikenbou, Smile, and the newest,
Natsu no Koi wa Niji iro ni Kagayaku.

- Often called DoS (Do= kanji word for 'super' S=sadist)

- Also known as the 'Stage Leader' in ARASHI member because he is
the one who created the first moving stage in Japan in the entertainment industry.

- The youngest man among the ARASHI members, but the most 'otona-ppoi' among the

5 of them.


yeay !!
yatta ! I manage to repair the post !!
and, I am so happy..and satisfied enough..
last word before the pictures and the end of today post, Jun-kun Tanjoubi Omedetou !!

-what do you think of this person?-

-'Domyouji Tsukasa'-

-believe me, he is so chubby back when he still a kid !-

-See, I told ya !!-

-[Kindaichi Shunen no Jikenbo] hair !!-

-For this summer..~-

-newest picture from the the newest album, [Boku no Miteiru Fuukei]-

okay okay !
I'm sorry cause there will be no videos about Jun for the first time of his 'birthday entry',
but I didn't manage to make it..
sorry sorry !!

this is the end of today entry!!

unti then,

*esok is the Independence Day for Malaysia !!*
*Happy Independence for the 53th anniversary!!*

Sunday, August 8, 2010

berapa hari saja lagi ni...~? how happy I am!!!

doumo doumo!!
uwaahhh!! tak sabarnya nak puasa..
rasa macam teramat lama nak menunggu datangnya bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang mulia..,
antara bulan2 Islam yang lain..

and of course, pada masa yang sama..,
trial PMR akan diadakan pada waktu bulan puasa, jadi amat bersesuaianlah dengan keadaannya..
bukankah bagus puasa bila kita sedang menghadapi ujian (in this content, it means exam)
I really hope that I can get good results+flying colours so that people believe me !!
sometimes I really get irritated when people do not believe with ourself..
don't you feel so?

whatever it is..
maybe lepas ni, mungkin tidak akan satu pun entri yang akan disambung..
(kalau ada pun..itu sudah di setkan ye..hehehe~)
munkin..lepas 11 @ 12 Oktober, than I'll be back...
just pray the best for me..
Amin, Amin ya rabbal 'alamin..

I'll do my best to gather a lot of courage for everything!!
I'll do my best for..the trial exam+the real PMR+with my life!
I'll really do my best!
I will do my best !! I want to show to certain of peoples that I want them to believe me more than they should !!
zenbu ganbarimasu!!!!

last word before we meet again in October..
please pray for me..

Ijyou, Dani deshita !
mata raishu-
janai ne~?
hope to see you again!!
sayonara bye2!!

*thanks to anybody who comment me and add me as friends..*
*I'll appreciate that!! I'll pray the best for you..*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"hito wa hito, jibun wa jibun" !

doumo doumo !
actually.., just come without any plan here!
I suppose to go to the bed right now..but,
come to listen ARASHI's songs + a little waffling here..

I found many new picture of ARASHI just 5 hours ago..
mecha ureshi desu~~~

now I'm so satisfied !
something 'trigger' my angerness...but I know I can't say anything back,
so here I am!!
releasing what I suppose to say but I can't..
samishii ne~?
maa ii ka..!

ijyou..Dani deshita !!
sayonara bye2!!

*Aiba Masaki new song !! [Magical Song} desu~~~!!*
*the genre is so...? attractive..? hehehe*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

everything started from them...only them

doumo doumo!
hari ini, rasa macam hendak bertazkirahlah pulak..
(it's been a while, huh?)
of course, this topic became a 'storm' that hit our school especially for the teachers in our school !

if you ask me why, let me answer!
because there is a snob + sombong + gikunshi person that do not even know how to appreciate a person who brought him where he is right now !!!!!
I know I'm not one of the teachers, but I (majority) knows all the teacher that is teaching in my school !!
eventhough there are many variety ways of teaching from the teachers,
they still a person who you need to respect FOREVER !!!!
don't just say " I don't know that person anymore " @ "who is that person?" only because
you've enter university or college or whatever it is !

