Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arashi Spring Concert 2001 the best....

wah's been 8 days since the last entry...isn't it?
well...., I can say that along that '8 days',
I've been busy..(well not really)
and...I have nothing interesting to share with all of you...(dengar macam kejam la pulak..)
whatever it is...
April Month is here...~~(oh!'s tomorrow)

yesterday, I managed to download [Arashi Spring Concert 2001]..
ok, honestly, it just fancam..but,
it's from 2001 !
10...years ago? That's kind of long,huh?
And of course, that time I have no idea anything about Japan except for the animes...
so....I am quite happy to be able to watch this...(eventhough it was from 10 years ago...)

and...what else..?

today..I helped the teacher to pack some food that will be given to the parents this Saturday..
not just me..some of my classmates, (who does not have to rehearse anything) also helped the teacher...
all of us divided the duty, someone pack all food into the packet provided, some put the bread into small plastic and some stapling the plastic while for me, I've did the cutting for the cake and separated them one by one with the scissors of course...
and now, my right hand's thumb is having the numbness from cutting non-stop!!!

the numb is still on my thumb...
(macam pantun pulak dah...)
tapi...apa-apa pun,
esok dah masuk bulan April,
jadi..a new life waiting!!!!~~~

before I stop here..,
this are some of my 'edited pictures'

- The memory of Mago Mago Arashi desu~ -

ijyou..Dani deshita!!

*Masaki ga mecha kawaii !!! Arashi no menba- ni mo, mecha kawaii desu yo~~*
*....."kikyou"... T-T + :(*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

alhamdulillah..she passed!

for today's blog title..
it has nothing to do with me but someone who is relate with me...
my sister, of course!

she just got her SPM result this morning(maybe noon)
and alhamdulillah, she passed!!
of course... she'd tried her best and I am happy with her!
inshaAllah, I'll try my best too for my next year SPM !!
amin, amin ya rabbal 'alamin...

my sister's friend or can I say, my friend too,
she also got a good, I want to congratulate her too!!

kenapa diriku pulak yang menjadi excited ni?

tapi...hari ni bila balik saja rumah (kena bertugas hari ni, balik 4.30 ptg)
tiba2 jadi macam Ninomiya Kazunari yang selalu sakit bahu....
nak gelak pun ada...
hahahha..(dah gelak dah pun...)
nak menangis pun ada ( sebab sakitnya bahu kiriku!! my left shoulder!!)
(rasa) macam nak orang urut pun ada..
macam2 lah!!
tapi..apakan daya...
'this is what we call life'...
itu sajelah yang terluah dek mulutku ini..

okey...maybe until here..
will update more blogs later...

*for the whole holiday.., I managed to update only ONE entry?! what??!!*
*one new wisdom word.."untuk mencapai kejayaan semanis madu, perlu ada pengorbanan sepahit hempedu" *

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

just for fun !!

if you asked me 'what is this?'
my answer, well, just for fun ,man!!

abandon the *cute* table...
I got tooo boring, so I took the scrabble *which have been left there unused for quite a long time*
and this what I did!!

it was so much fun...
well, plus with a bit of frustrated because I couldn't found some letters..

just want to share this..~
until, later?

*who would ever thought that this time holiday was kind know*
*I've return to my old-self...'downloading'....*

Monday, March 14, 2011

alhamdulillah.....selamat sampai

well, I'd arrived safely yesterday,
and...I am so lazy to update immediately...

right now, I am watching D no Arashi...
but then, something disturbs me right now!
It is all about my country...
but, suddenly I lost the main have nothing to say!

