Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aiba Masaki's 'Oujo' at Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen [25/02/2012]


It seem like Aiba Masaki's 'Ojou' had made an appearance at the recent TSD

here some caps...
The girl MC said that the next animal baby is really connected with Aiba and 'another name' of person, but I see nothing funny there...so, I'll cut that!! Hehe...

The animal is inside the 'box(?)...!

Just a little moment...for the akaa-chan to appear on TV !!

Even the main MC said, "Ah, It was you!"
It shows how many times they had met before, ne~

Aiba just laughed at the back..


Ojou desu~~~
This is Ojou!

As you can see, it a squirrel monkey!
Kawaii yo ne~~?

Just look at it's...
Really 'kurikuri' !! (big eyes and round)

For your information, Ojou is 7 months old.

"Choumou.." - imitating Ojou's voice.

Oh ya! Since behind the curtain before the box(?) got uot, Ojou's crying/screaming voice could be heard already..
Pity little Ojou...

And Ojou seemed to be really hungry!!

I'm 70% sure that Aiba was worried about his Ojou, as an animal baby should not be given its food late..

When the girl MC said that the guest (whom it was Aiba's junior in Johnys) could hug Ojou,
Aiba's sentence, "Slowly, slowly"

I can feel his love towards Ojou..
Chou kawaii~~!!

Behind the smile..I'm sure! 70% !!

Well, well, Ojou really seemed hungry that she even climbed further on the guest's arm.

Ijyou, Ojou deshita~~
It was Ojou...

Now, you know who is Masaki's Ojou!
Maybe most of you already know this..'ojou' could be mean daughter/young-lady/daughter or a high class family.

Both Aiba Masaki and Ojou are SOOOO CUTE !!

Actually, Ojou had once been photograph together with her Masaki in a magazine.
Here it is!

That's all for today...
Mata ne~

*It seems like I spent too much time doing the previous TSD episode..*

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey...since the last entry, it have been...1 week?

Well, somehow I always got myself trapped in hustle and bustle at school...
Sometimes, when Iwas supposed to go home at 1 p.m , it suddenly went until 5 pm !!
Of course, this year, I have set myself to do or join whatever the school prepared for us, the candidates for SPM this year...
...well, eventhough I have to sacrifice my 'finishing homework' time..
and..my 'stress releasing'...

Today, Saturday, I have another programme that had been done for SPM's candidates and...ya!
I have many comments to say about it, but I have no regret.
So, I'll not say the comment.

And again, next week, the extra class (Sparkling A's) will start.
Actually, it had started this week, sarting from last Monday.
But, as many things occurred, those two class, total almost 3 hours were not counted!
And again...استغفر الله..
I have made so many promise today, I just keep working hard..
That's all I can do right now..

Hoping that my future will be much better than now, I'll work hard!!

That's all, goodbye!

*Actually, I'm in the middle of finishing the entry for last week TSD..*
*(sigh) (look left and right) (look infront) GANBARIMASU~~!*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen [02.11.2012] Aiba's part with little apprentice!

Doumo doumo~~~
Well, as you can see, another tag for TSD!
After I've finished watching last Saturday's TSD, I felt excited to take some caps, and somehow it became more than 'some caps'!
Never mind..

Firstly, before we go to Aiba's corner, there was something at the studio.

Yamase Mami (she is the girl in the picture below) : Aiba-kun, why don't you do 'that'?
Aiba Masaki : Ah..that, huh?
Yamase : Yes.
Aiba : But, suddenly being told- Ah, coincidentally, it's there!

A teacup!

They tried to put the little teacup poodle puppy into the teacup...

So! From here, we'll go to Aiba's part.
It was said that, a famous actress want to learn/apprenticeship become a zookeeper from Aiba!
Who is that famous actress?

Aiba : Originally, it's not like I have the principle of not taking apprentice...

It stated there, "Already a senior mood?"

Aiba : If you say it until to that extent, I'll just look forward to it..(with a snob mood ; LOL!!)

Aiba : But, why in the middle of the winter.., why are we at the skate rink? It's so cold!

Aiba : Eh? The rink have been reserved, right?

Aiba : A kid just got in, is it alright?

A girl was found!! She was skating beautifully!

And, even triple axle!!

Aiba : Eh? Isn't is Honda Miyu-chan? Nice meeting you!

Miyu : Good morning. I'm Honda Miyu.

