Monday, August 30, 2010

30th also mean? Matsumoto Jun no 誕生日!!


doumo doumo!!!

yatta ne...mou 30th of August 2010

and of course in Japan is also 30th August..

so..Matsumoto Jun, tanjoubi omedetou !!

first, let's survey what Matsumoto Jun Mini-profile !!


Name : Matsumoto Jun
Nickname : Matsujun
Birthdate : 30/08/1983
Birtplace : Tokyo, Japan
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Blood type : A

- A person who often called 'strong face'

- Another member who starred many dramas and movies such as;
Hana Yori Dango, Bambino, Kimi wa Petto, Gokusen 1,
Kindaishi Shounen no Jikenbou, Smile, and the newest,
Natsu no Koi wa Niji iro ni Kagayaku.

- Often called DoS (Do= kanji word for 'super' S=sadist)

- Also known as the 'Stage Leader' in ARASHI member because he is
the one who created the first moving stage in Japan in the entertainment industry.

- The youngest man among the ARASHI members, but the most 'otona-ppoi' among the

5 of them.


yeay !!
yatta ! I manage to repair the post !!
and, I am so happy..and satisfied enough..
last word before the pictures and the end of today post, Jun-kun Tanjoubi Omedetou !!

-what do you think of this person?-

-'Domyouji Tsukasa'-

-believe me, he is so chubby back when he still a kid !-

-See, I told ya !!-

-[Kindaichi Shunen no Jikenbo] hair !!-

-For this summer..~-

-newest picture from the the newest album, [Boku no Miteiru Fuukei]-

okay okay !
I'm sorry cause there will be no videos about Jun for the first time of his 'birthday entry',
but I didn't manage to make it..
sorry sorry !!

this is the end of today entry!!

unti then,

*esok is the Independence Day for Malaysia !!*
*Happy Independence for the 53th anniversary!!*

Sunday, August 8, 2010

berapa hari saja lagi ni...~? how happy I am!!!

doumo doumo!!
uwaahhh!! tak sabarnya nak puasa..
rasa macam teramat lama nak menunggu datangnya bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang mulia..,
antara bulan2 Islam yang lain..

and of course, pada masa yang sama..,
trial PMR akan diadakan pada waktu bulan puasa, jadi amat bersesuaianlah dengan keadaannya..
bukankah bagus puasa bila kita sedang menghadapi ujian (in this content, it means exam)
I really hope that I can get good results+flying colours so that people believe me !!
sometimes I really get irritated when people do not believe with ourself..
don't you feel so?

whatever it is..
maybe lepas ni, mungkin tidak akan satu pun entri yang akan disambung..
(kalau ada pun..itu sudah di setkan ye..hehehe~)
munkin..lepas 11 @ 12 Oktober, than I'll be back...
just pray the best for me..
Amin, Amin ya rabbal 'alamin..

I'll do my best to gather a lot of courage for everything!!
I'll do my best for..the trial exam+the real PMR+with my life!
I'll really do my best!
I will do my best !! I want to show to certain of peoples that I want them to believe me more than they should !!
zenbu ganbarimasu!!!!

last word before we meet again in October..
please pray for me..

Ijyou, Dani deshita !
mata raishu-
janai ne~?
hope to see you again!!
sayonara bye2!!

*thanks to anybody who comment me and add me as friends..*
*I'll appreciate that!! I'll pray the best for you..*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"hito wa hito, jibun wa jibun" !

doumo doumo !
actually.., just come without any plan here!
I suppose to go to the bed right now..but,
come to listen ARASHI's songs + a little waffling here..

I found many new picture of ARASHI just 5 hours ago..
mecha ureshi desu~~~

now I'm so satisfied !
something 'trigger' my angerness...but I know I can't say anything back,
so here I am!!
releasing what I suppose to say but I can't..
samishii ne~?
maa ii ka..!

ijyou..Dani deshita !!
sayonara bye2!!

*Aiba Masaki new song !! [Magical Song} desu~~~!!*
*the genre is so...? attractive..? hehehe*