Sunday, December 30, 2012

I almost forgot about it... heheh :P

well, I have to say good morning here, maybe?

As I have nothing else to say other than the main purpose for this entry, so~
let's get on the track!

Day 3 :
- As usual, we assembled at Block A/Store room, not really sharp at 8 morning.
- Got the block PA the 7-12 part.
- Really, I was so tired becoz I just kept going out the venue, accompanying the student who wanted to go to the restroom/toilet. It was 3 HOUR PAPER!! Just imagine the counts going to the toilet in 3 hours time!
- I also met the same face everytime I arrived in front of the toilet.
- Whenever we met up again, we just laughed at each other. "It was you, again!"
- Got back from the venue and we signed out for the morning session and quickly searched for lunch. Yeah, I just had a glass of ice tea as I felt like I would not manage to finish it in time becoz the time was kind of late that time.
- Whatever it is, then I got to the venue for the evening session, block Q.
- well, nothing really unusual happen. Even the count for going to the toilet just..2 times! Other colleagues that have worked there said, it was real tired stuff accompanying student to the toilet that was situated at the next block, which is R.
- It was 2 hour paper so nothing awkward there, and time ticked until the time was up.
- Got back to the storeroom and the 'paper tearing' session started. I chatted/gossiping some stuff, WHILE our hands moved doing work, okay! Don't accused we're wasting time just on talking.
-Arrived at home (for the first time, it was my father who came and pick me up. Got into the dream land from 6 pm until 11 pm. Wahaha~

That's all!

Tomorrow, (or should I say today),
is Sunday so got no wok today~
On Monday (31/12/12, the last day of 2012), I have to go to my lil brother's school for school stuff, so I would be absent from work that day~
On the first day for 2012, it is a public holiday, so no work again that day~
Yahoo, finally I can rest for a long time...before I have to go back and start 'hurting' my feet again.

Later than~

*My recent job, finishing watching Korean dramas that was being on list. Haha~*
*As it is nearing New Year, Arashi's show are kind of lack right now. Got to wait for next week for MANY of Arashi's show~*

Friday, December 28, 2012

I never thought It would happen, though...

Yes, I'm SERIOUSLY tired right now,
but still, here's the second day diary~

so here we go!

Day 2 :
- On the morning, I was (somehow) became a 'gedik' girl for a while. Just smiling + laughing with my colleagues.
- Met with another three great + friendly invigilators for my the morning exam session.
- I caught a girl with my eyes that seemed suspicious, and I've decided to give 3 times chances (becoz I scared that I might just imagining thing)
- She did brought a small note(s), written on a yellow paper that got the exact colour tone with the answer booklet provided!
- I told the invigilator by using body gestures (so that the girl did not see me) and after some times, the girl was caught (of course, in a soft way) and I have no idea what will happen to her.
-Felt a little bit guilty actually, but it is my job...
- Went to the surau to pray, and chatted a bit with my other colleagues, and got a terrifying information. She was told by the invigilator on duty with her, "You EA are not allowed to sit"
-....What are we, robot?
- The evening exam session, had to work with 2 male invigilators (plus, I didn't managed to introduce myself becoz I was kinda late), and it was kind of boring actually.
- Nevermind about that...there was a small number of student who went to toilet, which affected me in a different way (I don't know if you understand this feeling)
- In the end, I just got home early. nothing interesting  for the evening session, huh?
I'll try my best for tomorrow, of course~

just wait for tomorrow.

*Were we lacking, or the exam division officer got a bit too strict?*
*...My feet really hurt, ma~~*

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It should not be ending like that, honestly....T^T


sorry for the two entries for today...,
it just that I can't hold in anymore in my own way...,
so here I am, writing my 'sadness' caused by Merlin.
(beware for those who still haven't watch the last episode of Merlin, this entry does contain spoiler)

Still remember this picture that I once posted in one of my entry?

Yes, today's second entry is about Merlin...,
one of my favourite TV shows...
yeah, I never did emphasized Merlin as my favourite TV shows,
but, this is the reality.
I REALLY LOVE MERLIN !! (Take note..Merlin!)
I never realized since when Merlin had became my 'passion' .
..well, one of passion, maybe (other than Arashi! hekhek!)

The 13th episode of Merlin Season 5,
it was the last episode, apparently....(although I don't really want to believe it! Huhu...)
Yes, I've been keeping track, watching Merlin every episode starting from Season 1 (although I had to search for it..),
And now....the last episode appeared.

I'm not really 'that kind' of fanatic fan of Merlin,
but I just love the lessons,morals that I got from each episode (well, most of them just showed how fool Arthur was, trusting every people, and how Merlin came and rescued the day...),
and of course, the feeling of friendship that was born between Arthur and Merlin without both of them realized...,
I was very touched with that.

In the last episode..., 'The Diamond of The Day;Part Two',
I cried by the scene where Merlin finally confessed to Arthur about his true identity;a sorcerer, a man who have magic.
I cried when Arthur said to Merlin, "Leave me," after he heard about it.
I do understand about the hatred for magic that Arthur planted in his mind, but....*sigh*

I laughed of happiness when Arthur asked Merlin, "why don't you use the magic" when Merlin tried to light up a fire using the matchstick. 
Because it clearly showed, Arthur starting to accept Merlin's magic.
I grinned foolishly when Arthur watched Merlin doing magic to distract the Morgana's knight, and Merlin made a cool comment when Arthur said, "You've done this before"

I was shocked and tears were brimming when Gwaine died because of Morgana, and Percival had to witness his death.
I was touched when Arthur said to Merlin, "I don't want you to change. I just want be you. I'm sorry about how I treated you,"

I was really scared when Morgana suddenly appeared from nowhere to kill Arthur, but of course, Merlin was Morgana's doom, so she died in the hand of Merlin.
I cried again when the scene showed Merlin carrying Arthur, they fell down, Merlin trying his best to bring Arthur to the lake of Avalon but Arthur told Merlin to just hold him, and I just kept crying when Arthur said "I want to say, something that I never say to you before", and it was "Thank you" to Merlin...
and in the end....Arthur died.
When Merlin put their foreheads together, it was too sad !!