they are the third person you need to respect after your own parents !
they are the person who you teach you from 'ABC's and even '123...' !

if you are an accountant, they are the one who teach you how to handle 'numbers' !
everything !! any jobs that you do, everything you learn from them ! FROM THEM !!

what you think you are right know if you have nobody to teach you anything?
can you still read the newspaper? can you still count your money? can you still speak in English?(if English is not your mother language) and of course, can you still know how to use the computers?

anybody who answer 'yes' for any of the possibilities, please comment me and tell me the reason so that I can find more 'weapon' to debate with you ! hehehe..

let we continue..,

one more thing, even if you have something to complain about..,
please do not use the electronic, or you can say, internet (or something in the same meaning)
just meet the person, face-to-face and just say anything you want !
go ahead !!! if you say anything in front of the person, you can't be sued by the person because they do not have any alibi to show that you humiliate them ! (if you are)
but if you comment something bad on someone post or something,
just prepare your money because that person totally can sue you !
and don't think it just a hundred or two, they can sue you until you have nothing left except for your body (maybe, but BELIEVE ME they can !!)

I don't know why people in this millenium year can still do such things like this...
come on, people !! stop doing s***** thing !! (yabai ! I use that word..first time for me though)
and of course, please do not curse people in your blog or your wall or your shoutout or whatever that can let people see what did you write !!
people can use this to sue you too, you know?

well, of course that is the reality that we know and it is common happening around us..,right?

maybe until here..,
I really wanted to thank somebody because of this topic,
because when you think back.., maybe 10 years ago or 20 years ago or maybe 49 years ago..
you used to be in the kindergarten, right?
who is the kindest person you thought that time? you still have no friend, your parents were not there.. and of course you still a kid with a pure heart..
I'm sure you know what the correct answer for this..

last peace..and last word,
treasure all your memory from the time back in the kindergarten or in the middle school or in the high school or the place you used to learn something that you still use until now,
because that is the first place you wanted to be back again..

hai, ijyou,
Dani deshita !!
mata ne...
hope you can accept all my 'waffle' for today..
and again, please respect your teachers !!

jaa ne,
sayonara, bye2!!

*I really miss the fragrant that I used to smell back in my kindergarten..*
*sensei ! nanka aitakatta na~...*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the storm finally has come !! 'arashi' ga kita yo!!!

doumo doumo!!
kyou wa sa..,
mono sugoi ame ga fuitemashita yo~~!!!
maji de!
mou hontoni...

but, bila hujan- no no!
ribut macam ni, baru kita sedar sebenarnya..
kita ada buat salah...
ataupun kaum manusia buat sesuatu yang tidak sepatutnya!!

macam mana lagi ni??

anyway...just want to say normal stuff...
I manage to repay back my Mathematics result (Yosh! Yatta zo!! alhamdulillah..~)
semalam, dah kena suntik ATT (akhirnya..lama tunggu tau tak?)
and of course, KKQ hanya perlu hafal surah2 hafazan sahaja..
mungkin bulan 8 dah tiada benda lain selain fokus untuk PMR, kilauan A, PMR...
dan begitulah rutinnya..
semoga segala apa yang telah kami, calon2 PMR tahun ni lakukan dan kerjakan dengan izinMu,
berkatilah kami dalam segala apa yang kami impikan..
amin ya rabbal 'alamin..

bulan 7 sudah masuk..tunggu bulan 8, sambil2 puasa, jawab periksa,
jom tengok siapa yang berjaya!!

Ijyou, Dani deshita!!!

