Monday, October 25, 2010

just want to share some of my stories with you..

doumo doumo!! was..just a normal day.
I went to school in the morning, answered some Geographic questions..
and watched my friends played UNO.
not really a great day..

Ok! Ok! Let's forget about that thing for a while!
when I got home, (after the hectic things with THAT girl)
I found something that maybe could bring the usual me..(mwahaha)
and that thing was...?

this part of my carpet ! hehehehe...
and I had some ideas, why don't I wrote something..
so..this is what I had done!!

(Matsumoto Jun)

(Sakurai Sho) - the most hardest name to be make

(Aiba Masaki)

(Ohno Satoshi)

(Ninomiya Kazunari)

what a stupid thing to do..
but unfortunately I'm already finished with this 'stupid' thing!
just to release my tension

maybe..just this things that I want to share with you..
and bla bla bla bla bla...
I'll try to waffle something again tomorrow..
after all, tomorrow is..'at home!
meaning, I'll stay at home! don't want to go to school...
please don't comment anything about this...hehehe

until then..

*about the ARASHI's name..sorry if there any mistakes..*
*hoping for some miracle right now..*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

saikou no hi desu !!!

doumo doumo!
hari ni.., rasa macam nak guna balik tiga bahasa yang selalu digunakan..
macam the older + oldest entry..(ke empat bahasa?)

today, just as I had mentioned at the previous entry,
there would be a 'jamuan besar' for the whole class of 3ST '10
and of course, I joined with them..I went to watch movie with them + the teacher,
I watched them played bowling.., and lastly, we had our 'kind of' late lunch..
eventhough there were time where I thought "this is not right" or "not like this"
or something like that, but it went smoothly..

harap-harapnya.., the whole class akan ingat peristiwa hari ini dengan hati yang tenang..
walaupun cikgu dan beberapa pelajar kena 'bang bang boom' , but we still had fun !!
terasa rugi sangat-sangatlah pulak sebab tak sempat rakam saat bila cikgu
kena 'bang bang boom'..
tapi..doaku moga the memories stay in my head for the rest of my life (maybe?)..

well, I have nothing to show except for the mini-details about what we we have done today..

Watched the movies !
(some of the available movie at the cinemas..I really wanted to
watch the [Sammy's Adventure]..)

(waiting for the bowling go inside the gutter! hahahah!)

(at the bowling site...)

(the view that I managed to capture while on the way to the restaurant)

(the view inside the Four Happy Season Restaurant : Winter Room)

(this kind of lamp really amazes people..just like the wind chime!)

(ABC Durian? uwaahhh.. believe me, it is so delicious but it will
become sticky the time it had melted..)

(some skits of being 'fake waitress and a fake customer..mwehehehe..)

(present from the really lucky draw..I'm glad I chose the '#12' )

(the unfinished food...huhuhu, sorry for that..)

([Natsu no Koi wo Niji Iro ni Kagayaku] desu !!! the give-over
little cute cupcake)

the memories keep wandering in my mind again...
sekarang rasa menyesal pulak sebab tak rakam saat 'Bang Bang Boom' tu..
tapi kalau rakam..tak nampaklah macam real, kan?
maa ii ya !
this is some dialogues is this the right spell?) that I remember just a
minute then. This scene happened after Andyka, the magician a.k.a "David Blaine
tiruan" baru saja selesai buat magiknya dan duduk atas kerusi, berbual dengan
pengacar yang ditiru..

Farahin : "Yea...jadi, macam mana, David.., eh? David apa ya tadi?"
Mawa : "David Blaine lah ! Apalah you ni.."
Farahin : "Ah iye iye... apakah rahsia David Blaine tentang magic tadi?"
Andyka : "Saya..saya.." (tiba-tiba Andyka tengok tepi, cakap something
dekat Azfar)
Farahin : "Ada apa-apa ke, Encik David?"
Andyka : (Bangun dari kerusi, cakap dengan suara yang serak-serak,
kepalanya pening)
Teacher: "Pening? Bagi dia makan dululah..mesti sebab dah lapar ni..."
Andyka : "Sorry, kejap-" (terus keluar dari hall tu, pergi toilet)
Teacher: "Sudahlah..jom makan dulu...makan makan.. Tadi dah penat
jalan-jalan kan? Hanif, baca doa!"
Hanif : " Okeh, jom baca doa semu-" (Andyka masuk hall balik,
terus duduk dekat kerusinya)
Andyka : "Sorry ye semua..pening sikit.."
Azfar : (Berada di belakang kerusi Andyka, nak pergi ke depan)
"Okey semua, getting back to OA in 3,2-"
Andyka :(Berdiri sekejap, and then tiba-tiba jatuh pengsan)
Setengah murid berdiri, ada yang tengah makan.
Tiba-tiba, buih keluar daripada mulut Andyka, and time itulah semua
orang berdiri, termasuk teacher, dan juga pengurus + beberapa pekerja datang
bergegas masuk dengan paniknya, kemudian lampu terpadam. Lagilah bertambah
panik semua orang!
Ummu suddenly pergi ke tempat Andyka pengsan, dia cakap dia tahu apa nak buat, dan dia jerit jangan sentuh mulut dia, jangan masukkan apa-apa dalam mulut Andyka and some more words like that.
At that time, muka teacher sudah pucat, termasuk beberapa orang budak perempuan yang tidak tahu apa-apa berkaitan rancangan ini..
Teacher suruh semua orang bertenang, then teacher tanya pengurus restaurant, kenapa lampu terpadam, then, bila seorang pekerja pergi tengok, tiba-tiba Azfar cakap..

