Monday, December 15, 2014

It was 'a good' experience...harharhar -_-

OK, last time was long time ago, I know.
Just got no mood to update like everything happened in between all those days...
Sumimasen deshita...brown teddy bear emoticons 8 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

Actually, I sent an 'online translator job' as they were offering for anyone who can translate to English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and etc. It's up to you actually how many you can translate(with the correct translation, of cos!)

Someone told me about that online job, and I don't see any harm in trying to try the job, so...
'why not, right?'

But, I'm very sorry that I just had to personally rejected the accepted application. ( I wonder if they can read this post of mine here..hmm..)

The only reason...,
well, first to say I still haven't finish my study yet. (I think that is still acceptable)
secondly, or should I say the main reason of my rejection...
I have to pay for that application.brown teddy bear emoticons 16 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

- not that much I guess... $19 = RM66
- through PayPal or VISA
(duhh... bye2 then, my 'little' experience)brown teddy bear emoticons 9 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

yeah, well...
I think it's not a weird thing that you have to pay or whatsoever..
just wondering why they didn't put that 'need to pay for the application' AT THE BEGINNING?
I mean like, where you can read the advertisement and stuff?
I guess, that's what they call strategy in business maybe...?
Hmm...well, I guess my name is TOTALLY out from their system after this if I wanted to apply again...sure, whatever..

so..that was the story of my 'almost-good-translating-experience', only if I really accepted that job.

But, it really seems like a fun one. brown teddy bear emoticons 12 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons
Maybe I'll try to find one again after this..(when I'm confident with 'everything', that is)

Until then,
It was me Dani~

*it's holiday, and yea did I mention about my new list for 'awaiting-to-be-watched anime?*
*can't wait till I got a great hold of arranging my time, even for the holiday...*

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NARUTO [THE LAST] - "空白の時", ついに, Naruto の最後の物語....


ok, I know it has been a long time..
when was the last post, again?

6 months ago?!

oh my....that's..
brown teddy bear emoticons 17 brown teddy bear emoticons 17

ok, sure!
whatever...I don't really know what should I say bout that, so..
just spare me..
brown teddy bear emoticons 10 brown teddy bear emoticons 10

OK! Now to the main topic for today...,
it's about NARUTO!
I mean, NARUTO, you guys!!

I've been a fan of it since I was 10 years old, and since then, I always read the manga, watch the anime...
from Naruto to Naruto Shippuuden, from Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow to Road to Ninja: Naruto The Movie, from the OVA's Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover! to Naruto Shippūden: Sunny Side Battle!!! ,
all of them are a good production; each of it.

and now,
for the 15th years, it is going to end this 10th November. (8th December for the last movie)

of course, I'm not going to do some letters to Kishimoto Masashi, telling my objection or whatsoever...I'm still a normal fan, you know..
I'm glad, and in the same time I feel quite sad about the news that the whole Naruto production is coming to an end.

When something is coming to an end, it means they struggle a lot, they grow to be much mature person, they meet with many new friends, they smile and cry in their adventures- because they do have the start of it. That is the reason why I'm quite glad when it was announced "Naruto going to end soon".

However, it is very sad to leave or to let go of something that you experienced, that you treasured, that you learned from it because you enjoyed or (at least) you remember the pain, the smile, the laugh and everything.
and that is what I'm feeling right now.
brown teddy bear emoticons 6 brown teddy bear emoticons 6

I'll still let it go...
And of course I can't wait for the ending and the last movie!
That is the only thing that I can do.

I 'bumped' with the site for the last movie, and I (managed) to read the comments that other fans left of their thoughts about Naruto. It felt so good to read them, and yea, some comments really expresses my own thoughts about Uzumaki Naruto too. I'll write some in this post later.
(all in Japanese XD)

Anyway, here some brief translation from the site :

["かつて落ちこぼれと呼ばれた英雄" うずまきナルトの最後の物語は、]

The last story of once being called as 'falling behind' hero ; Uzumaki Naruto is, LOVE.

For more information about the movie, just go here.
Yes, there is *mightbe* love, love and love between Naruto and Hinata, but I just rather prefer the 'LOVE' actually refers to his love towards his parents or friends. In general way...
(I know, I'm laaameee~!)
The characters; especially Naruto, oh superb! , Sasuke; oh superb! , Sai; oh superb!
It said that the movie is 2 years after the war ends, which was precisely at this time (the latest chapter), and both of the heroes were fighting with each other after the war ended.

Want to know who wins it?
Just go here. It the last page of the chapter, and you can know the winner.

Somehow, it is quite funny thing I did just know.
I'm telling you, but I'm not 'actually' telling you. Hahaha, sorry there, mate!

So, this is going to be the ending of this entry.
Until later, I'll (do my best to) update about my 3rd semester which is going to end next week.
Talk about that, hey! I did not do the report for the 2nd semester?!
What a joke...