*[To Be Free] PV is so calming...*
*"Kawaita mama bokura wa, kakedashitanda.."*

Saturday, June 26, 2010

what up with last week??

doumo doumo!!
today, I just want to complain about only one thing !
what's up with last week??
nothing happen at all!
no exam, no 'kena suntik'...nande??
maybe next week...??

well, it can't be helped, ne~
shouganai na...

okay! that's all I want to say!
saja2 singgah sini..
disebabkan esok hari ahad, sekarang ni tengah bersenang lenang tengok ARASHI new year special drama...[Saigo no Yakusoku]
ureshii na~!

off to watch the drama!

*I really wanted to watch all [Arashi no Shukudai-kun] !!*
*natsukashii na~ natsukashii na~ natsukahii na~*

Sunday, June 20, 2010

esok sekolah...lusa periksa +kena suntik!!

doumo doumo!!
well, it's a good day today!
after all...., I have many fun things around me..
I have my books to be read, TV @ PC for 'edutainment', and family for me to smile !!
yeay for that !! banzai ! banzai ! banzai !
tak lupa jugak...alhamdulillah..

today is, Sunday - 20 June 2010 together to 8 Rajab 1431..
it's already Rajab, huh??
time sure come fast..but I wonder when DO I WILL become fast..??
just like the title...tomorrow, got back to school..,
and the day after yesterday..
periksa + kena suntik!! you know what I want to say right now ??
"hisashiburi, jarum suntikan!!"

okay okay!!
actually..I got nothing to do..
that why I'm here!!!
(this kind of laugh have become my favourite so far...)

until here...
just wait for the coming entry..(if you want to wait...)
ja ne! sayonara...bye2!!

*I found another interesting web for learning Japanese!!*
*mecha ureshii !! those who interest, *

Thursday, June 17, 2010

today is...Ninomiya Kazunari no BIRTHDAY !!

doumo doumo !!
well, for today, it 17th June right?
so it is the second-youngest member in the group's birthday !
yeah !!
Ninomiya-kun, otanjoubi omedetou!!!誕生日おめでと うございます !!
well, just because this is the first entry that I made for Nino,
going to put his 'mini-profile' here!!


Name: Ninomiya Kazunari (Kanji:二宮和也)
Nickname: Nino
Birthplace:Tokyo, Japan
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood type: A
Instrument: Guitar, piano, bass, drum, harmonica
- A boy who loves money
- Likes cheap foods
- Love playing games, also good in magic, and many kinds of instrument
- Has won many award in Best Actor Award


now, it's time for..PICTURES!

(who would ever thought this boy is the first Johny's who went to Hollywood and together with Clint Eastwood as the director)

(cute little Ninomiya Kazunari in his teens time)

(one of Matsumoto Jun's 'partner' in DoS)

(one of his speciality, Magic)

what else to say..

Ijyou, Dani deshita!!


*kind of annoying using this kind of PC*

*Matsujun is the next birthday boy on August!!*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

uweheheh!! esok birthday siapa..?

doumo doumo!!
here I am! once again!!
resting peacefully at my 'inaka'!!
hehehe..tanoshii desu ne..kore ne?

sekarang ni..
well, honestly speaking chotto tsumaranai desu kedo..
a bit happy because I can blogging here, right now!
after all, something that can be done here, but can not be done at my house PC !!
so it kind of relieved situation a bit..

now, watching back [Yamada Tarou Monogatari] plus [Bokura no Yuuki: Miman City]...
really a fresh stuffs, huh..

okay..what else?
I can watch Animax here!
one more happy things here!!
until here..mata ne..

*esok birthday siapa..??*
*二宮 さん バースデー です!!*

Friday, June 4, 2010

Arashi ni Shiyagare wa SAIKOU DESU !!

doumo doumo!!
baru saje habis tengok Arashi ni Shiyagare Ep. 1
and it was a lot of fun!!
dah lama tak melayan cerita2 ARASHI ni..
drama [Kaibutsu-kun] Ep. 4 pun memang menyayat hatilah!
hehe..sedih jugaklah episod yang keempat ini..

what's else..?
today I just finish my MID-YEAR exam..
don't know what to say..
esok dah mula cuti..
but the first three days, starting from next Monday will be extra classes!!

will write soon...,
ja ne..sayonara bye2!!

