Saturday, August 25, 2012

a 'little' restriction....


Officially, I'd safely arrived from the kampung yesterday (sharp at 12.00 PM!!)
Well, nothing abnormal....except that I still receive 'Duit Raya' from my aunts+uncles?
I also enjoyed the 'raya celebration' this year...nothing more or less.

Right now, in the middle of finishing some of my 'leftover' homeworks that I purposely didn't do back then at kampung...(because there was no 'formulas' or 'buku rujukan'..ngehehe!)

the main point for today is...

Starting from this Tuesday (28.08.2012), my SPM Trials will be 'waiting' for me until Friday (14.09.2012),
So, regarding with that matter...
I HAVE to restrict my self for a while...

Equal entry until then.

Of course, I have no confidence in getting all A's, but at least I want all A's for my essence lessons.
So, 頑張るよ~~

That's all..
I don't have other thing to restrict...
Only my obsess with the PC! Hehe... 


*The 24 jikan terebi....I have no mood in watching it live*
*Because I know there will be crying 'corner'...well, actually it just me who would cry*

Sunday, August 19, 2012


this will be a good-cute-little-post.

Wishing all my friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.
May this year will be a great year to all of you, and will be much better than the last.

Till then,
take care~~

*...we REALLY need to sacrifice something to get something else...*
*wahh....I have too many things to do!!~*

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100% SUPPORTS !! They're just too I.D.I.O.T !!

Before I start, first, really sorry about my harsh word stated on the title,
but I believe the article I'm going to paste after this deserve MORE SCOLDING from me  !!


I don't care if some of the readers feel like I'm insulting them or humiliating or whatever(have the same meaning) because THIS IS WHAT YOU SUPPOSED TO READ AND REGRET YOURSELF !!

taken from :
(in Malay)

Stupidity #1

Pergi sekolah bertudung. Di tempat kerja pun bertudung. Kebanyakan masa dia bertudung
Apa yang bodohnya: Bila dalam bilik dia tanggal tudung, boring-boring dia pergi ambil kamera digital /kamera handphone, 'snap' gambar sendiri yang tak pakai tudung, lepas tu upload dalam Facebook atau blog peribadi. Dalam album online dia, secara sengaja telah memberi perbandingan percuma gambar dia bertudung dan tak bertudung, mana yang lebih cantik.

Stupidity #2

Allah memang anugerahkan dia rezeki muka yang lawa. Ditambah pula dengan susuk tubuh yang cantik. Rezeki halal untuk suaminya yang sah suatu hari nanti, (bukan untuk ditayang-tayangkan) . Apa yang bodohnya: Mentang-mentang dia tahu dia perempuan lawa dan dia perasan ramai lelaki minat tengok dia. Dia mula jadi GEDIK iaitu menunjuk-nunjuk tarikan kecantikan dan kewanitaannya agar lelaki-lelaki lebih berminat melihatnya. Dia berani pakai baju sendat, jeans sendat dan fesyen Mulismiah pelik, selepas itu posing dalam gaya yang manja dan kemudian upload gambar-gambar tersebut dalam Facebook atau blog peribadi supaya ramai orang dapat tengok.

Stupidity #3

Muka yang comel dan lawa Allah anugerahkan kepada dia. Ramai lelaki yang melihat memang akan terpersona. Pakaian dia tidaklah sendat dan seksi, tetapi masalah dia ialah gemar 'snap' gambar wajah sendiri yang comel cun itu dan upload ke dalam Facebook dan blog peribadi supaya ramai orang tengok. Lelaki-lelaki gila seks pun tengok muka juga, mereka memang suka yang cantik dan comel, yang hodoh mereka tak ingin. Awas !

Stupidity #4

Wanita Melayu Islam kategori ini adalah yang paling melampau dan juga paling hipokrit. Bertudung sebab nak pergi sekolah dan ke tempat kerja sahaja. Apa yang hipokritnya: Bila keluar jalan-jalan di bandar, dia buka tudung, pakai jeans sendat atau legging, baju sendat siap boleh nampak lurah buah dada. Pergi clubbing dan berparti sosial, lepas tu ambil gambar sendiri dalam keadaan begitu dan upload dalam Facebook dan blog peribadi supaya ramai orang tengok.