So, here it goes.
[ナルトする思い ] - The thoughts of loving Naruto


brown teddy bear emoticons 1 brown teddy bear emoticons 1

*that was quite long entry, but I love doing this! Credit to creators of the cute teddy bears! Love them! *
*I really, really love the anime, the OST, the songs, the manga, the goods...haaa..*

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Long-complicated-journey just to get back to hometown!

and, Hey....people? Anyone..?
fine, whatever..  -_-
(I think this is what people call self-comforting?)

First of all (I know it's kind a late, but still...),
It's the 6th day of Raya, though...huhuhu...

I actually wanted to share the journey that I had to go through before the Hari Raya...
It always a tradition for me, and my whole family to celebrate the happy day at Kelantan; which is my hometown. I was not born there, but I was made by two-pure-Kelantanese, so, that's it! XD

And, before celebrating the raya...,
it was a first time for me to not sahur + break fast with my parents, coz of some reasons.
very sad, though...
Alhamdulillah, luckily for the last day...I got to do that two events with them... :)

I went to buy the ticket for me and my lil' bro so that both of us could be sent first.
Reason : lack of space + driver

So, we were sent (ok, with the bus) to Perak first though, and after couple of days,
Got to see my parents!!

It was kind a in an overwhelmed state for me..hahaha!
sound very weird that word to be matched with me...kahkahkah!

Whatever it was, we arrived safely; no accidents and stuffs.
If possible, I don't want to experience the same thing ever again...
I was like being dug out(?) from my body and soul whenever thinking about it...

I think, that's it.
The idea for this entry also ver, very random that I don't really need longer time for typing this...
(yeah, I 'loveeeeeee' to procrastinate....I know that..)

So, until then folks!!

Dani でした.

*My friend seemed to start to blog~ keh3....*
*Once again, welcome dik! Do your best for the next entriess!!*

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

okay, I do have time actually for A LONG NEW ENTRY!


First of all, I just want to say I'm back!
From where, I don't care!
From the hometown, from my last semester (already starting the 3rd sem. though),
from my last entry, from my long journey back to my home, I DON'T CARE!

Just want to say,

And, I just got the time now..

The new semester is here...
And, Alhamdulillah, I got no problem occurred on the registry day.

Ramadhan is also here...Alhamdulillah..
And, I am trying hard handling my younger siblings with my sis.
Ok, it just 3rd Ramadhan, not fretting that much.

what am I doing these days?
- I started my class for this semester last Monday(30/6),
- somehow got to be the class representative,
- got a feeling that it might take some time for the whole classmates to be friendly with each others,
- searching and watching(not all time) for interesting family-based-vloggers like:

of course, I haven't finish watching all the vids yet.
Will try for it.
They are very interesting couples! Can't help to watch them..hehe..
Recommended, guys!

What else I want to say...?
Oh yeah!
I met a naruto fangirl at my college!
And, we've known each other for the whole 2 semester, but never got the chance to talk about that kind of stuffs!
What a fate! Again!

She is a nice girl, and her style does not have any kind of 'otaku' or 'anime' and 'manga'.., so, I WAS SHOCKED!!
but, I'M EXCITED for that fate actually..
it is very a good start for this new semester...I hope so. a story to share about the last holiday, but...
I guess just let me keep it by myself and my family.
Not everything is share-able, right? 
If time allows, I'll share about it..InsyaAllah..

So, that's all.
Don't believe that title, it's not like I am going to type a looooooonggg entry.
Just a fact; it just... I don't want to trouble myself doing that now.
That's all..

So, until I have time for a new entry..
....I'll write one.

Until then...

Dani でした!

*I'll try my best for this semester too~! Pray for me! Thanks! Muah2*
*Happy Fasting, and do your best for your life! (^_^)*
*creedits for the's all them! Salute! *
*And, I'm happy to see my TESL interview report is being used well, I hope so. Just do your best, guys!*

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear time...You are very fast~!

Doumo, minna~!
It's been a long time, I know..
(and, yeah like anyone is reading this.. -_-)

Okay, just let that be..
Just want to share that, in about a month, my 2nd semester will end,
and ya!
It was like a blink of time!!
Mr/Mrs. Time, you are very fast..!
(and I do know that we're the one who have to chase them. ;P )

For this week, it's full with quiz..quizzes...QUIZ!!
nah, I'm not really sighing.. haha!

My latest news?
-Just finished the group work (except for the last one; Literature Drama!)
-still watching (just not that everyday) that Eyeshield 21 anime; it's cool, YA-HA!
-found a new anime (and I already knew about it at the start of this year), [Haikyuu!]
-feeling of excited on continuing my...workout,I guess?
-bought another 3 new books/novel, and as usual it takes time for me to finish everything! wah!!

I believe, I still have more to report.., but let just put it until here.

Until I really have time to do a really LONG LONG entry..
let wait together until that time, okay?

So, that's it!

Dani deshita!

*starting to love the 'planking' workout...hmm....*

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thanks, dear KPTM + Golden Scroll Society staff !! ^_^

okay, this entry might be a late one for this kind of 'story-telling', but I don't care about that!

