Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm officially done with my diploma~!!! (minus the graduation)

Assalam folks,

So, I'm done! The end!
Hahaha, just kidding~
As I mentioned 2 months ago,
" I WILL do a reflection/story-telling/sharing my story about my 'Diploma in TESL' journey. I will "

Haaa, so this is the blog, the post, that I will babble all of those things that happened all along from my First Year; First Semester till Third Year; Sixth Semester.

First of all, yes, I am taking my Teaching English as Second Language (TESL) at KPTM Kuala Lumpur, or KPTMKL.
Back then, it just a 'kolej'.
Now! Na-uh, it's K'U'PTMKL, mind you~

Still, KUPTMKL is a great place to study; except for the students' placement for those 3 years that I had.
It's not the usual place where the campus and college(for students' to sleep I mean) are in the same compound. Nope, don't ever expect that.

It is situated in the middle of many warehouses, factories, whatever you call them.
But! It is not 'isolated' like some places where you have to go 5 km above just to get your necessities.
The shops are everywhere, so no worry on that.
The best part~? You can get branded clothes/makeup/etc with VERY low prices when it is time for clearance stock!!! Goo**es, Eli**to, Di*sel and more~~!!! << haha, no credits for that..sorry.
Usually it'll happen by the end of every year or every semester (depends on the warehouses)

The motto of KPTM is 'A Centre of Learning, Centred on You'
Does it really centred on you?
Decide it yourself :P
But I do think it helped me a lot in this course, so it works for me!

The lecturers are all very nice, friendly, easy to talk with. Most of them are still at young ages ya know!
Yeah, some does have strict way in teachings students- but that is normal, right?
They are educators, after all.
They have the rights to do, let it be.

I started my diploma back in July 2013.
At that time, I was still in 'chaotic' mind as I was soo lost in deciding which road should I choose.
'Is it matriculation? Is it UPU universities? Is is foundation?'
All those crappy thoughts were fighting in my mind, and I was scared I am the person who still don't have any places to go.
If you read about my post about the UITM interview, yep, I was dropped out of it.
Nahhh, not that heartbroken though...but still, "where should I go now?",
That was my biggest worry of all(at that time, ok..)

At the same time, I have this 'big sister' a.k.a. my senior a.k.a. my best friend that currently was studying at KPTM.
She helped me a lot in getting information about KPTM, how do I get into it, where does this college situated at, do I even have the enough qualification to enter it, can I get any sponsorship, etc.
I remembered she brought me to see the building of KPTM, and even bringing me 'illegally' to her dorm before all of this continuing-my-study stuff.
Thanks to that, I got the pre-knowledge on how is KPTM is like.

Well, not until that deep knowledge though. LOL!

Here, I've inserted the links for my First 3 weeks at the college so enjoy it while you can..
Coz I might delete them. Ahahah!
Just kidding~
Please spare my horrible grammar in this post, and this post I was just..a kid...back then.
Well, still a kid though.

I'll try my best to continue later..maybe for my Second Semester..who know~

So, Dani deshita!

*I'm so freeee right now that I have to many things to do but..not to do.*
*What a complicated excuse..hukhukhuk!*