*dah lamanya tak menaip..*
*so many typing error..huhuhu*

Saturday, May 29, 2010


doumo doumo!
dah lama tak blogging dekat sini...

well, talking about dah lama..
memang dah lama tak dengar lagu ARASHI !!
sekarang baru dengar..
setelah dah lama tak dengar kan..?

anyway..sekarang ni memang musim MID-YEAR EXAM,
so... faham2 sajelah ye!

and..bila ingat bila..,[The story continues]...apa dah jadi ye?
even I don't know!!

sekarang ni..memang sikit je content dalam entriku ini..
bila habis 'kepala peperiksaan' buat standard ku ini...
panjang2 nanti semua entri ku!!
hahahaha!! (gelak dracula)

ijyou, Dani deshita (hisashiburi tsukatte desu ne..)
ja ne..sayonara..

*I know something good will happen..or not*
*let just work hard + pray, then to HIM we'll surrender..amin*

Friday, May 7, 2010

teacher, happy birthday !! and confession from me.....

doumo doumo!
uwaahhh..rekod baru!
6 hari tak mencoret di blog...
em.., not really that fun and excited..
wait..what am I talking about here?
anyway... I want to report something that just happened about..30-40 minutes ago..

today is 7th of may,
which is is our class teacher's birthday..,
so all of us (25 student including me) planned to make a suprise party for her..
everything is just perfect !!
eventhough yesterday's plan is a bit 'kucar-kacir', but today is the day!
and for the boys, we have to take a bit of their Solat Jumaat period..they have been together with the whole class for about 10 minutes, that is good enough!
thanks, boys!!

anyway...about my last entry before (30/03/2010, Friday)
I think I will say it now...
starting from today.., no no no! tomorrow!
starting from tomorrow, the entry will not be waffle everyday..
just maybe once in a week.., or once in two weeks..
something like that...
because I will face something 'a little big' this year..
and I will spend majority of my time doing it !
because internet is kind of slow right now..
saving money..

maybe after I finish with the 'a little big' thing..,
I will continue back my hobby !!

until here I stop ,
cause I have something to do..
ja ne..

*teacher, please pray the best for us! amin ya rabbal 'alamin..*
*ARASHI's new song for [Kaibutsu-kun] drama is so..mysterious!! but cool !! [Monster]*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Attack It!] by ARASHI *lyric + translation*

doumo doumo!!
hari ni malas nak komen apa2..
lagipun asyik tersalah taip je..!!
nak rest kejap..(hehehe) copy saje lyric ni...uwehehehe!!
here is the lyric for [Attack It] by...(ARASHI of course!)



We’re gonna jump, Towa ni sakuhazu
Kokoro namidatsu, Mazariau music
five! live! move! step Fumu shoes
Umidasu Rollin’ Rollin’ goin’ Rollin’
We make storm

one two san shi gonin de gacchiri kunde susunde ikunde
Kantsuu Anata no kokoro gattsuri itadaku you ni shikunderu
Shigamitsuite koi yo Kasabaru uwagi wa nuide koi yo
Shitataru ase nado fuite koi yo hitokawa futakawa muite ikouze

We’re running Tomenaide kannin
Kokoro nusunda orera wa hannin
Mawari ga kanshin “Anshin no danshi” Tsudotte joshi Jumping

A~ moumou gaman no genkai nenkai [enkai] okosu tensai
Joukuu kara gekai made no zentai Mina no shuu say loud!

