Friday, February 21, 2014

Sick, Blood, Injection, Being Late, and doooooomm~~~!

okay, hope all of you doing just well. *amin*

In this 2 weeks period, quite thing happened to me..
It's not like I want to brag or keep a secret about it..,
I just want the memory to stay...(or some I just want to bury it from my memory..?)

Firstly, yeah, when I reached my last teen age 2 weeks ago, I already started to cough.
a.k.a. sore throat.

....well, that is kind a normal thing actually whenever I catch cold.

However, the cough doesn't want to stop, and somehow it was 3 already 3 weeks,
and I was starting to get paranoid. Angsty. Negative.

I'm very sure whenever I coughed very hard when I was in the class, yes, it was DISTURBING.
It was NOISY, and it could get very ANNOYING.
So, I said to myself... "You're not going to continue going to class, unless you go and check yourself at the clinic", so I went to a clinic.

Correction, 2 clinics.

If you're wondering why, yeah!
I was suspected to have 'TIBI', or what they say as Tuberculosis disease.
- cough for more than 1 weeks -
this was only symptom that I have that time. (and until the end, no worry)
so, with all those appointments (I think I had about 3 times, I think..?),
the first one, my blood sample had to be taken,
the second one, I was inserted a 'whatever-they-call-to-check-whether-you-have-TIBI-or-not',
then the last one, "hmm.." - testing the blood vessel area where the doctor injected me - "okay, you're fine." reaction?
(¬▂¬)    .....   ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

And last incident (sorry, but I just want this one to be like an incident),
I was late today to class (which is at 8)...yeah, I know its' my fault..
I was the 3rd group (which became first group to present today coz the first 2 groups already finished theirs last week)
the lecture did say last Tuesday before, "we'll start at 8.30"...but then he arrived at the class at 8.15..

( ̄へ ̄)
(failure of instruction, I think?)

then, our group got replaced with the 4th group, and yeah..
WE're LATE...and the extension that I brought somehow couldn't functioned very well..
yeah, I'm not like those who got frustrated very bad..
be cool, be pro, and just go on with your life.

You've tried. You've done your best. You're very calm.

At least I wanted this kind of supporting sentence(even it could be 'a fake' one)

SO, here I am...right now..(as I said, I'm not that emotional type person)
I'm sleepy, but I want to do something. (well, I HAVE to do something, but, nah, I'll do it later..)
I'm trying to be cool, but the word still there in my head...

I'll try of something to rid it out of my head...

Sorry for those who accidentally read this crappy entry..
I have no intention to gain or ask for anything.

Just want to be happy~

So, until then...

Dani deshita. m(_ _)m

*almost addicted to a song + traditional dance I just heard +watch last week from Tsuritama*
*Love it, though! ^_^ *

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It have been a month~, so...

ok, I neglected my blog again.
huhuhu... T-T

don't mind that..
just want to say... sound awkward to say it myself...

ok, fine.
dear AGE, it's the last time and ever you'll be the '1' in front.
still, I'm not hating you, and I'll never be.
it's not like I 'LOVE' it too, it just that it's the way it suppose to be.
so, be happy, be proud, be healthy, be confident, be elegant, be a more patient person.
insya Allah.
I only hope you'll develop + be a much more great person.


Alhamdulillah, and Alhamdulillah..

until then,
Dani deshita~ ^_^

*found more interesting anime to watch~ ahaha :P *
*I really thanks you guys, Setians!! ^_^ *