Saturday, November 27, 2010

mengapa kami sanggup bersabar untuk benda itu??

doumo doumo !
ini ada kisah nak kongsi dengan siapa yang sudi bacalah..

hari ini, dalam sejarah hidupku,
dengan perasaan yang bercampur-baur, berjaya menunggu@beratur selama 2 jam 1/2
hanya untuk mendapatkan cat percuma oleh satu paint company ni..
yang kelakarnya, mengapa kami sanggup tunggu untuk benda itu ye?

inilah yang tak boleh fahamnya !
bila dah sampai rumah(lebih kurang 20 minit yang lalu), we just can smile + laugh by
our 'stupid' action..
ishk ishk ishk...

whatever it is...yesterday was Satoshi's birthday, today is laughing day (hope so),
and tomorrow we never know..

Ijyou, Dani deshita !

*I want to watch AnS !! Shukudai-kun !!*
*what kind of purpose can we use for the free paint?*

Friday, November 26, 2010

again..the oldest member's birthday...OHNO SATOSHI !

doumo doumo !
honestly.., I almost forgot about today, you know!
maybe because...I became relaxed too much, so gradually...I forgot about it !!
but, luckily I managed to look my notebook back, and there I found ;
'November 26, Ohno Satoshi's.

okay okay..
let's get back to our usual work..
let's celebrate this date !
誕生日おめでと うございます !!

oh ya ! last year, I didn't put his info, right?
so this is it .


Nicknames: Ridaa (Leader) / Captain / Oh~Chan / Satoshi-kun / Samii (By Nino)
Profession: Actor, singer and Radio host
Birthdate: 1980-Nov-26
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 166cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: A

u-oh !
I have no much time left..
so, I am so sorry if the pictures are...scattered...
here the lovely pictures of Kaibutsu Land!!

kawaii !!
satoshi kawaii !!
before I leave..
just want to say..there are some pictures that suppose to be other people..
which mean..they are not all mine !
so, here, I want to thanks to anybody who let me taking this pictures...
and..credits for them !


*Kaibutsu-kun wa..,mou 30? uwa ! bikkuri !*
*demo..Oh-chan wa zutto kawaii ni miteru kara..maa ii ya !*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the forgotten stuff...

Aiba's new drama info :

Popular group of Arashi stars drama "Bartender" that starts January (TV Asahi Friday 11:15 pm) after a year.

Aiba who acted single father in My Girl in this time frame, this time he challenge geninur bartender who client's hurt feeling.

This is based on original "Bartender", current serial of Super Jump, popular human drama that exceeded book sales 2.5 million copies.

Aiba spills his heart before shooting srtarted "I want to make cocktail that last in your heart" Ryu Sasakura that Aiba-act, he wind Europe cocktail contest at 26 years old, but he was fired a bartender Kato, his master. He came back to Japan in frustration.

He takes the occasion of meeting with journal reporter Miwa Kijima to start afresh. He search the life he live though his work, he face to clients who visit the bar, and heals an emotional wound by "warm butting in".
Usually he is artless and lovable airhead character, onve he stand at counter he chance talented bartender. Leading role that has 2 faces, this could required vast acting skill, Aiba is fully high-spirited, "Each week. I want to create the cocktail that last your memory!"

Friday night that close a week, please relax!" He is currently training from technique to manner under professional bartender every day. His excellent bartender is also highlight.

The epace of Bar that only adults are admitted, story is completed by each episode with core of romance and growth, fate encounter against rival.

Nakagawa producer who handled My girl too, "Leading role Ryu Sasakura is faithful guy. young man who has not only skill as bartender but also lives on answering the client feeling. I see these part in Aiba-san who wave nearly breaks and try to answer fans feeling with serious effort.

Hochi as this is character who need sure skill and rich knowledge, he is in the middle to create persona. He learn manner to use shaker, knowledge by professional bartender.

Mainichi Bartender is serial one a month at Super Jump, comic total sales is over 2.7 million copies with 1-17 vol.

This was TV animated 2006. drama is after return from Paris, and roaming around and restarted again as bartender. he directs clients who come because of work, love, family rouble to a solution with a glass of cocktail.

Ryu's growth who searches a ultimate cocktail, and romance with heroine,1st episode depict battle with Mika Mijima, Ryuichi Kasahara a bartender called "Mr. Perfect", master Goro Kase. Nakagawa producer says "this time he does genious bartender who search his own way, he does willing to be hurt but brings off for clients. I feel certain that this lead his passion and upstanding character to Ryu's attractive force" .

well, when I first saw this article, I just thought.."Nande? Nande Bartender nano?"....
of course, it just an acting and of course for them it normal to do this kind of thing...but for me, a really heavy feeling got into my heart...
It consist cocktail...that's why I felt something..
aaaahhh !!!!!

whatever it is...right now, I just want to watch [Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen] !!!!
the zookeeper Aiba Masaki is so cute !!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

berjaya beli CD cerita Jepun !! 雅紀 大好き !!

doumo doumo !!
sebenarnya, berkenaan title tu, sepatutnya dihantar semalam..
entah bagaimana, terlupa atau lebih tepat lagi, malas hendak buka blog..

yesterday, I went to Wangsa Walk (not alone) yesterday...and because the last time
I went there I forgot to enter the video shop, so this time the video shop is the first shop I got in !!
The main reason why we went there was just 'window-shopping'...
but I could not stay in that 'state' because I found....
DVD for マイガール a.k.a My Girl from Japanese drama!!
how happy I am !!!
Masamune-kun !!
Koharu-chan !!
I just, *found the DVD* "aaahhh!!!" *jumping around in the place; squealing quietly*
I'm really rally glad I went there yesterday !!
even though it costs a bit, what do I care??
as long I got something that can hold me for my ******* 雅紀 !!
uwaaahhh !!!
chou ureshii !! 嬉しい !!

finally, i got to watch the story today, with a satisfied heart because no one home except for me and my sister + my little brother...
with a good screen of TV?
something like that...

whatever it is...
I have nothing else to say anymore !!
right now, watching ARASHI's last year Anniversary Tour while waffling is
楽しい !!

Ijyou, Dani deshita !!

*try listen for ARASHI's 'kind-of-old' song, [Allergy]*
*"Doushitemo no mikomenai... Mitame wa melon, aji dake lemon"*

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yatta ! [Attayu!] Yatta ! [Attayu!]

doumo doumo !! one my happinest day !!!
I had been watching [A no Arashi], [D no Arshi], [G no Arashi], [Uda Uda Arashi]
and more !!
chou ureshii !!!!!!!! chou ureshii !!!!!!!!

of course, [A no Arashi] and [Uda Uda Arashi] was the most funniest ever!!
I love Aiba Masaki's "Jikken kekka"(The experiment conclusion), his 'stupid' but geniuses experiment and of course, the result of conclusion which make my mood so GOOD !!!
yatta !
and, Ninomiya + Ohno's 'gyakukaiten' (reversing action) !!
chou omoshiroi !!!

one of my dream have been granted again..!!
Alhamdulillah !!

what else can I say?
they make my day happier, stronger, and my mood, 'goodier'?

that's all for now!
ijyou, Dani deshita !!!

*相葉 雅紀 大好き !!!
*what else can I say..? I'm in the core of happiness right now!*