The tears falling on my cheek non-stop even after that miserable scene.
Merlin still tried his best to bring Arthur to the lake, and when he said "I can't lose him! He's my friend" to Killgharrah (the dragon that helped Merlin brought Arthur to the lake) when the dragon said, "there's nothing you can do(to help Arthur come back to life)"

Merlin took Kilgharrah's words and accepted the death of Arthur.
He threw the Excalibur(sword) into the lake and an arm went out from the lake and caught that sword. 
Well, from my opinion, the arm could be Arthur's soul or something..., I'm not sure.
Finally, Arthur was put in a wood boat and Merlin moved it using magic to the lake...while crying.
And, it was 'Long live the Queen' for Guinevere.
P/S : The End.

Okay, overall, Merlin has put the hat down.
It's over...
and it means, no more Merlin episodes for me...

That's sad.
Really sad.

I think, there will be no more TV shows (English) that I will watch.
It will be hard.

Thank you, Merlin for making my days full with emotions!

last pics of merlin :
(credits are NOT MINE)

Time's up!
I'm just getting, more and more sentimental here, so I'll stop now!
Thanks for those who read this..'long' entry.

Until then,
see you!

*I'm being serious about those tears, honestly...*
*and it is good as I missed my tears~ :p*

Okay, I'm dead tired !

Dani desu....^_^

First day working, today.
Yep, I'm almost died but don't worry, I'm not that weak.

I think I will do some 'diary' about my 'working days'...
Reason? I don't know, just for fun maybe. Wahaha! I'm really  a weirdo!

Day 1 :
- 'Finally' understand the purpose of EA (examination attendant)
- Met some new friends (which were also EA's)
- Met really cool and sporting invigilators (that look after me in the room I was told to hold)
- First class ever, I got to be on duty in a class, (yes, not the hall, yet!)
- ...well, they were really trying their hard! << I'm talking the serious thing here, I'm not teasing or anything!
- And, somehow that class kind << I just couldn't find the perfect word for it...
- The second class, luckily, it was really...'cool', cold and..breezy! (Sorry for my poor vocabulary..hehe...)
- At the exam division (where we sign in and out), we had fun 'tearing up' the unused answer booklets. "Let just broke up" , then, 'zrap, zrap' ! << btw, it an onomatopoeia for tearing papers..
- lastly, I got a little annoyed (well, it could just be because I was tired that time) with the person that held the division for the salary (yatta! I got salary~).
-....then I got home about an hour ago...

The End.

Okay folks, just wait for tomorrow for the '2nd day' diary~

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*It got nothing to do with this, but watching [AraFes] with the 'Shake It' performance, it is really a great 'appetizer' for me!*
*wehehe~~, what am I, a stalker or a hentai...?!* 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's not something big, but...


I just want to post an entry before tomorrow, really.
I'll start my first job ever, tomorrow!
Finally.... ^_^

First job as an exam attendant...
Dou naru kana...~
I just hope it will be smooth until the last day...
yes, the EA job is only for 2 weeks..
but, I'll do my best!

Everyone, please pray for me!

Ijyou desu~

*...the nervouse-ness still not coming yet to me...*
*which sometimes bring different meaning...sigh*

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Private screening + Aiba Masaki's Birthday, tomorrow!

Well, it's not really that long, though.

Just want to share my happiness!
I just got my [Arafes] concert, AND!
Will watch it tomorrow with my only Arashian + best friend,
and if we manage to, we will celebrate Ma-kun's birthday (by ourselves..T-T),

That's why, it's only the private screening between me and my friend!

If I remember, I'll post again tomorrow about the details, in shaa Allah...
so, that's all!

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*I watched Jun's solo, [Shake It] with the other 4 as backdancer yesterday...*
*it was really...... *sparkling eyes* can't wait to watch it full! *

Monday, December 17, 2012

It a bit early, but..... ^_^

Ohayou gozaimasu~

The reason I did this post early in the morning :
- because I can't hold it anymore!
- because I felt my life getting happier 'being' with them !
- because, right now, I feel like they are everything ! >:o

okay, okay..calm down myself...
I just copy and paste the story and the link that I found telling the story that make me VERRRRRYYY happy since yesterday.

-during MC aiba-chan was left in center stage, he did monomane like he did in himiara(himitsu no arashi-chan) and the rest of them went to main stage. The four of them sang friendship with red, big gloves! In the middle part, came the messages from each member. The four came out in chinese dresses, member color (only J was dressed as a chef). they moved on moving stage, had birthday cake.

-aiba-chan teared up during the messages, but ROFL'd when he saw the chinese dresses!

-during friendship, on the monitor was childhood photos of aibachan and photos of members

-message was shot yesterday

-sho-kun kept on opening his legs, tried showing off his legs, and showing inside his dress.

-J had chinese cooking pot with him. the setting was chinese food restaurant

A: waiters don’t dress like this, and my dad doesn’t dress like that too! my parents aren’t

-he got DVD, cover was gyoza (dumplings) man instead of popcorn man lol

-they took photo, aiba-chan didn't have his camera so J took out his iphone, and ask the camera man took it for them.