Akuru ban mo mada mada Hold me tight
Kara matte kono mama sawagou de doushitachi? you see

Taiyou to tsuki datte ouu Kumo ga atsumaru kanaderu boufuu
Oto ni karada wo makaseru choushuu

We’re gonna goal! Tsukisusumu course
Kawaranai soul Tomaranai music
five! live! move! Step[up chuu]
[Tokedasu] Rollin’ Rollin’ goin’ Rollin’
We make storm

A to the R A Sora yo haresare
Ame Kaze Taenai car chase
Kono shizukesa no naka setting Minami kita kara sekkinchuu

Imada ni seiryoku mada kakudaichuu tomatte iru dake nado tada taikutsu
Zenshin aru nomi nani yori aisuru Egao ni magireta daikaijuu

Toida tsume kakushi kiba wo muku
Gaiya no kotoba wa shikato suru! haha

Mukau wa choujou sakebe yo go go
Agare yo go go Mina no shuu say loud!

Akuru ban mo mada mada mou iikai?
Tada matte kureru yakara nado sou inai you see
Kotae wa kantan Tada tada jump jump
Ude age jump jump jump jump

We’re gonna jump, Towa ni sakuhazu
Kokoro namidatsu, Mazariau music
I’m gonna goal Tsukisusumu course
Kawaranai soul Tomaranai music

We’re gonna jump, Towa ni sakuhazu
Kokoro namidatsu, Mazariau music
five! live! move! step Fumu shoes
Umidasu Rollin’ Rollin’ goin’ Rollin’
We make storm


We’re gonna jump, Surely going to blossom for eternity
The rippling waves of the heart blends together the music
five! live! move! step forward shoes
Creating Rollin’ Rollin’ goin’ Rollin’
We make storm

one two three four, the five of us progress, firmly holding hands
We’re planning on receiving your heart penetratingly
Come cling onto us. Go take off your bulky outer garment.
Wipe your dripping sweat. Peel off one layer, two layers.

We’re running Sorry but don’t stop us.
We are criminals for stealing your heart.
People around us show interest. “Relieved boys” and Girls gather Jumping

A~ we can’t wait anymore, it’s already the limit. A disaster arises at [a conference], a party
A full opening from the heavens to the world below. The mass amount of people say loud!

Tomorrow night isn’t coming yet, Hold me tight.
So let’s wait and make noise/party with you fellow comrades, you see

The sun and moon even covers clouds that gather and play to make a storm
We leave it for our bodies to play for the audience

We’re gonna goal! Pushing through the course
Unchanging soul Unstopping music
five! live! move! [In the midst of] Stepping up
[Melting] Rollin’ Rollin’ goin’ Rollin’
We make storm

A to the R A The sunny clear skies goes away
A car chase that can’t keep going because of the rain and wind
A setting inside this silence. Drawing closer from the south and north

Even now, the power is still growing bigger. It’s boring if we just stop here.
We only advance forward and really have love. A diverted big monster/dinosaur with a smile.

Hide the sharpened claws and show our fangs.
Ignore what other people say! haha

Go towards the top, Shout go go
Go up go go, The mass amount of people say loud!

Tomorrow night isn’t coming yet, isn’t it okay already?
It seems like there aren’t any comrades that’ll wait for us [like you], you see

The answer is easy. Just just jump jump
Raise your hands jump jump jump jump

We’re gonna jump, Surely going to blossom for eternity
The rippling waves of the heart blends together the music
I’m gonna goal! Pushing through the course
Unchanging soul Unstopping music

We’re gonna jump, Surely going to blossom for eternity
The rippling waves of the heart blends together the music
five! live! move! step forward shoes
Creating Rollin’ Rollin’ goin’ Rollin’
We make storm

haiiit! owari !
ijyou Dani deshita!

*I am so so so so lazy to type anything today..*
*but what am I doing right now?*

Monday, April 26, 2010

ashita ka...?

doumo doumo!
hari ini.., hari yang agak tidak membosankan sebab...
sebabnya satu hari asyik jawab soalan Mathematics !!!
memang langsung tak bosan tapi.., uwaaahh!!
my brain almost explodes!! (well, not really..)
but, I'll do my best!

hari ini juga..
ada Seminar Teknik Menjawab Pen. Islam,
from 2.30 - 4.00 PM
so that is the reason why I didn't manage to do the entry this evening..
but who cares that...
afterall...., I enjoyed the seminar!!

well, neither all the PMR candidates know what kind of question will be going out for this year.., right?
so let just study !! 勉強 (benkyou) !! belajar !! دراسة !!
uwehehehe...!! (this kind of laugh have come back...)

so,got to stop, cause it almost ten o'clock !
ja ne..