I mean, if I say something here, there might be 'something' that people will say later,
so I better just zip out my mouth and maybe, I'll never say anything about it!

actually, I want to update some pictures from my previous trip..
but just like I said, I has lose all the interests to do anything...

okay! later,

*praying for those in Japan to stay alive and healthy...amin amin*
*"we should think 1000x10 times before we said anything"*

Saturday, March 12, 2011

trip to Perak? maybe....?

actualy....tengah bersiap nak pergi Perak..
kenapa diriku ini begitu excited sekali?
sebabnya....boleh mandi air terjun nearby!!
YEAY !!! YEAY !!

finally, the last papers for this March test had officially over yesterday..
but I forgot to announce it here...

so...maybe, until here?
I will be coming home tomorrow,
and for the whole next week, I'm in holiday!! (well, same goes to the whole country)
well, still got no plan what to do, where to go, and bla bla..
maybe, I just stay at home and finish ALL the books I've borrowed..and of course all the hu hu
whatever it is, can't wait!!!

until here,

*ermmm....pray for me for this holiday to stay healthy and happy!*
*....what else to say? got to go now!!(dash)*

Monday, March 7, 2011

Got nothing to type....

well, today..
I am so bothered in 'what I supposes to write today'...
so, in the end, I just want to present my oral to you!!

I've already done with this..,
so before I delete for good, better I put it here..
for memory, for information...and whatever it can be !

so, here it is!

(I have to cut some parts which I think it is dangerous to reveal it here..)

Today, I am going to explain the adverse effects of alcohol and how a human body can be damaged from it. In chemistry, an alcohol is any organic compound in which a hydroxyl functional group is bound to a carbon atom, usually connected to the other carbon or hydrogen atoms.

Alcohol is very dangerous because it is highly addictive that can make you do things that you do not normally do. Alcohol is actually a depressant. That means it's a drug that slows down or depresses the brain. Alcohol can also make people turn dangerous and nasty which then results in innocent people getting hurt. When a human drink alcohol, there were so many disadvantages that may not be present in any other thing. They might do or say things they don't mean. They might hurt themselves or other people, especially if they drive a car. Clashes often occur due to alcohol.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can kill a person. Over time, people who abuse alcohol can do serious damage to their bodies. It is able to weaken and reduces the ability to think and speak properly. The liver, which removes poisons from the blood, is especially at risk. Once the alcohol is absorbs into the tissue, it affects your mind and body. Through alcohol, the stomach gradually loses its ability to function properly and it will cause loss of appetite. The alcohol contain chemicals which can spoils ones facial features and makes one age quicker. Normally, those who consume alcohol will suffer heart failure and make it hard to function.

This is also the matter that caused the Islamic religion prohibits alcohol among Muslims because it contain chemicals which may endanger the physical and internal organs of a human. Before I resigned, I would like to share some information on where the alcohol is therein this world is one of the methods other than gambling and idolatry that used by the evil demons so that the Muslims would stray far from the righteousness. We as Muslims should be vigilant and protect ourselves from being tricked of deception of the devil. Thank you for lending me your ears, even just for a while.

Yeay! there it goes...~
until here...
wish me luck for the monthly exam starting from tomorrow..!


*for 'this person', SO SORRY about the things we had talked about it this morning...*
*human always make mistakes...*

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally I found the clip !! [CDTV 04.13.2002], Aiba just sat on the chair, not dancing with the others...

hai, minna!!
Like I said, I found the video!!
Finally...after some time searching + giving up + searching it again...,
finally I found it !!

It's been a while since I'd post...
so, today!
screencaps time !!!
and of course, from the clip I'm talking about..

but, before that..
this is some information regarding Aiba's illness...

According to the Japanese wiki, Aiba was hospitalized on 3/25/02 for the collapsed lung and was hospitalized for 4 days.
The moment he started complaining about his chest hurting in the All or Nothing DVD playing the saxophone is the moment his lung collapsed. Matsujun says that that evening, Aiba decided to go to hospital because his lung was hurting so much. There he was diagnosed with pneumothorax, and had an operation and was hospitalized.
He talks about the scar from this operation in his letter to Arashi members in 2004 24hr tv.

credit to :

and the words from Aiba himself about his illness :

It was about two years after Arashi's debut that I fell in love with the saxophone. I really was captivated by it at that time, thinking only about sax-related things, and always playing the saxophone. I never thought that the sax would already become that important to me.