(awww so sweet >.<)
From Whisper of the Storm's fb status.

You can read more details story from this link:
(credit goes to its owner!! hontoni arigatou!!)

What can I say here, the event make me love more to these 5 guys!
I just can't help myself from loving them, until the day I lost my memory about them. (I hope it will never happen)
I just hope they will be together, until the end of the world.
Don't care even they grow older (everybody does!), I'll just keep loving them!
Arashi saikou!!

I'll update more later~

*still in fangirl mode! wahaha!! I really hope this birthday event will be show somewhere~ Onegai!!*
*been hoping to see our Aiba Masaki crying will be the most beautiful!!kyaa~~*

Sunday, December 9, 2012



Alhamdulillah, I've arrived safely at my hometown(kampung) this morning at 11 a.m.

My first comment about riding the train for about 14 hours..,
iyaahh....yes, it was hard.

Especially, when you got the 'seat coach'....,
as you cannot lie down like on the bed....
so, my back + neck + bottom are kind of sore right now...

But, still, it was a great experience!

Somehow, I got to meet new peoples,
eventhough I didn't manage to know their name (wahaha!)
just because it was their little kids that I became attached to them (and that only worked for 14-hours)

Ok, I'm getting suck doing this post...

Until here, I'll learn more!

Sore jya...

*for about a weeks, can I manage to do my 'mission'?*
*waiting for [AraFes] album~~ kyaa~*

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

when something is blocked.... [困る]

Good morning !

I have nothing much, just want to release all my anger, okay maybe my stress?


I thought that after I have done all the big exams (for 5 years), my wish to work by myself would come true.
But, yeah, future is not everything that we can control.

My dream; what I really wanted to do after I've finished my exam :
- get a part-time job (I don't really mind anywhere)
- as a 'arranging' staff (not the one who talk to/service the customer, but the one who do all the arranging/decorating and etc)
- InsyaAllah, when I get my first salary, I WILL give them to my parents (this is really my dream!)
- this might be the bonus, I can cut down my weight...? (because I'll walk to the work place)

But, there is some objections from my parents; my mum especially.
She's the one who told me, "Don't just stay in the room, facing the laptop. Do some work. Go and walk" and whatsoever...

So, what is exactly she wanted me to do?

I thought that if I get/find a job, I could be outside of the house, doing something I've never done before.
Even my English teacher once told, "It is good to have many working experiences, no matter what kind of job (which is 'halal' for me),"...

Why cannot I grab that 'experience'?
Why I am not allowed to do things I've always wanted to do? (which I believe is a good thing)
Why cannot I try to reduce the 'problem' in my house? (I know that sometimes, I create problem in my house)

It is not a complain to anyone, just a reminder for myself.
I'm not mad or angry with anyone, just a voice from my little heart.

I'll try and do my best to settle this dilemma.
Until then, just pray the best for me here, and the after world.

Ijyou, Dani deshita !

*This got nothing to do with this post, but I just LOVE all the songs in Arashi's [Popcorn] album*
*Just can't wait for the [AraFes] to get out of the Johnny's Entertainment.*

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sejahtera's Senior Class 2012, is over...

...いや。。, I can't type this entry with a great feeling actually.
It just too sad.

Yes, my high school time is over, same goes to my time with my classmates, 5 Sejahtera 2012.
well, more precisely, the Sejahtera moments just ended yesterday.
We (actually it supposed to be 34, but some could not make it yesterday) 29 ex-students,  had our last 'Jamuan Kelas' with a happy + excited feelings.
Alhamdulillah, the weather was really great (as it was sunny, cloudy, a little bit of rain) and we did our programs smoothly.
We went to many places in order to create and collect our last memories as each of us knew, yesterday (Saturday, 1st December 2012) was the last day for us to be 'crumpled' together as one class; one big family.
We played interesting + tiring games; we complained about the weird games; we faced some interference as our lunch foods (made by one of our friends) were 'attacked' by the army of ants.
But, that was also our memories.

Oh no, this is not good. I'm getting sentimental.
....Let's continue.

On the night, we had our dinner (which was steamboat...Wuhuu~) at Shah Alam.
Kind of impossible, but we did went there. Haha!
We were really loud that time (from my perspective.. :p), but I could see that we really had fun.
I asked for my classmates to sign my graduation file so it could be my 'treasure'.
We took pictures of all of us, with the help of the brother of the D'Kayangan Steamboat Restaurant(just search for it on facebook), we took pictures in the bus while swaying, shaky condition...but we had fun.

Evnthough the tears stubbornly wanted to show theirselves, we kept on smiling, laughing...
It just each of us could not accepted the reality that the bus was getting near to our destination; the school.

Until we got off the bus...

- "Please don't forget me"
- "Take care of yourself!"
- "Forgive me if I've done bad to you"
- "Let's keep on contact! I'll wait!"
- "Let' meet again, okay?"
- "You're welcome to my house...just come"

....even I lost the battle between the tears and myself.
I did cried, yes.
She did cried, yes.
He did cried, yes.

It was a bit embarrassing, actually.
Many parents/sisters/brothers came to pick us, and we did not went to them first.
We made a mini-circle in front of the bus, congratulating + bidding farewell + hugging (we did not hug person with different gender, of course!) + shaking hands (of course, not with different gender).

Yes, I still remember that.

And, my prayer that the memories will remain until the end of the world.