Okay, last Thursday, there was an event for those selected students, and Alhamdulillah, I was one of...almost-thousands-involved-in-it.
It was nothing to be bragged of, so let just put the event's name aside.

And, I am gladly to say, it was COOL, guys!
Thanks for all of your handwork!
You guys did best, and I can give 90/100 for it.

Hmm...I have nothing else, because I don't know what to say..
so, let just put some pics here..

Okay, that's all folks!
Until next time, InsyaAllah...

Dani deshita.

*okay, I'm still on anime~ ahahah!*
*what, they're fun~! keh3   :P *

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sick, Blood, Injection, Being Late, and doooooomm~~~!

okay, hope all of you doing just well. *amin*

In this 2 weeks period, quite thing happened to me..
It's not like I want to brag or keep a secret about it..,
I just want the memory to stay...(or some I just want to bury it from my memory..?)

Firstly, yeah, when I reached my last teen age 2 weeks ago, I already started to cough.
a.k.a. sore throat.

....well, that is kind a normal thing actually whenever I catch cold.

However, the cough doesn't want to stop, and somehow it was 3 already 3 weeks,
and I was starting to get paranoid. Angsty. Negative.

I'm very sure whenever I coughed very hard when I was in the class, yes, it was DISTURBING.
It was NOISY, and it could get very ANNOYING.
So, I said to myself... "You're not going to continue going to class, unless you go and check yourself at the clinic", so I went to a clinic.

Correction, 2 clinics.

If you're wondering why, yeah!
I was suspected to have 'TIBI', or what they say as Tuberculosis disease.
- cough for more than 1 weeks -
this was only symptom that I have that time. (and until the end, no worry)
so, with all those appointments (I think I had about 3 times, I think..?),
the first one, my blood sample had to be taken,
the second one, I was inserted a 'whatever-they-call-to-check-whether-you-have-TIBI-or-not',
then the last one, "hmm.." - testing the blood vessel area where the doctor injected me - "okay, you're fine." reaction?
(¬▂¬)    .....   ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

And last incident (sorry, but I just want this one to be like an incident),
I was late today to class (which is at 8)...yeah, I know its' my fault..
I was the 3rd group (which became first group to present today coz the first 2 groups already finished theirs last week)
the lecture did say last Tuesday before, "we'll start at 8.30"...but then he arrived at the class at 8.15..

( ̄へ ̄)
(failure of instruction, I think?)

then, our group got replaced with the 4th group, and yeah..
WE're LATE...and the extension that I brought somehow couldn't functioned very well..
yeah, I'm not like those who got frustrated very bad..
be cool, be pro, and just go on with your life.

You've tried. You've done your best. You're very calm.

At least I wanted this kind of supporting sentence(even it could be 'a fake' one)

SO, here I am...right now..(as I said, I'm not that emotional type person)
I'm sleepy, but I want to do something. (well, I HAVE to do something, but, nah, I'll do it later..)
I'm trying to be cool, but the word still there in my head...

I'll try of something to rid it out of my head...

Sorry for those who accidentally read this crappy entry..
I have no intention to gain or ask for anything.

Just want to be happy~

So, until then...

Dani deshita. m(_ _)m

*almost addicted to a song + traditional dance I just heard +watch last week from Tsuritama*
*Love it, though! ^_^ *

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It have been a month~, so...

ok, I neglected my blog again.
huhuhu... T-T

don't mind that..
just want to say... sound awkward to say it myself...

ok, fine.
dear AGE, it's the last time and ever you'll be the '1' in front.
still, I'm not hating you, and I'll never be.
it's not like I 'LOVE' it too, it just that it's the way it suppose to be.
so, be happy, be proud, be healthy, be confident, be elegant, be a more patient person.
insya Allah.
I only hope you'll develop + be a much more great person.


Alhamdulillah, and Alhamdulillah..

until then,
Dani deshita~ ^_^

*found more interesting anime to watch~ ahaha :P *
*I really thanks you guys, Setians!! ^_^ *

Monday, January 6, 2014

In 2014....


Okay, it's already 2014.
The number has changed, and I believed.., my life will be changing to something..,
like just a little bit new changes.

Still, I don't really do the 'azam' every time a new year come.
It just get too troublesome after some time..

OKAY, here it is :
I'll do my best to keep the GOOD result.
I'll do my best so that I'll not WASTE my money on useless things.
I'll do my best to be patient ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, Insya-Allah.
Lastly, I'll do my best to be a good person in any points, Insya-Allah.

Somehow, the 3rd and the last kind have the same meaning..?

I cannot say 100% I will succeed on accomplishing all those four coz I'm not the one who can decide what going to happen.
Of course, I want to keep it as a Principe of my life, not just for this year.

I'll do my best~!

Until the new entry..
Dani deshita~

*I want to start back my 'diary life' it appears to be a good thing to do actually ! *
*Mission accomplished for today~! Alhamdulillah...*