Somehow, the one who want to become Aiba's apprentice is..Honda Miyu-chan !!
If we said about Honda Miyu-chan, She is a kid actress who have been playing the role of Asuda Kii, in the drama "Housekeeper, Mita". Besides, as she had once won in the figure skating tournament at 7 years old, she also have no intention at losing to the adult! (?)

Aiba : Ne, do you like animals?
Miyu : I love it so much!
She is really cute, right!!?

However, as the filming cannot go in like this...(because of their cloth)
They try to play catch-and-seek maybe? Hehe!

Aiba : 1,2...(they're doing some camera works here; spin and the cloth have changed!)

Aiba : Miyu-chan, the cloth really suit you!!

Miyu : It also suit you well, Aiba senior!

Aiba : Ah, thank you very much~!

So, [Aiba Senior will teach ! Let's become a zookeeper!]
Firstly, just for the sake of cute little apprentice, Miyu-chan, Aiba have prepared this..
In this house, Aiba have prepared many animals inside!

The first thing was...
Aiba : Do you know what is that?
I wonder can you see it?

Miyu : A lamb?

The word stated : A lamb that have been prepared by Aiba Senior

The lamb ran away!!

Aiba senior managed to catch it though...

Miyu : Do I have to pull this?
Aiba : Try and pull it.

Aiba : It's strong, right?

Aiba : A lamb really have a powerful energy!
Miyu : Please wait a minute.

Then, the little girl took out a...MEMO!!
As she wrote there, "A lamb has a powerful energy. Aiba senior said that"

In the house, Aiba tried to be a 'teacher' again, and of course, he drew a questionable picture.
Can you guess the animal Aiba wanted to express by this drawing?

The narrator said that to make a it easier for a 7 years old to understand, they will create a house for the animal that is rarely seen in the forest. So, they just get into the Room 1.

Miyu : Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!

Miyu : Somehow, it is small!

Owp!! So charming...Aiba-kun !

The thing in the room that waiting for them is...
Miyu : Erm...ferret?
Aiba : Correct!

It were ferret's babies.

It seemed like Miyu-chan had been wanting to play with ferret.

Aiba : Why don't you count how many in there?

Miyu : Well...1, 2,3...eh? Eh?
Aiba : Hahaha...

Miyu : (trying again) 1, 2...eh?

Miyu : (last attempt) 1,2,3,4..there's 5. 5!
Aiba : It's correct! There's 5, right?

But when all 5 of the ferret get all out at one time...

Miyu : Ah..it's scary...kowai!

At that time, senior Aiba was..

Aiba : Why dont't try and touch it?
Aiba slowly passed the ferret to Miyu-chan...

Miyu : Ah, it's cute!
Aiba : Cute, right?

But, when the ferret moved it's head...,
Miyu : Yaaa!!
Aiba : Hahaha...

Aiba : Why don't' we make the habitat for this ferret?

The things used to create the habitat were...,
The transparent pipe...

And pipes..

But, because the ferret have some (sharp)teeth...

Aiba was carrying Miyu at his back...Kawaii!

Miyu : I want to close it(the end of the pipe)!

Aiba : They can't get out! They can't get out! When it happen like that...

Aiba : Oh! They 'reversing'! They go backwards!!


Conclusion (for Miyu-chan's memo) : Ferret's body is tender.

Aiba : What is Miyu-chan's favorite animal?

Miyu : Panda!

But, Aiba took out a slow loris(?) just because their eyes kind of same.

And that slow loris favorite food is...cricket!

Aiba : Can you touch it..?

Miyu : I can't touch that....

Well, as you know, it move really slow...

But, eventhough the crickets were took out...

The slow loris did not eat that cricket...plus!
It sleeping!

Next animal...

It a chipmunk!

Sunflower seeds!

The face before the chipmunk eat...


Also, peanuts!

Somehow, even the brown-thin-skin...,!

But, because it's mouth had been 'pushed' with so many sunflower seeds, the peanut can't enter anymore!!

The chipmunk did eat the content.

How many times, days I'd took for this caps??!!
It seems like..last couple of weeks cannot keep me being in front of the PC for a long time..

And even my English seems to collapse..
Very sorry for the broken English and whatevarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very tired!
My shoulders hurt!
I want to go into the dreamland~~

So! Later!

*PV for [Wild at Heart], so cute!!*
*I would love to become Aiba's apprentice.... Hehe!*