Okay, it full with meaningless words, so just abandon it.
Until here, I have to stop my last story of the school life...(as I do have that label)
Until then, I'll update more.

Ijyou, Dani deshita~

*I'll miss all of you, Senior Class Sejahterians 2012!*
*Thank you for all these 2/5 years, guys/girls!*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Alhamdulillah, I have finished one of the biggest exam in my life.
Here I am now, 'big' and healthy as ever!

I don't really have time to start and type all the tales I have along these past weeks.
But still, I am very happy right now, but sudden death work just force me to not let my guard down as I have to search for presents for the upcoming class celebration.
I will edit the error later.
I am no longer a high school student~

But, it is sad leaving the school 3 or 4 hours ago....
However, as the head invigilator said,
today is the end of our 'fantasy' world, and now to the real world! <I really like that sentences!
So, I got to go now, will update later!

Just want to say this to myself ; お疲れ様でした!

I really miss to type this words;
Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*Arashi's [AraFes] is really out straight after I have finished my exam!*
*Chou ureshii~*

Sunday, October 21, 2012



Continued from yesterday's entry,
Yes, we did eat like crazy today!

Alhamdulillah, the feast went very smoothly.
Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely at both place (the hall and back to school)
Alhamdulillah, our relationship between the classmates are getting better.
Alhamdulillah, I got to eat many food~~ Hehe...

There are too many alhamdulillah I want to say about today (of course, almost everyday)
InsyaAllah, everything will be blessed.

But, it seems like I don't have much more time to write this kind of entry anymore starting tomorrow.
I have to restrict almost everything as soon as possible.
Just for a month, maybe.
After that, I'll be free~
And, I'll continue to post entry and entry and entry.

So, what is the point here?

-Have to say goodbye for a while, my little blog!
-any comment until the moment I'll finish my exam, it will not be read and approved.
-....and that's it!

Before I stop typing, I just want to ask one favor
Please pray for my success, because your pray is very valuable
And may Allah will repay your pray with something much bigger.
Amin, amin ya rabbal 'alamin.

I guess it is time for me to step back, typing the last words for this entry. (because later I just have to keep writing!)
Thanks for your pray and support!
If God wills, you'll be in success too!


*I really hope that [AraFes] album will be out after I finish my exam!*

Saturday, October 20, 2012



This will be short!

'Futsuka renzoku, tabemakuru!', which mean 'for two consecutive days, eat like crazy!'

Today, and tomorrow.
Will tomorrow be like today?
Will tomorrow be good as today?


That's all!

*What should I do~~?

Friday, October 19, 2012

[Welcome to our Party] by Arashi lyric

Long time no see~!

Today, just want to post the lyric that I copied from yarukizero-san.
 I likes this song very much, because it included the joke that was created from them, and it became part of the lyric!
If you are an Arashian/Arashist, you should know which line~

Up you go!

Romaji :

Slip into the party Ma ni aeba Akari tomori kata ni kage ga
Nami kaze ga Hajimareba Hanikami, hora, anata ni aeta

To shine todokisou na kono sky ni ita 
You are ready nara put your hands up Hey! (Yeah! x4)

Minna no koe ni kibun wa joushou Karada goto yurasu emotion
Sono rimitta- hazushitara high Mekuru meku ro-ra- ko-suta-
Good time Ni do to nai shunkan wo nogosunna
Everybody, ippo mae Kakedashite ikou

Koko de mata aeta ne You and me
Onaji egao ni
Tsutaetai koto dake wa All the time

Let's go party, party, party, party Hajimeyou ka party time
Junbi wa mou dekiteru hazu darou 
Keep on going, going, going, going Ookii na koe dase Make some noise
Kokkara hajimaru arata na story umareru

Say yeah! Oh! Koe no kagiri
Say yeah! Oh! Hitotsu ni narou
Make you happy, happy, happy, happy Kimi wo matteitanda yo
Shiawase ni naru tame no it's a party time
It's a party time

Yeah! Oh!
Say yeah! Oh!
Yeah! Oh!
Say yeah! Oh!

Koko de mata aeta ne You and me
Onaji egao ni
Tsutaetai koto dake wa All the time

Let's go party, party, party, party Hajimeyou ka party time
Junbi wa mou dekiteru hazu darou 
Keep on going, going, going, going Ookii na koe dase Make some noise
Kokkara hajimaru arata na story umareru

Say yeah! Oh! Koe no kagiri
Say yeah! Oh! Hitotsu ni narou
Make you happy, happy, happy, happy Kimi wo matteitanda yo
Shiawase ni naru tame no it's a party time
It's a party time

Translation :

Slip into the party If we make it in time Shadows stretch out from the people lit up by the lights
When the wind and waves pick up See? Because I could meet you, I'm getting embarrassed

To shine It was up in this sky that it seems like we could reach
If you're ready, put your hands up Hey! (Yeah! x4)

Everyone's voices make our feelings rise higher and higher Emotion that shakes your whole body
If we remove this limiter, we'll go high Like on a dizzying roller coaster
Good time Don't let this moment that will never happen again slip by
Everybody, take a step forward Let's start running

We were able to meet again here, weren't we? You and me
With the same kind of smiles
The things that we want to convey All the time
Will never change

Let's go party, party, party, party Should we get this party time started?
Everything should be ready to go
Keep on going, going, going, going Let out a loud shout Make some noise
The beginning of a new story will be born from here

Say yeah! Oh! Until the limit of your voice
Say yeah! Oh! Let's become one
Make you happy, happy, happy, happy We were waiting for you
It's a party time so that we'll become happy
It's a party time

Yeah! Oh!
Say yeah! Oh!
Yeah! Oh!
Say yeah! Oh!