*why did I feel it has been a long time since the last post? It just one day..*
*what a weird thing....*

Monday, April 19, 2010

"shiawase wa kitto boku ne te no naka ni.."

doumo doumo!
today, I just want to say about something...


what is the first thing pop out from your mind about this special word?
does it really bring happy things? or is it the opposite way?
only you can decide..
the meaning for today's title is..
'Happiness is definitely in my hands' (幸せはきっと僕の手の中に)
I wonder if you have the confidence tho say about this..?
If it's me..., I can only sure about 50%..
poor me, huh?? hehehehe..
but after all, it's natural thing!
nobody can decide someone's happiness except for our self, right?
that is what I am looking for today !!
and I think, I just found 'a little bit' of my happiness today..
yappa..'shiawase wa kitto boku no te no naka ni'....

that's all for today..

*recently..internet is really..low?*
*whatever it is..I AM HAPPY!! (second version)*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 mitemashita !! ureshii !!

doumo doumo!
today.., finally I make it !!
I have watched Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 !! yatta zo !!
and that's why I am so so so happy!
(even though there is some period make me feel irritated a bit..why can't I watch it peacefully??)
whatever it is..., I AM SO HAPPY !!

for this concert..,
ada kelainan sikit...from the before concert, I mean..
for their solos, each of them sang not their own solos song, but they sang the group songs!!
(except for Ohno Satoshi)

Aiba Masaki - [PIKA*NCHI]
Ninomiya Kazunari - [Kotoba Yori Mo Taisetsuna Mono]
Sakurai Sho - [Tomodai Nagara]
Matsumoto Jun - [WISH]

and of course, for Ohno Satoshi..
his solos song..with it own album..
[Kumori Nochi, Kaisei] !!

uwaaahhh!! kakkoii !!

well, that is ARASHI !!
if ytou want to watch it..
just go to YouTube, search for 'Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10' from 'thaqifah22'
thank you very much for the upload !!

ijyou, Dani deshita !

*everyone is so awsome !! ARASHI saikou !!*
*why people have to complaint??*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pyssla beads !! pyssla beads !!

doumo doumo!
minna !
ima, chou ureshii desu..
after all, I think I've found what can I do (selain daripada buat **** ***** yang entah bila nak siap tu..),
and it called 'pyssla beads' !!
well, this is the first time I tried this thing, so kind of excited a little..

right now, I'm doing Maths homework..listening to ARASHI's songs.., doing blog (?!) ..
kind of fun..!

demo ne..,
I wonder if this kind of job I'm doing (pyssla beads) is really suit with me?
chotton..ima nayanda ne..
maa ii ka !

ijyou, Dani desu..

*PC dah berat sangat ke..??huhuh*
*ARASHI no kyoku, [WOW!] saikou desu...*

Saturday, April 10, 2010

gotong-royong...DAH BERAKHIR !

doumo doumo..
pada pukul 11:30 tadi, dengan rasminya aktiviti 'Gotong-Royong Perdana' sekolahku telah ditamatkan..
kami2 ahli PUTERI ditugaskan membersihkan kawasan belakang kabin (kelas sementara)..,
potong pokok2 di situ..dan yang sepatutnya..
memang 'agak' seronok..
firstly sebab dapat pegang tree cutter yang besar punya tu !
lepas tu, dengan selambanya potong pokok yang telah meninggi mencecah ke pagar luar..
dengan yakinnya potong pokok2 tu sebab tak akan ada orang yang nak begi penalti ke, bagi teguran ke..,nak marah@mengamuk ke..EVERYTHING IS FREEDOM !! HAHAHAHA...
punyalah excited sangat sampai tak sedar buat kerja2 tu sampai 2 jam, non-stop !
chou tanoshii wa..!

