Friday, December 24, 2010

the secondmade for..AIBA MASAKI's BIRTHDAY !!


this is the second post about AIBA's birthday post for my blog ! also mean, I have been blogging for about..a year?
whatever it is..
I'm glad to know them since 2 years ago!
and now, my love for them were... continuing to grow!!
what am I saying here??

get back to the real topic..
24th December,
it can be meant as Christmas Eve for some people,
but for will always mean one thing,
which is is ARASHI's miracle boy's birthday!!

誕生日おめでと うございます!!

mou...,Masaki have become 28 years old...
and he'll be starring in a new drama this coming January...
hoping he will stay the same for ever!!

for this year..
I don't what should I do for Masaki's bithday..,

oh ya! I hope the other members will celebrate HIS birthday !!
not for Christmas Eve's party !!
I want to celebrate for him..celebrate with him..
but that would be impossible!

what else...
I don't know what to say..
my brain is not in good condition to type anything else..
waiting patiently to watch the newest Himitsu no Arashi-chan...
aaahhhh !!

I'll post later...
again, Tanjoubi Omedetou Masaki !!
some pics of the cutest member, Masaki Aiba !!

kawaii deshou ~
I found a picture of him being a girl..(not in the TSD)
really, I cannot take off my eyes of him !!


*It seem, [Mote Arashi, dame Arashi] have come back!!*
*Masaki daisuki!!*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

now, I'm back with everything I had waited for a long time!

doumo doumo!
berapa lama dah tak menconteng-conteng dekat sini..
well, I just totally forgot about my hometown's phone cable had been stole..
I already knew about this..but I..seriously forgot..
and then, I have no time to write this and that along the times I'm there..

never mind about that..
I arrived home yesterday, one step into my house, guess what?
It already past twelve o'clock...night of course!
slept at 1 o'clock in the morning..and get up from sleep at 7..
balance, huh?

I went to school this morning, took the text books, almost 'broke' my right shoulder,
waited for my exam result..
and ALHAMDULILLAH, i passed everything even though
there was one I thought I would score..
but still, my family congratulated me...
thanks for all of your congrats !
I really appreciate it!

my class got all passed !
yes! no one failed in my class...
all of us wanted to thank all the teachers that had been taught us for every subjects,
but we can't found them...
here I want to say....


yappa sa,
'sensei' tte sugoi deshou!
they are the amazings person ever in the world !!

ok, ok....
it seem I almost got into something deeper..
without I realize it...
nevertheless, will update later..
with important date tomorrow!
it's not Christmas Eve, it's someone's birthday!

*finally I got to ride the train a.k.a KTM(Keretapi Tanah Melayu)*
*I love you teachers !! Love you so much!*