We were able to meet again here, weren't we? You and me
With the same kind of smiles
The things that we want to convey All the time
Will never change

Let's go party, party, party, party Should we get this party time started?
Everything should be ready to go
Keep on going, going, going, going Let out a loud shout Make some noise
The beginning of a new story will be born from here

Say yeah! Oh! Until the limit of your voice
Say yeah! Oh! Let's become one
Make you happy, happy, happy, happy We were waiting for you
It's a party time so that we'll become happy
It's a party time


there you go....
the melody is really good, as it could make your body to move. (well, it might be me)

Still, I enjoy this song, and I hope you too!
As usual, you're rock!

until then,

*Saturday + Sunday is coming~*

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I hurt my neck...T^T


Have no interesting story right now (even though I do have)

Just want to complain about my strained neck.
I slept with one pillow shared by two.
...Yes, it is hurt!


But, it is another experience, right?

I can bear this kind of thing!

So, I'm going to go sleep back!

Konnichiwa~ (because it is still daylight)

*...I'm 'died' in the boring place*

Friday, October 5, 2012

Kanashii yo.... (It's so sad...)

Another week went by with no new entry...
But, here I am!
....typing the keyboards so slowly.

If you are curious with the 'sad' thing,
don't worry, it is nothing serious...
it just the feeling that I felt yesterday...(and might be right now)
as me, and with couple of my classmates had to 'rip' our class decoration to give way for the PMR examination that will use our class.

Ok! I know it just a small thing.
Everyone who is older than me did that once, I'm sure.

It just that I finally understand the true reason of what my Maths' teacher once said,
"when you grow up, you get into the university, you get a great job, you meet your life partner, but the school memory would be the one you miss the most"

Okay, sorry for the weird 'dialogues'.
Somehow, I lost my 'thinking' for a while right now.

I finally get this feeling, where I know, "ah, today is really our last day in this class!"
"later, when we come back, we won't stay in this class anymore!"
"I never knew our class was too...empty before"

I got to say that my class, for this year was the most cleanness classroom ever! << well, the classroom was build 2 years ago, so no wonder.Hahha!
Compared with the next classroom, we always 'clarify', "our classroom is much calmer!"

Yes, it is true actually.
Our class did not just paste here and there, with too many colour and whatsoever.
Our class aimed for the calmness; a little bit of black cardboards, and in the corner of the classroom, there were the 'kata-kata semangat' (encouragement words), our class motto which was 'Shoot for the Moon; with the replica of the shooting star and the little moon.

As the building we used was build 2 years ago, we were not allowed to paint the classroom, yet.
So, with the cream paint for the main background, it was really full with nonchalant; calm feeling, but in the same time, there was the feeling of seriousness.

...Am I writing the correct tense, here?
It is too....'hectic'!

I'll try to do some correction later.

Alright, I have some reminder for me here..
first, the SPM examination is A MONTH starting from this date.
second, I have to attend the Librarian Annual Banquet on 20th October 2012.
third, the Graduation Ceremony on 21st October 2012  << , Yes I got the date correctly.
fourth, the 'still unsure' 2 Days 1 Night after the SPM examination on December (maybe).
lastly, cleaning up my room after the SPM examination!

Uso deshou??!

...well, this is definitely the reality.
and there is no way I'm going to jump into the world called dream.

以上, Dani でした!

*Honestly, what am I doing right now?*
*Honestly, I want to meet myself back when I was 15 years old, and ask, "どうやったんだっけ?”

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The secret that is no longer a secret...

Kaifa halukum?
Hope all of you are in the pink; in good health.

For many times, I'd promised that I would post an entry about the 'secret' that I want to share, but finally I just managed to find the perfect time.
And, here it is!

It just about a story from my childhood memory.
Well, it could be true as everyone (who is older than me) in my family told the same....
As for me, I'm not sure, but I DO have the subtle memory about it.

It was about me being in medicine overdose condition.
I repeat again, OVERDOSE.
Kind of scary, right?
I have to admit that it is scary when I think about it in my present time (which is now; this year)
I never thought that medicine overdose could harm the body of the consumer; it could even kill a person!

That is why, I am so grateful right now to Allah !
And I always will !!

OK! Let me start the tale << ececeh...

I was 4 or 5 1 or 2 years old when the incident happened.
Me, at that time, have only a sister (which is now in the university!) who is 2 years apart with me.
My sister was 6 or 7  3 or 4 years old that time, and she had a fever.
So, my mum gave her the aspirin or what I know as cortal(?), the fever medicine for kids.

I'm sure you know this thing.
For my situation, it was coloured yellow and
it is sweet as it is for  kids.

At that time, my mum just gave ONLY one to my sister as she was still under 7 years old.
After my sister ate the medicine, my mum put the remaining medicine on top of the refrigerator that was 3 times higher than me (and maybe 2 times for my sister).
As I could remember, my mum went into the bedroom for a while as she left us in the kitchen.

AND, at that time, my sister who was standing on top of a chair, reached up for the medicine and she (at the border) grabbed it!
Oh ya, I forgot to say here, that I loved to eat medicines when I was a kid (even now, actually).

So, as a 'medicine lover', I asked my sister to give some of the remaining cortal to me (eventhough I was healthy that time).
And, my sister who still knew nothing about overdose, gave the medicine to me.
she kept giving the medicine to me...

....until there was only 1 more left.

And, in the same time, my mum was screaming (maybe?) as she saw I ate the medicine and my sister giving me those medicines.
After that, I was sent to the hospital.

