Sunday, February 27, 2011

suitable title for this, please~

ee..currently, I have been lolling (?) around..
got nothing to do..(except for my homework)

now, I am so...EMPTY !!
I has become empty set , just like the one I learned for Modern Math..

well, probably, for this 1 or 2 weeks..,
the blog maybe will have no new entry..
the reason, you ask?
emm...seomthing come up and I have to bear with it..
and the monthly exam also near the corner...
so, have to 'leave' this thing for a while...
before I stop, this is the 200th entry !! Yatta!!

let's see what kind of fate waiting for us in the future...

Ijyou, Dani deshita..

*If you wondering why I do not post anything based on 'caps', sorry, nothing interesting lately..*
*Friday night's drama, [Bartender]... I can watch the 'cool' Aiba Masaki in other program!*

Monday, February 21, 2011

VS Arashi last Thursday [17 February 2011] !

today's second entry...
VS Arashi desu~~
without wasting time..LET'S GO !!

Last week, their guest was 'Papa Mama' team, which there were artists is 'Papa and Mama'...
and guess what?
Their 'plus one' was.....

- Hamada Tatsuomi , a.k.a Hiroshi in [Kaibutsu-kun] !! He is 10 years old -

- Because Arashi don't have any idea who is the 'plus one', they are so surprised and same goes to Ohno.. -

First game ; Cliff Climb

- From Arashi team, this two person were sent! Jun-kun and Kazu-kun desu~ -

-And these two were the supporters...
'Kaibutsu-kun no combination desu! -

Before they started, Jun asked Ohno that "Can your hand stretch?"
(because that what Kaibutsu-kun's specialty).

- Plus, Jun also said that "Hiroshi is here, so your hand can be stretch, right?" -

Ohno, who was stunned with the question...,

- "You! Go home!" He said to Tatsuomi-kun -

- But, Tatsuomi-kun helped Ohno as he said
"The maou stone is not with me so he can't stretch"... A good kid,huh? -

- I just randomly put this 2 shot... Sakuraiba desu~ -

Second game ; Dual Curling

In this game, there was something happened. Sho-kun had said something that seemed something embarrassing for Tatsuomi-kun. Tatsuomi did not want to say it, but the guest team told him to say it if they win the first game (3:3) and of course, the guest team won !

Tatsuomi told about the nickname that people called him. His name is Hamada Tatsuomi, so his senior in Year 6 shortened it as 'HamaTatsu'. And somehow, the nickname kept changing and finally, it became ' Hamukatsu Sando' (which mean ham sandwich).

And, there was one more request from the guest team, which was, a woman wanted Jun-kun to call her daughter's name and said some message to her. At the end of her message, she said (as for Jun-kun to say later) "Hamukatsu Sando suki?"

And because of that...this kind of thing happened..

- I don't know whether Tatsuomi-kun just acted this or not, but his tears (as you can see) are
coming out!! -

And because of that...
- Our Masaki came to the rescue!! He cupped the boy and *kind* of make faces for the little boy to laugh -

- The result, thanks to Masaki Aiba !!

Third game ; Jumping Shooter

From Arashi team, this two 'leftover' at Cliff Climb had been sent !!
- Sakuraiba *again* !! -

- When both of them were jumping, I realized that Masaki did not took off his cardigan(?) ! -

- The balls that they managed to goal, 160 points which was, 8!! ... -

- The exhausted, both of Masaki and Sho -

- Because Masaki did not took off his cardigan, Sho called him 'Darth Vader' !! LOL !! Sho also said that Masaki's breath was 'shuu shiuu shiuu'..(after the game over) -

When the time for Arashi's team to became the keeper, look this!

- This person came back!! -

- He took care of the down goal. He said that he wanted to revenge back? Not really sure about that.. -

- The result from Sho's keeper, the guest team got the same points as them!
And Jun did not do much because no ball were threw to him! He just instruct, "2 and 3! 1 and 3"!

Next game ; Bound Hockey

The composition for Arashi team in this game,

-Konna kanji des~u ! Tatsuomi > Satoshi > Jun > Sho > Kazunari > Masaki -

- First puck, Masaki GOAL !! -

- He seemed happy because he did not disappointed his team! -

- The next GOAL...(not continuous) -

- The blue puck means '2x' which they got 100 points for this! -

- Someone is happy~ -

- The last puck, the blue puck, and he got it GOAL !! -

- They got 340 points! Wow! Quiet good!! -

- Jun clapped for Masaki who was good at goaling the puck.. -

- The four of them were "Yo yo! Yo yo yo!" -

- Tatsuomi said, "It was so fun!". After all, he do it with Arashi.. -

Last game; Rolling Coin Tower

For this game, Arashi team sent Matsumoto Jun and both [Kaibutsu-kun] combi. And the one who toppled it was Satoshi. Hahaha!!

When Jun asked angrily, "Why did you put the 10 points coin in the end?"
Satoshi answered, "Tatsuomi give it to me..." with a 'I'm-not-wrong' face !
The other members in Arashi blamed Satoshi for not being considerate, and even asked Satoshi to apologize to Tatsuomi.

Before he apologized, their position was like this :

- Satoshi got down and suddenly! -

- He apologized to Tatsuomi!! LOL ;p !! -

- Tatsuomi-kun kept doing 'Don't do this! It's okay!' -

- And finally, they hugged!! Auwww~~~ !! -

- So cute!!! -

And because Arashi team lost the game, they had no choice but to do this..;
- Most Dame Arashi (imitate the voice) -

- This man knew he will go down~~ -

- Before they point their finger, Jun said "when you get down, meet our eyes!" -

- "Kowai desu!" -

- Just as predicted... -

- And there he goes! *kind of scary watching this!* -

- somehow, the camera managed to shoot this! hahaha!!! -

That's all for today!!
Finally, I manage to do two entries today!!

Ijyou, Dani deshita!!

*kind of a good thing I can caps things!!*
*gonna do more in the future~!*