Monday, December 15, 2014

It was 'a good' experience...harharhar -_-

OK, last time was long time ago, I know.
Just got no mood to update like everything happened in between all those days...
Sumimasen deshita...brown teddy bear emoticons 8 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

Actually, I sent an 'online translator job' as they were offering for anyone who can translate to English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and etc. It's up to you actually how many you can translate(with the correct translation, of cos!)

Someone told me about that online job, and I don't see any harm in trying to try the job, so...
'why not, right?'

But, I'm very sorry that I just had to personally rejected the accepted application. ( I wonder if they can read this post of mine here..hmm..)

The only reason...,
well, first to say I still haven't finish my study yet. (I think that is still acceptable)
secondly, or should I say the main reason of my rejection...
I have to pay for that application.brown teddy bear emoticons 16 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

- not that much I guess... $19 = RM66
- through PayPal or VISA
(duhh... bye2 then, my 'little' experience)brown teddy bear emoticons 9 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

yeah, well...
I think it's not a weird thing that you have to pay or whatsoever..
just wondering why they didn't put that 'need to pay for the application' AT THE BEGINNING?
I mean like, where you can read the advertisement and stuff?
I guess, that's what they call strategy in business maybe...?
Hmm...well, I guess my name is TOTALLY out from their system after this if I wanted to apply again...sure, whatever..

so..that was the story of my 'almost-good-translating-experience', only if I really accepted that job.

But, it really seems like a fun one. brown teddy bear emoticons 12 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons
Maybe I'll try to find one again after this..(when I'm confident with 'everything', that is)

Until then,
It was me Dani~

*it's holiday, and yea did I mention about my new list for 'awaiting-to-be-watched anime?*
*can't wait till I got a great hold of arranging my time, even for the holiday...*