Sorry to say, but I do not have even a bit about the memory of me being in the hospital (for the check-up).
I don't know why~~

But, from what my mum told me,
At the hospital, the doctor checked me and it seemed like nothing wrong with me. (even after I ate all those medicine?)
But anyway, my mum was told to stay for with me a while in the hospital as I was put in a ward.
Well, not a private one, for sure.
That time, the hospital that we went was kind of a countryside hospital, so it was still incomplete.
My mum said that, I was put into a ward (a hall,precisely) that was full with many kind of patients!
Old peoples, pregnant women, kids, patient from accident and whatsoever were in the same hall that time.

And, this was from my mum's said,
"You were running from the end to end and it was so hard looking after you that time!"

brown teddy bear emoticons 12 Cute Brown Teddy EmoticonsAhaha!
I'm sorry, umi!  ごめんね、かあちゃん!!
I didn't mean to...

As you could see, I was being hyperactive that time.
That was weird actually, as I was supposed to be in the bed, sleeping or resting.
But, it seemed like the effect of the overdose had affecting me in the other way (maybe..)

In the end, my mum had fed up chasing me and she was quite embarrassed because of me, so she brought me home.

And, the story end there.

As I heard almost the same story from my mother's family (aunts,uncle,grandma), I was laughing the whole time.
Was it really a true story, or just a fiction made up by them?
At first I though it was just a made up story, but what about the memory about  me eating all those cortal?

Finally, I concluded that it was a true story.

And, recently, I realized about something that I never ever thought it would be.

Since I was in Year 3 or 4 until last two years, which was my third year in middle school,
I could hardly remember about me being in sick, especially fever.
Well, what I want to express here is I hardly got infected even after running in the rain and not taking a bath after that.
I know that is not good, but at that time, that was me.
Once in two years was normal for me having a fever.

But, starting from last year, I got fever, twice.
And this year, until this day, only once.

And what does it mean?
Could it be that the medicines I ate had became my immunity that protected me for about 7 years?
wallahualam. Only the God know.

Okay, I know there will be people laughing after reading my story.
But, I am not ashamed of it.
After all, it was a secret that is no longer a secret.
Come on, everyone have their own childhood story, right?
So, why not I share one of mine?

I hope that there would be something that you could take from my story.
Not about taking overdose, of course!
Just remember that this kind of thing could be happening around you.
It might be your siblings, or your family, or your friend, or it might be...yourself?

Time's up!

That's all for today, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's hope that I can write more story in the future.

Thanks for reading! << Oh, have I ever wrote this?

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*I want to watch AraFes!! Chou mitai!!*
*The songs from UraMania album are so good!*

Monday, September 24, 2012


I'm tired ~

But, I still got to the class later tonight,
so, がんばります!!

That's all!
Please give me a break! <<  勘弁してください~~

以上、Dani でした!

*Aiba Masaki's solo, [Happy Sunny Day], what kind of song will it be?? brown teddy bear emoticons 4 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons*

Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Akashi] by Arashi lyric

How can I forgot about this..?
Well, blame for the exam, maybe?

Most of you might knew this song..
It was for the 2012 Olympic in London last August...
So, have fun!

btw, Akashi means proof.

Romaji :

Ano hi boku wa yume wo tada oikakenagara
Gamushara ni kono hi wo tada mitsumeta
Dokomademo ikeru Doko e demo yukeru

Koko ni himeta yuuki wo ima kono setsuna ni
Tooku chikatta keshiki ga Ano koro no mama
Boku no mae ni hirogatteru kara

Kazoekirenai namida to tsuyogari wo
Hitori kasanete Sora wo mezashitan darou
Daremo ga todokanai mono Kono te nara tsukameru to
Dokomademo Dokomademo Zutto Egaki tsudzuketa yume wo

Aa Afuredasu chikara Koete yuku kokoro
Haruka Tatakai no sute-ji
Genkai no mukou de Yorokobi no sakebi wo
Ano hi Oikaketa ano bamen ga Koko ni aru kara

Daremo ga kono senaka wo oikakete kuru nara
Boku wa mada minu ashita kono michi wo aruki tsudzukete yukou
Jibun wo shinjite

Tachidomaru koto sae shiranai hokori wa
Takanaru tamashii tsuki ugokasun darou
Itsuwari no nai kodou ga Ima toki wo kizamu you ni
Itsumademo Itsumademo Kitto katari tsugareru kiseki

Aa Afuredasu chikara Koete yuku kokoro
Towa ni Todokeru mese-ji
Kagayakeru mirai e Yorokobi wo tsunagete
Zutto hashiri tsudzuketa akashi wa Soko ni aru kara

Ari no mama sonzai wo Ari no mama no kanjou wo
Seotta omoi wo ima koko ni Toki hanate
Seijaku no shunkan ga Mitashiteku kandou wo
Jibun sae koete hanabatake

Aa Afuredasu chikara Koete yuku kokoro
Haruka Tatakai no sute-ji
Genkai no mukou de Yorokobi no sakebi wo
Ano hi Oikaketa ano bamen ga Koko ni aru kara

Translation :

Back then, while I was simply chasing after my dreams
I ran recklessly with my gaze fixed on this day
Believing I could go on forever That I could go anywhere

Pulling out the hidden courage from inside of myself Now, for this moment
The distant landscape that I made my vow to is still the same as ever
It's spread out in front of me here

