Monday, May 23, 2011

3 weeks of exam... IT'S OVER !

As salam...
Iyaaahhhh~ alhamdulillah...
It's already over...
Well, this is only the first...(but saying "it's over" is really a happy thing to me!)
I have many many many and many more exams in the future!!

Before that..I did not post anything for these past 2 weeks??!!
Then it mean I can live without computer!!
Nah~ Just kidding!

Before I type something else here..
Just want to say..THE HOLIDAYS COMING SOON !!!
I WILL go out somewhere this Saturday, because for these whole exam weeks,
I just stayed at home, not going anywhere..(eventhough my family went somewhere..)
And now...I'm FREE !!
I can go out later!! Yippee!!! Yatta!!

But, I have something to share here...
Starting from today..I'll be alone in my room...
No more other people...or honestly speaking,
My sister already 'out' from this house!
She already safely arrived + registered at her Matriculation school (is it also called 'school' ?)
Well, I'll become alone + a little bit lonely maybe...
Maa ii ya!

Next story..(after 2 weeks hiatus)
emm...actually before the Exam Weeks (9th May), I was forced to join a camp held at my school for 2 days 1 night.
Well, I don't want to make this story long enough because it's already couples of weeks ago..,
so...The End ! Thanks For Reading This Small Complaint !

Before I end this 'crappy waffle',
Just want to say....


Ijyou, Dani deshita!
jaa ne~

*for 2 weeks did not type fingers become incredibly weird!*
*Window shopping...やります!!!*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

大変 だよ!! It is serious!! Penting penting + penat !!

today, I'd met with variety of people from abroad!
I'd served them(food), thanked them...(well, almost of my works were only that. HAHA!)

But then, being able to stand and participated in the meeting of our school co-operative with the board of International Co-operative Alliance a.k.a. ICA was something...SUPERB!!

It was AMAZING, full of TENSION and NERVOUSNESS (for me, maybe). But in the end, I am glad to be able being in the room, watching those people eating our local food while listening to the information of our school co-operative.

Hope that I will be able to meet them again...

Well, before I 'get out' from here..
just want to inform...
I have Mid-Year Exam starting next week !!!
It's already mid-year!!
So, pray for me!!
I'll appreciate that~

以上, Dani deshita!

*UNFORTUNATELY, I did not be able to talk with Japanese peoples...!!!*
*Really, hoping to see them again!!*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

[Diary; 5 years ago] Was that the 'real me' that time??

well, today I just want to share some stories of what I had done yesterday..
When I was in the middle of cleaning, arranging the book here and there...,
suddenly I found something that really brought me back to my past.

I opened the first page (the first diary), and I read it...
"Huh?! What was I thinking that time??"
next page,
"OMG! what kind of diary is this~~!!"

and so on...

In the end, I just laughed and laughed and laughed!!
because the reality is, the on who wrote 'that kind of expression straight from the heart'...
no one else except me!!
It was my writing! My imagination! My 'over-aware' of whatever happened around me!
My grammar was so bad! My writing expression was so weird! My way of writing was much more annoying!!!


However, Whatever I say right now, it's all base from what I had gone through...
Eventhough my life just the beginning..but still, I believes, everything I go through all this along...for 16 years...
I believes it will be able to take me high enough so that I can achieve my dream..

that's the end of my story..
what else to say now?
tomorrow is the holiday (for Malaysian),
I have to iron the clothes this evening..
I'm waiting for the download to finish...,
I'm waiting the day from the last sport delay...,
and of course....I haven't finish my Bio's report yet!!

until than,
Ijyou, Dani deshita!!

*this coming Wednesday...can I do it properly? Or, will I be called for this..?*
*"kepenatan..." *