Saturday, December 31, 2011

I failed...だけど, I'll try again!

Eh...why my blog became 'dead' for this last 6 days eventhough I'm in the middle of holiday?

Well, to tell the truth, after some time-that-feel-like-forever, I got sick.
Honestly, my antibody is kinda strong that I have no idea when was the last time I got fever because it was long time ago.
But, it seem like this year, I got a bit 'relaxed' that I neglected my health...

But have no worry!
I'm fine right now..., and hoping that next year I will not catch any fever, cold or whatever except for fatigue because that is what I got every year and there will be no way to prevent that (>_<)

Today, I've try to make trifles...
It is the second time already because the first time was..erm, well not like what I hope to be.
This time..emm..I don't know!

However, right now..or today,
it's already 31st of December!
Tomorrow, !!!


I still don't know what to aim for next year...
so, I'll just follow the flow first..
then, maybe I'll say it here...
...maybe...or not

Ijyou, Dani deshita!!

*....learning and trying to use Japanese emoticons recently*

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aiba Masaki 29th Birthday Anniversary~~


Minna !!
Today is our miracle boy's birthday !!
So, here I am, presenting my original art work that I've done this past 2 weeks.
So, please..enjoy!!

*forgive me for the 'amateur-ness' of my art.*

more to come !!

Because I've done this much..., I made this too..
MY GIRL ! (making of and off-shot)

Ah...waiting for the picture to be upload is so...LONG!
But, I've finished it already...

Until I come with a new entry..,

*Masaki Aiba, tanjoubi omedetou~~*
*誕生日おめでとうございます,sunshine boy!*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Energy Song~Zekkouchou chou] by Arashi lyric

Today..I got some job to do..
So, I just post the the lyric for the latest song..
Well, it's not single, just B-side.
Without wasting time..douzo!


Translation for the talk :

S: Aiba-san?
A: Well then, shall we do this thing?
N: But it's already started.
S: Test, test, test.
N: Eh, which one is mine...? Ah, this one.
J: Shall we?
N: Let's do it! Leader?
O: Yes.
N: Let's get started.
O: Eh... Then, everybody, lend me your hands! Yo~!


Koko made ironna koto atta Sonna no mina issho da
Nara tanoshii koto wo yaratainda Saa, toki hanatte

Sawagitain desho "Kuuki yonde" toka Mou ii ya
Sassato issho ni Sawagi taose

La la la nante utatte mitara nanda? Karuku natta ki ga shita
Kono manma nara ikeru ki ga suru Dokomademo zutto
Soko ni nani ga aru ka wakaranai kedo Dakara bokura wa arukunda
Minna wa dou suru? Nara kimari da! Issho ni aruitekou

Memagurushiku Kawaru yo no naka de Nani wo mitsukete kita no ka?
Soko ni atta hitotsu no tane ni Yume wo kaketanda

Bokura wa mayowazu Sono tsuru ga nobiteku hou ni
Tsuite itte mitara Tadori tsuitanda

Taiyou ya tsuki ni datte yukeru Hoshi tomo kyousou dekiru
Ichiban ni natte kanarazu modoru kara Koko Kono basho ni
Minna to koushi itai kara Ganbareru Mada mada ikeru
Itakute tsurakute kanashikuttatte Tada tada mae wo miru

Kuyashikuttatte Tachi sukumundatte Ima uta utatte
Koushite tatteru Anata gata to Go!
Watashi tachi no Go!
Akashi tachi yo!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Minna de sawaide waratte naite kutte nonde mata sawaide
Kono go nin to minna ga atsumattara
Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!

La la la nante utatte mitara nanda? Karuku natta ki ga shita
Kono manma nara ikeru ki ga suru Dokomademo zutto
Mou nanimo kamo wasurete Minna de sawageba kyou wa ii hi da
Kibun wa saikou Bokura wa muteki da Chouzetsu zekkouchou chou!

Sore ja, mata ashita

Translation ;

Until now, many things have happened It's like that for everyone
So we want to do something fun Then, let loose

You want to have some fun, don't you? Things like, "reading the situation" That's enough of that
Now, let's make some noise together

We tried singing "la la la," and what happened? Somehow, we felt lighter
If we keep going like this, it seems like we can do it To any place, forever
We don't know if there's actually something there That's why we're walking
What are you guys going to do? Then it's decided! Let's walk together

In the hectic, changing world, what did you find?
We bet our dreams on the one seed we found there

Without losing our way, we went in the direction that the vines were stretched out
We tried following it until we finally got here

Even the sun and the moon can do it Along with the stars, they can compete
Because even the first one will definitely come back Here To this place
Since we want to be here like this with everyone, we can try harder We can still keep going
Even if it's painful, difficult, or sad We'll just look forward

Even if it was frustrating Even if we were petrified Now, we are singing this song
Standing here like this Go!
All of you Go!
Are the proof we exist!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Making noise with everyone, laughing, crying, eating, drinking, and making some noise again
If these five guys get together with all of you
Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai

We tried singing "la la la," and what happened? Somehow, we felt lighter
If we keep going like this, it seems like we can do it To any place, forever
Just forget about everything already If we could have fun with all of you, it was a good day
Feeling great, we're invincible We're in the most excellent, best possible condition ever!

Well then, see you tomorrow

For me, the song remind me Ohno Satoshi's "Zekkouchou chou" in the Nino Camera for How It's Going concert..
Ah..~ I want to watch it later!
So...that's all for today!
will try to update more..entry

Sore ja, mata ne~~

*"La la la nante utatte mitara nanda? Karuku natta ki ga shita", hontoni karuku ni natta yo~*
*erm...I got my 'L'...dakedo...*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Arashi [CM] AU by KDDI caps !

Sorry for the gap for this entry with the previous..
Somehow, I took one week to finish my 'little' job..

So, this time...I just want to post some caps that I took from the CM
It's about the phone..-, well, plus WiMax ?

(Btw, this is the latest and currently airing at Japan.)

Aiba Masaki

Matsumoto Jun

Sakurai Sho

Ninomiya Kazunari

Ohno Satoshi

That's all!!

They are so cool, right?
With the background black and white ONLY, they were 'kakkoi' !!

Wait fro the next entry..
erm..maybe about this CM too, but different content!

Mata ne~~!

*Really can't wait for DVD for [Beautiful World] next year!!*
*Definitely download it @ buy it!!*