I held a countless number of tears and bluffs in my arms
Carrying them by myself, I think I was aiming for the sky
Something that no one can reach , but certain that if it was with my hands, I could grab it
Continuing forever, anywhere Towards the dream that I'd always been drawing

Ah With power welling up inside and a heart that will overcome anything
I'll go to the next stage of this competition that seems so far away
Passing my limits, I'll give a shout of happiness
The scene that I'd been chasing after back then It's here now

If everyone is going to chase after my back
Then I'll keep walking on this road to a future I've never seen before
Believing in myself

Pride that doesn't even know the meaning of standing still
It'll arouse my excited spirit
My beating heart doesn't lie Steady as it marks the passing time
Forever Forever Surely Miracles that are passed down to us

Ah With power welling up inside and a heart that will overcome anything
A message that will make it to eternity
Connecting happiness to a shining future
The proof that we've always kept running will be there

Existing as we are Experiencing emotions as they are
Release the feelings you've been carrying right here and now
The moment of silence fills me to the point I'm moved
Overcoming even myself to fly away

Ah With power welling up inside and a heart that will overcome anything
I'll go to the next stage of this competition that seems so far away
Passing my limits, I'll give a shout of happiness
The scene that I'd been chasing after back then It's here now


This song is really a good one!
It doesn't revolve about romance love, or something similar.
It shows us that we must keep going on to the future that we have dreamed of.
So, never give up in your life!

Mae ni mukatte!!

以上、Dani でした!

*....I'm feeling blues~*
*I'm so tired nowadays...*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Kyou wa doumo arigatou!" - this is my true feeling...

Well, here I am again!
brown teddy bear emoticons 1 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons  << For me...,this mean a 'Hi' sign

Today, (after quiet a long time) I went out to have some fun.
One word ; TANOSHII !!~ (enjoyable)

I really had fun today, as I went to play bowling, ate lunch (which is chicken chop btw), and a private karaoke screening of Arashi's concert.

And the most important thing that I want to share here...;

The truth is, I already knew that 'new' friend, it just I never met her as we only chat through my blog, and sometimes we messages each other.
The first meeting ever with that person was exactly today!
And, it might makes no sense, but the base was because of Arashi.
You might laugh or mock at me, but because of that...
My interest and love towards Arashi had increases A LOT !

We don't have to be scared or feel ashamed because of our liking, but try to find a way to make a proud of them!
And, I did found one here!
And, I am happy with that!

......It seemed like my entry makes no sense right now..

I can't tell all the details here, but just want to convey my appreciation to the 'person' I met this morning, to my most lovable 'A'-neechan and somehow to my parents because they gave me the permission to hang out with my friends.


That's all the story I have today...(well, I planned on telling my secret that I promised to tell from the last entry, but later can always come!)

Ijyou...dani deshita!

*I failed again in 'rising up' the way I type for my entry....*
*I'll try my best next time~*

Saturday, September 15, 2012

owarimashitayo~~~ (It's over)

Yes! I'm back..

Have nothing (or it just me who still have nothing to write) to comment/share right now....

It's over!
The SPM Trial (for my class...?) is over~~
Wow, honestly, it was 'that' and 'that' and this'...

I'll be back later to share my stories along the whole 3 weeks of test..


*who would ever thought about that kind of incident?*
*Finally, I got to sleep for a long time this morning..*

Saturday, August 25, 2012

a 'little' restriction....


Officially, I'd safely arrived from the kampung yesterday (sharp at 12.00 PM!!)
Well, nothing abnormal....except that I still receive 'Duit Raya' from my aunts+uncles?
I also enjoyed the 'raya celebration' this year...nothing more or less.

Right now, in the middle of finishing some of my 'leftover' homeworks that I purposely didn't do back then at kampung...(because there was no 'formulas' or 'buku rujukan'..ngehehe!)

the main point for today is...

Starting from this Tuesday (28.08.2012), my SPM Trials will be 'waiting' for me until Friday (14.09.2012),
So, regarding with that matter...
I HAVE to restrict my self for a while...

Equal entry until then.

Of course, I have no confidence in getting all A's, but at least I want all A's for my essence lessons.
So, 頑張るよ~~

That's all..
I don't have other thing to restrict...
Only my obsess with the PC! Hehe... 


*The 24 jikan terebi....I have no mood in watching it live*
*Because I know there will be crying 'corner'...well, actually it just me who would cry*

Sunday, August 19, 2012


this will be a good-cute-little-post.

Wishing all my friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.
May this year will be a great year to all of you, and will be much better than the last.

Till then,
take care~~

*...we REALLY need to sacrifice something to get something else...*
*wahh....I have too many things to do!!~*

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100% SUPPORTS !! They're just too I.D.I.O.T !!

Before I start, first, really sorry about my harsh word stated on the title,
but I believe the article I'm going to paste after this deserve MORE SCOLDING from me  !!


I don't care if some of the readers feel like I'm insulting them or humiliating or whatever(have the same meaning) because THIS IS WHAT YOU SUPPOSED TO READ AND REGRET YOURSELF !!

taken from :
(in Malay)

Stupidity #1

Pergi sekolah bertudung. Di tempat kerja pun bertudung. Kebanyakan masa dia bertudung
Apa yang bodohnya: Bila dalam bilik dia tanggal tudung, boring-boring dia pergi ambil kamera digital /kamera handphone, 'snap' gambar sendiri yang tak pakai tudung, lepas tu upload dalam Facebook atau blog peribadi. Dalam album online dia, secara sengaja telah memberi perbandingan percuma gambar dia bertudung dan tak bertudung, mana yang lebih cantik.