Azfar : "Teacher, ini semua mesti sebab cikgu dah kena, Teacher!"
Teacher : "Kena apa?"
Azfar : Dah kena teacher! dah kena !" (with great expression?)
Teacher : "Kena apa ni? Kena apa?" (dengan muka yang sudah pucat + takut)
Azfar : "Teacher dah kena Bang Bang Boom!!!!" (Semua yang tahu tentang
rancangan bertepuk tangan, sambil jerit Yea!!)

Masa itu, teacher hampir nak kejar Azfar yang dah berlari keluar dari hall tu, bila tak dapat, Teacher nampak Andyka dah bangun, dengan mukanya yang tersengih-sengih gembiranya !
The girls who also had been fooled also yelled, " Jahatlah Azfar ni !", "Woi! Apa ni!?" , dan sebagainya yang berunsur tidak puas hati.
Pengurus restaurant tersebut pun sudah dimasukkan sekali dalam kalangan 'orang yang dah tahu' atau lebih tepat lagi, Azfar dah rancang dengan mereka!

Actually, I have no idea about these things but at the really last-minute I got knew from the girl in front of me(the one who became the fake waitress in the picture), said " The group actually wanted to trick teacher. Andyka akan jatuh sakit, pengsan dan nampak macam orang yang kena sawan.."
when I heard that..I just thought that it was me and my friend the only one who doesn't knew anything..
But the end..we're save! We managed to know the plan, before it happened!
ahaha! Kind of happy a bit..
because, I'm sure if I don't know about this super duper secret, I would had jump there, calling "Andyka! Are you okay? wake up" , getting panicked and something like that.. was so a..happy + weird + whatever it is !!
I'm glad I could make it..

Lastly before I stop,
just want to say..
the class shirt was marvelous!

ijyou, Dani deshita!!

*Listening some of ARASHI's songs before going to bed..*
*" Cikgu dah kena cikgu! Cikgu dah kena! Cikgu dah kena Bang Bang Boom!"*

Friday, October 22, 2010

a hectic day !!! a hectic day !!!

it's been a long time, huh?
even though the exam had end many days a go..
I still can't get my schedule back..
Even though I have something to share,
I always forgot about the blog..
what a scatterbrain, huh?

today was a...hectic day maybe?
I thought that when we had finished the exam, the class relationship
will become better..
But it seem that I am wrong..
that's why it is soooo frustrating....
what can I do to unite them back?
what can I do?

sometimes it is really hard to make people agree with us, right?
however, tomorrow will be the day where the whole class, 25 + the homeroom teacher,
for us to enjoy the day..
I hope they can enjoy the day....
because I get some sense that maybe today incident will heat them up and..
the result is?
no more friendship, no more smiling, no more laughing ?!

I just hope that tomorrow will be a happy day for all of us !

ijyou, Dani deshita !!
mata ne..

*I'll try to write more regularly..hehehehe*
*Chibi Maruko-chan's ending song was created on 1990? What?!!*

Friday, October 15, 2010

it's already..autumn?

doumo doumo!
today is..Friday.
I got nothing to do...
and of course, I am so bored right now!!!

what to do?
any ideas..?
after all, right kinda..
dou iu no kana..?
I've become lazy to write this thing?
after all, for about many weeks I leave this things..
I can't get the rhythm back..
maybe I'll try..

of course, the things I've done all this days were just..
just..interenet, watching dramas..and bla bla bla..
nak mendownload susah..
lambatlah pulak...

anyway.., things at school are just...normal.
we just watched CD's, play some quiz..
that's all...
oh yeah!
this Sunday, I have a...'jamuan' for all kinds of prefect that are in school, in a hotel..
just near Kuala Lumpur..
still, what to wear?
even I'm not sure yet..
just look what we have later..

and what else..?

mata kana?
jya, mata desu!

*it have been a long time since I've done this 'star' back...*
*I'll try to get the rhythm back..soon*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Itadaima... !!! Mou owari da yo~!!

doumo doumo!!
finally...after a couple of month studying..
I'm back !

tapi yang nak tulisnye ni je..
malas la pulak nak mencoret hari ni..
esok smbg lagi...