Wednesday, July 20, 2016

[Cont. 1] Journey to Diploma; First Year in KPMT KL

Yo! It has been a long time~

The last entry was about my hippy-happy myself with the "I am done with my diploma" bla bla..
Yeah...just 'done' with it, not truly over with it.

Here, I will share just a little bit of here and there that happened all along my first year in KPTM KL; for my Diploma in TESL.


First semester,
as I recalled it back in my mind,
it was tough.
Very tough. And a bit mind-consuming, I think.

After all, the first semester there, I have to stay in dorms provided by the college.
First time ever I slept outside of my place in my room at home for a long time.
*whisper * Yes, FIRST TIME!

And, not because of homesick or such thing like that,
but because of lack of fridge, oven and Wi-Fi,
I rather go back home EVERY weekend for the whole first semester rather than staying back at dorm.
*flips shawl* Yas, I am proud to say my house is near the college, satisfied enough?

Being in other 'environment' that I never been before; you know like staying in dorm- that has more than 10 rooms, each room with more than 10 new people- I met a lot of different people.
Initially, yeah I know people are all different. Each of us are.
But staying in very foreign place- and yeah I'm a freak that never leaves her place before- it proves more than enough about each people are all different.

"You're lucky that you can go back home all the time"
"Why you like to go back home all the time?"
"When are you going to take me to visit your house?"
and etc.

I admit.
I am a more positive than I am being negative.

Why the hate with me going back home every weekend?
Does it offence you that much?
Why you think that I like to go back home every weekend?
Do you think it is fun enough to stay back at the dorm with NOTHING to do?

I always keep this thought to myself, every single moment.

"If you are the receiver of all lucks you can have, embrace them gratefully.Some other time, you might not have the luck even a bit" 

Dah memang rumah dekat kan..? Kenapa tak nak balik?
Bosan sangat ke dekat rumah?

Who knows,
one day I might be so far away that I could not even go home even once a week or a month.
so why should I waste it now?
No one will ever know the future, except for HIM.
so never bet your life on it.

Friendly reminder ( I hope it does stay friendly) to those who face the same problem with me:
Just go with your heart, not others' voices.

Basically for my first semester,
that was the main thing that I faced a lot.
The subjects were all fun and informative, so no worry,
Other that having to find time and space for you to know your new classmates, your new housemates/dormmates, your new amazing lecturers, your new place,
do not worry that much about whether you can go on with the semester or not.
As long as you have the will to stay on alive, you'll be just fine.
Believe me dears.

Move on to second semester,
you will realize one thing.
This is the start of your diploma life.
(Does not mean that your first one is a playtime period, OK!)

The subjects were mostly related to the first semester,
so if you fail certain subjects, you have to repeat it in your second semester and it keep on going like that, so study smart, stay alive.
You want to take note on this. You'll regret once you start repeating things.

In second semester, I realized another thing.
(because starting from second semester, I ran away from the dorm and going back-forth from my house to the college),
my classmates wanted to practice like everything that involves group work.
Yes, I like the idea of trying to be the best and all. I really like it!
But, because I was the only one that does not belong to the dorm community anymore, I should come early to the college. Hm? For what?
Practising by myself, you mean?

It started to get real.

I am being ostracized by my 'own' group.

Well, thinking that it might be my fault on the first place for 'running' away from dorm,
I accept the term of 'you have to come early' so that I can practise by my own.
They can come later because they already practised at the dorm within themselves.
Great. Excellent. Amazing.

Yeah, righhht. Like they think I can accept that very unfair condition.

So, I did something.
Something I never think I would do,
but I did.

And I never regret it.

I 'ditched' them for one day.
Being a pity 'actress', saying that I woke up late that day.
Lying is a sin, I know.
But having to stabilized myself for one day,
Just one day out of 2 months. I think that is far better, right?

As you can guess it,
I was treated like a ghost whenever I was with them after that.
I am not judging them- I admit that to you!
But to be answered with silence a few times whenever I asked something,
I tell you that my eyes still can properly see everything happening.
They laughed, and got silence when I was there.

If this was their game, then I knew who was the winner.

I was the winner! Peace yo~  

So from second semester, I already know who is friend, and who is not friend.
Classmate, yes.
But not friend for sure.

I just save myself from a big, big, big TROUBLE.
Muah! *kiss myself in the cheek*

After that I still meet them of course.
But a human needs to know a quality of something, right? *raises eyebrows*
Be cool, be peaceful, and be a good performer.
Not to be a gossiper though. Mind you!

By June 2014, I finished my first year. Not with that flying colors, but I got to say I enjoyed it.
I learned a lot from the first year.
I experienced a lot of 'first time' from the first year.
I reflected a lot from the first year.

and I am grateful for my first year.

So, got to put the pen down. *not real pen though huhu*
I'll continue later for another two years' stories.

Wait for the next story-morry ya~

So, that was Dani,

All of the cute emoticons are not mine. I do not own any of it.
Thanks for the cute and amazing emoticons!

*"You like to do philosophic, right Dani?" said my English teacher once.*
*Now I know what does she meant by that. Hehe..*