Stupidity #5

Lelaki dan perempuan jika sudah berkahwin sudah halal pegang-pegang dan peluk-peluk. Itu memang diakui. Apa yang bodohnya: Banyak kes, suami isteri berposing dalam keadaan manja bermesraan, pakaian si isteri tersayang pula sendat dan ketat di dalam baju persandingan, kemudian diambil gambar mereka. Jika untuk tatapan diri sendiri dan keluarga terdekat memang OK. Tetapi, ada juga pasangan yang gatal meng-upload gambar romantis mereka itu ke dalam Facebook dan blog. Kalau pakaian si isteri imej 'ala-ala alim agama', mungkin selamatlah, tetapi yang ini baju kain satin, potongan sendat dan jarang pula tu. Alamat, stalker curi dan kena fantasi lah !

Jika berbalik kepada Islam, Islam ternyata melarang wanita-wanita Islam bermegah-megah dengan daya tarikan seksual dan kecantikan yang mereka ada. Allah memberikan nikmat kecantikan wajah dan tubuh badan kepada wanita-wanita tertentu sebagai ujian kepada nafsu kaum lelaki dan juga ujian terhadap wanita-wanita terbabit. Ini kerana Allah mengarahkan wanita-wanita Islam agar memelihara aurat sepenuhnya dan memastikan kecantikan fizikal dirinya hanya dapat dinikmati dengan sangat seronok oleh lelaki yang halal baginya iaitu sang suami suatu hari nanti.

Menunjuk-nunjuk kecantikan, membawa padah pada harga diri sendiri.

Renung-renungkan. Selamat beramal.


If any of you, readers that want to defend themselves, please move you fingers over the keyboard and come on, comment on this entry! I'm waiting~

Honestly, when I found the blog (, I was nodding the whole time in front of the PC screen, agreeing while reading the entries. It just really 'hit' the present situation; 
- about the leggings (that I don't even understand why women wear it outside the house?) - It's an undergarment, you know?!
- about the hijab/tudung fashion (that I don't even understand why women want TO BE like a fashion star?) - what is wrong if you just wear the normal one, and colourful fabric if you want some difference.
- about the 'free hair'/hypocrite women; which is mostly student. OK, I take that back...every type of occupation (that I don't even understand why they wear the hijab/tudung in the first place?) - don't blame the other that 'forced' you to wear it.
-about the bride's fashion nowadays (that I don't even understand why did they choose the obscene clothes in the first place?) - unless they really WANT TO BOAST themselves + the groom who does not think of anything but to 'screw' their wife.

Honestly, I'm still a servant of Allah that still lack of confidence to reprimand my own kind when they are doing bad things. 
This is one of the way that I can do to remind themselves (also to myself) about the RULES that have been decided from Allah before we were born.
All the rules (this time, it's about the manners in clothing) were created to save our own life+body from the An-Nar; the hell.

Alhamdulillah, I thanks to Allah because I have been raised by my parents in a correct way. 

Some of my ummi's quotes (that I really like!) :
"When you were small, you'd wore the jeans, the mini-skirt, the sleeveless blouse and even a mini-princess-like dress, so you can't say I never give you those kind of clothes anymore." (because it seem like I adore to wear them in the present)

"I'll give you money only for the appropriate clothes"

"I'll borrow you any colour of tudung that I have" (as my mum have so many hijab/tudung that are quite big)

There are many more quotes actually..., but I'll stop here.
I believe all Muslim parents should express their responsibility to their kids with this kind of simple+nonchalant quotes.

May Allah bless all of us.

Until then...

*Really sorry for the harsh words*
*It's already 27th of Ramadhan...attoiuma desu ne(it just in a blink of eyes)*

Thursday, August 2, 2012

It really hurt, honestly....

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims~

Just want to share my thought about being a sick person in this holy month, Ramadhan...
>> well, it could be the same if we compare it with those fasting athletes for the Olympic..

Firstly, it was really hurt and I felt too scary being a burden to the other classmates (because of my awful coughs)

Secondly, eventhough people kept telling me to go to the clinic, I just couldn't because I've been raised just to have some rest first...(actually, it is just me who have this kind of secret...). Originally, I am not really familiar with this 'fever day' or some health problem since I was in the first primary.

Third, I'm scare about skipping classes but people(and the school) kept telling me to stay at home. One day is too precious to be absent right now...

Forth, it's not like everybody really understand my situation right now, and of course I don't even know their true opinion about me... It just too complicated!

Lastly, I'm scare of being sick for a long time that I could not do anything about it.


Until then...
I'm waiting for the time everything will go back to normal...
Eventhough it might take too long.. !

*If I have the time, I'll share with you about the secret*
*It might shock you though....*