tapi yang kurang menarik + bestnya...,
bia ramai ahli PUTERI yang hadir, dan mereka (rasa) tak ada kerja untuk mereka buat,
semuanya berkumpul satu tempat (yang memang tak strategik langsung!), main handphone..,dengar lagu, bluetooth and apa2 lagilah! (yang berkaitan dengan perempuan suka buat)
agak terkilan sebab walaupun memang tak ada kerja, cubalah tolong jugak..
sapu daun2 yang dah dicabut ke..apa ke..,
tapi nak buat macam mana lagi, kan?
ustazah pun biarkan saja mereka2 ini..
sabar sajalah !!!

anyway, eventhough this incident does happen,
diriku langsung tak 'terputus' semangat nak teruskan acara potong pokok2 ini !!
honestly, it is a first time experience for me in this kind of stuff !
we just 'cut' here, 'cut' there..'cut' everywhere where the trees are..
(eventhough I feel a little sad for them)
I also keep saying "nanti tumbuh lagi, ye" to those trees...
bila kerja dah siap, memang nampak 'kekosongan' di tempat2 tertentu...
sebab ada pokok yang kami buang..,kami potong sampai pendek (tak ada daun), kami pindahkan ke tempat lain..and...more..?

tahun ni, I joined the PUTERI team because last year I already with the 'Librarian Team'..
I want to search for something different this year !
and I really hope something will be given to us...(e.g: sijil, hadiah penghargaan)
so that I can keep the memories forever...Insya-ALLAH !

and currently,
honestly I feel so sleepy !! mengantuk yang amat sangat sekarang ni..
tapi masih tak nak tidur sebab bila dah tidur penat2 ni, mesti entah pukul berapa bangun petang nanti..
Iya desu !!
I will wait until tonight and I will continue the sleep tomorrow too!!
so what will I do for this time being?
hmm...searching for ARASHI's stuff? in YouTube?
Ii zo !! Yatta ! I have found my next plan..

so, until the next coming entry..ja ne,

*kenapa selalu sangat taip 'uwehehe' ni?? musykil2..*
*dah lama tak dengar lagu [Love Situation]..*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

bumi yang semakin...tidak hijau?

doumo doumo!
hari ni, just nak cakap satu benda sahaja...
kenapa orang masih merokok?
sedangkan mereka2 yang merokok itu tahu bahawa kandungan rokok itu,
ada beribu-ribu juta kimia yang terlalu amat bahaya!!
tak ke pelik dengan perokok2 ni?

lepas tu..,
punyalah bergiat bersungguh-sungguh..."ozon nipislah, dah tak ada udaralah"...,
macam2 !
dia sendiri puncanya..,suruh orang..,
tak ke (sekali lagi) pelik dengan mereka2 ini?
especially, politicians...
yang ini lagi satu golongan yang memang suka mengarah rakyat buat itu ini..,
diri sendiri tak boleh pulak diarah!
rokok yang membuatkan udara semakin berkurangan..ozon nipis..

anyway..,(sebelum menutup forum kita hari ini)
kalau ada orang yang rajin dengar radio, baca papers, tengok berita..,
mungkin anda sudah pun tahu bahawa dalam filter rokok itu,
terkandung satu kuantiti of pig's blood, you know?
memang sudah terang lagi bersuluh kerana kajian telah dibuat dan pengetua syarikat itu pun dah mengaku..

kesimpulannya, jagalah diri anda sebelum anda tidak berupaya menjaganya lagi..
beringat-ingatlah.., nak buang tabiat merokok ada banyak caranya sekarang..

Ijyou, Dani deshita..ja ne,

*and again, my entri have become a forum..uwehehehe..*
*Gotong-royong sudah tiba!! jom memotong pokok..(and plant it back!)*