Wednesday, July 21, 2010

everything started from them...only them

doumo doumo!
hari ini, rasa macam hendak bertazkirahlah pulak..
(it's been a while, huh?)
of course, this topic became a 'storm' that hit our school especially for the teachers in our school !

if you ask me why, let me answer!
because there is a snob + sombong + gikunshi person that do not even know how to appreciate a person who brought him where he is right now !!!!!
I know I'm not one of the teachers, but I (majority) knows all the teacher that is teaching in my school !!
eventhough there are many variety ways of teaching from the teachers,
they still a person who you need to respect FOREVER !!!!
don't just say " I don't know that person anymore " @ "who is that person?" only because
you've enter university or college or whatever it is !

they are the third person you need to respect after your own parents !
they are the person who you teach you from 'ABC's and even '123...' !

if you are an accountant, they are the one who teach you how to handle 'numbers' !
everything !! any jobs that you do, everything you learn from them ! FROM THEM !!

what you think you are right know if you have nobody to teach you anything?
can you still read the newspaper? can you still count your money? can you still speak in English?(if English is not your mother language) and of course, can you still know how to use the computers?

anybody who answer 'yes' for any of the possibilities, please comment me and tell me the reason so that I can find more 'weapon' to debate with you ! hehehe..

let we continue..,

one more thing, even if you have something to complain about..,
please do not use the electronic, or you can say, internet (or something in the same meaning)
just meet the person, face-to-face and just say anything you want !
go ahead !!! if you say anything in front of the person, you can't be sued by the person because they do not have any alibi to show that you humiliate them ! (if you are)
but if you comment something bad on someone post or something,
just prepare your money because that person totally can sue you !
and don't think it just a hundred or two, they can sue you until you have nothing left except for your body (maybe, but BELIEVE ME they can !!)

I don't know why people in this millenium year can still do such things like this...
come on, people !! stop doing s***** thing !! (yabai ! I use that word..first time for me though)
and of course, please do not curse people in your blog or your wall or your shoutout or whatever that can let people see what did you write !!
people can use this to sue you too, you know?

well, of course that is the reality that we know and it is common happening around us..,right?

maybe until here..,
I really wanted to thank somebody because of this topic,
because when you think back.., maybe 10 years ago or 20 years ago or maybe 49 years ago..
you used to be in the kindergarten, right?
who is the kindest person you thought that time? you still have no friend, your parents were not there.. and of course you still a kid with a pure heart..
I'm sure you know what the correct answer for this..

last peace..and last word,
treasure all your memory from the time back in the kindergarten or in the middle school or in the high school or the place you used to learn something that you still use until now,
because that is the first place you wanted to be back again..

hai, ijyou,
Dani deshita !!
mata ne...
hope you can accept all my 'waffle' for today..
and again, please respect your teachers !!

jaa ne,
sayonara, bye2!!

*I really miss the fragrant that I used to smell back in my kindergarten..*
*sensei ! nanka aitakatta na~...*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the storm finally has come !! 'arashi' ga kita yo!!!

doumo doumo!!
kyou wa sa..,
mono sugoi ame ga fuitemashita yo~~!!!
maji de!
mou hontoni...

but, bila hujan- no no!
ribut macam ni, baru kita sedar sebenarnya..
kita ada buat salah...
ataupun kaum manusia buat sesuatu yang tidak sepatutnya!!

macam mana lagi ni??

anyway...just want to say normal stuff...
I manage to repay back my Mathematics result (Yosh! Yatta zo!! alhamdulillah..~)
semalam, dah kena suntik ATT (akhirnya..lama tunggu tau tak?)
and of course, KKQ hanya perlu hafal surah2 hafazan sahaja..
mungkin bulan 8 dah tiada benda lain selain fokus untuk PMR, kilauan A, PMR...
dan begitulah rutinnya..
semoga segala apa yang telah kami, calon2 PMR tahun ni lakukan dan kerjakan dengan izinMu,
berkatilah kami dalam segala apa yang kami impikan..
amin ya rabbal 'alamin..

bulan 7 sudah masuk..tunggu bulan 8, sambil2 puasa, jawab periksa,
jom tengok siapa yang berjaya!!

Ijyou, Dani deshita!!!

*[To Be Free] PV is so calming...*
*"Kawaita mama bokura wa, kakedashitanda.."*