Stupidity #2

Allah memang anugerahkan dia rezeki muka yang lawa. Ditambah pula dengan susuk tubuh yang cantik. Rezeki halal untuk suaminya yang sah suatu hari nanti, (bukan untuk ditayang-tayangkan) . Apa yang bodohnya: Mentang-mentang dia tahu dia perempuan lawa dan dia perasan ramai lelaki minat tengok dia. Dia mula jadi GEDIK iaitu menunjuk-nunjuk tarikan kecantikan dan kewanitaannya agar lelaki-lelaki lebih berminat melihatnya. Dia berani pakai baju sendat, jeans sendat dan fesyen Mulismiah pelik, selepas itu posing dalam gaya yang manja dan kemudian upload gambar-gambar tersebut dalam Facebook atau blog peribadi supaya ramai orang dapat tengok.

Stupidity #3

Muka yang comel dan lawa Allah anugerahkan kepada dia. Ramai lelaki yang melihat memang akan terpersona. Pakaian dia tidaklah sendat dan seksi, tetapi masalah dia ialah gemar 'snap' gambar wajah sendiri yang comel cun itu dan upload ke dalam Facebook dan blog peribadi supaya ramai orang tengok. Lelaki-lelaki gila seks pun tengok muka juga, mereka memang suka yang cantik dan comel, yang hodoh mereka tak ingin. Awas !

Stupidity #4

Wanita Melayu Islam kategori ini adalah yang paling melampau dan juga paling hipokrit. Bertudung sebab nak pergi sekolah dan ke tempat kerja sahaja. Apa yang hipokritnya: Bila keluar jalan-jalan di bandar, dia buka tudung, pakai jeans sendat atau legging, baju sendat siap boleh nampak lurah buah dada. Pergi clubbing dan berparti sosial, lepas tu ambil gambar sendiri dalam keadaan begitu dan upload dalam Facebook dan blog peribadi supaya ramai orang tengok.

Stupidity #5

Lelaki dan perempuan jika sudah berkahwin sudah halal pegang-pegang dan peluk-peluk. Itu memang diakui. Apa yang bodohnya: Banyak kes, suami isteri berposing dalam keadaan manja bermesraan, pakaian si isteri tersayang pula sendat dan ketat di dalam baju persandingan, kemudian diambil gambar mereka. Jika untuk tatapan diri sendiri dan keluarga terdekat memang OK. Tetapi, ada juga pasangan yang gatal meng-upload gambar romantis mereka itu ke dalam Facebook dan blog. Kalau pakaian si isteri imej 'ala-ala alim agama', mungkin selamatlah, tetapi yang ini baju kain satin, potongan sendat dan jarang pula tu. Alamat, stalker curi dan kena fantasi lah !

Jika berbalik kepada Islam, Islam ternyata melarang wanita-wanita Islam bermegah-megah dengan daya tarikan seksual dan kecantikan yang mereka ada. Allah memberikan nikmat kecantikan wajah dan tubuh badan kepada wanita-wanita tertentu sebagai ujian kepada nafsu kaum lelaki dan juga ujian terhadap wanita-wanita terbabit. Ini kerana Allah mengarahkan wanita-wanita Islam agar memelihara aurat sepenuhnya dan memastikan kecantikan fizikal dirinya hanya dapat dinikmati dengan sangat seronok oleh lelaki yang halal baginya iaitu sang suami suatu hari nanti.

Menunjuk-nunjuk kecantikan, membawa padah pada harga diri sendiri.

Renung-renungkan. Selamat beramal.


If any of you, readers that want to defend themselves, please move you fingers over the keyboard and come on, comment on this entry! I'm waiting~

Honestly, when I found the blog (, I was nodding the whole time in front of the PC screen, agreeing while reading the entries. It just really 'hit' the present situation; 
- about the leggings (that I don't even understand why women wear it outside the house?) - It's an undergarment, you know?!
- about the hijab/tudung fashion (that I don't even understand why women want TO BE like a fashion star?) - what is wrong if you just wear the normal one, and colourful fabric if you want some difference.
- about the 'free hair'/hypocrite women; which is mostly student. OK, I take that back...every type of occupation (that I don't even understand why they wear the hijab/tudung in the first place?) - don't blame the other that 'forced' you to wear it.
-about the bride's fashion nowadays (that I don't even understand why did they choose the obscene clothes in the first place?) - unless they really WANT TO BOAST themselves + the groom who does not think of anything but to 'screw' their wife.

Honestly, I'm still a servant of Allah that still lack of confidence to reprimand my own kind when they are doing bad things. 
This is one of the way that I can do to remind themselves (also to myself) about the RULES that have been decided from Allah before we were born.
All the rules (this time, it's about the manners in clothing) were created to save our own life+body from the An-Nar; the hell.

Alhamdulillah, I thanks to Allah because I have been raised by my parents in a correct way. 

Some of my ummi's quotes (that I really like!) :
"When you were small, you'd wore the jeans, the mini-skirt, the sleeveless blouse and even a mini-princess-like dress, so you can't say I never give you those kind of clothes anymore." (because it seem like I adore to wear them in the present)

"I'll give you money only for the appropriate clothes"

"I'll borrow you any colour of tudung that I have" (as my mum have so many hijab/tudung that are quite big)

There are many more quotes actually..., but I'll stop here.
I believe all Muslim parents should express their responsibility to their kids with this kind of simple+nonchalant quotes.

May Allah bless all of us.

Until then...

*Really sorry for the harsh words*
*It's already 27th of Ramadhan...attoiuma desu ne(it just in a blink of eyes)*