That's why the period of time when I fell ill afterwards was the toughest and most unbearable. [T/N: In March of 2002, Aiba got pneumothorax and was admitted to the hospital for surgery.] Actually, ever since I was a child my body has never been really great, and sicknesses aren't really a stranger to me either. I often went to the hospital to get treated when I was small, and practically became friends with the doctors there. But I never stayed overnight in the hospital before, and (when I got pneumothorax) it was the first time I ever stayed the night, so it was very scary.

I originally wanted to do a live sax performance in Arashi's video [T/N: In June of 2002, Arashi released ALL OR NOTHING, in which members chose things they wanted to challenge and 'level up' on; it's also sort of like a half-documentary video], so I practised nonstop. While I was practising that day I thought, "It really hurts for some reason", then even simply walking was painful too. I really had no forewarnings of any kind, and it gave me a severe shock. Then I underwent surgery, and stayed in the hospital for five days.

My parents were very worried, but it was worth it too. I thought about a lot of things during the period of time while I was staying in the hospital. It coincided right with the promotion period for "Nice na Kokoroiki", so I was unable to do the promotion work too. I really thought I would be kicked out of Arashi. That's why during my hospital stay, to be able to participate in a single live performance, I was very very happy. I was still in a lot of pain because I had just undergone surgery, but it was much better than not showing up at all. All the trouble that I've brought to the other members and the surrounding people was the most painful of all.

I listened to songs by Blue Hearts the entire time that I was at the hospital. Their lyrics are all positive, they were really great. If I listen to Blue Hearts now, I would think of my frame of mind at that time, and even think of the atmosphere in the hospital room. My impressions of that time is really too vivid, sometimes I would even be unable to continue listening to the songs.

I had really wanted to play the saxophone ever since high school. I saw Takeda Shinji playing the sax, and then ran off to the music room at school. But the sax was under lock and key, so I couldn't take it out. (Playing the) sax is very cool, and it's also very profound. When you press down with your fingers at the same time, if the way you blow is different, the sound that you produce is different as well. I had a great time practising.

Because of the sickness, I was unable to do my live sax performance, and at that time I really didn't want to accept it. I had already invited musicians to it, and arranged an area for filming, and I had practised like hell for the performance too. I told the staff, "Just once, please let me play", I begged them many many times, but I still couldn't get permission, and could only give up. In the (ALL OR NOTHING) video, only my part was pure interview.

Now that I think about it, those five days were very precious. They allowed me to draw back and look upon Arashi at a distance. Before that, I already knew I really liked this occupation, and I really cherish it, but it was only at that time that I realized, "I actually like it this much". The scar that was left behind from the surgery remains on my chest to this day, and when I see it every day I would think of my frame of mind at that time, and tell myself, "You have to work hard". (To be able to have that kind of experience) really is a great thing, and I'm unable to forget my feelings at that time too.

Even if I become addicted to the saxophone, I also need to know when enough's enough. This doesn't mean I have to go and hate it, but to stop with a "rou~!" [T/N: I think he's imitating the sound that you make with a saxophone, but I'm not sure...], because it would be bad if you (get too addicted and) give others trouble. I think that's what would really count as having grown up.

credit to :

Somehow, this time, I had some difficulties doing this..

- These boys are the 'the other' Arashi.. LOL! -

- Before the performance ended, they helped Aiba so that the chair would face the camera -

- Eventhough it was not long after he got out from the hospital, he still showed his earnest -

- He was happy because he still can performed with the members.. -

- You can see his desire to join and dance together...but he could not -

- Forever ARASHI ! -

- Ganbare, Masaki !! -

-These are the caps that I manages to cap ! -

I'm planning to put the video here...
put when you 'work' together with YT,
sorry, NO HOPE !!

maybe until then..
I'll.....type later!


*just read everything from 'Aiba Masaki's is SO sad!*
*.....I'm sooo sad !!!*