Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coming Up!

Assalam people!

Ok, I know it has been so so so so long...
And I will repeat the same thing, over and over again.

So whatever, I'll just say whatever I want.

First, this is my last semester! Oh my, 3 years move so fast I know!!
Second, I'm doing my last subject, the practicum teaching.
Third, yezza, I'm literally a teacher, if that what should I call myself.
Fourth, Happy 21st to me! Muahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuah to myself!
Fifth, I WILL do a reflection/story-telling/sharing my story about my 'Diploma in TESL' journey. I will. What a pathetic naming though...

I feel kind of lonely, not having to post anything about those and these that happened in my life...
To be honest, that was the main reason for this blog's existence.

A lot of things happened, a lot.
And I'm not a 'share-r' to others about my whole life, so I'll chose which to be shared, which to be kept. That is what we call manner to yourself, I guess.
I'll put one line from the my current favorite song,[Levitasi];
"Perlu apa dihebahkan, bukannya pertandingan" 
What the use of sharing EVERYTHING with strangers? << rough translation LOL!

To make everything short,
After I've done with all this practicum (or maybe the whole diploma thingy),
I'll update my blog. 
Just, not now. 
Let me arrange my own mind first. Hehehe.. 

So, that's it for now!
My current update of myself, I'm doing good. Just good.
Not so excellent, not so worst. Just good.
Pray the best for me. ^_^

Dani でした.

*Wondering what my current obsession? Even I don't know that myself*
*一生懸命がんばってます *