Sunday, April 28, 2013

Report on interview TESL UiTM, 28th April 2013

Hai, hai, doumo~~

as I promised, I'll report the interview for the TESL that I just took this very morning, today!
(well, not that morning, it started at 8.30)

Before I go to the interview details, I want to point up some things that I found, THIS is also important.

First, make sure you arrived at the venue stated in the letter EARLIER than the time in the letter.
Second, make sure you bring at least two pens/mechanical pencils
Third, make sure you go to the right place as stated in the letter, and beware of not being lost.

..maybe only that.

About thing/documents that you have to bring, all are according in your interview letter.
Make sure you read the letter thoroughly;don't miss anything coz it  might cause other problem.

When you arrive, there would be a whiteboard/board and there some printed papers with names on them pasted.
Your job, search your name;which panel you are, and enter the hall(I think it was a hall) and sit according your panel.
DON'T get the wrong panel, because it might affect your progress for the interview later.

In the hall, you would have to answer question on the paper;writing question paper.
For my situation, there was Part A and Part B; choice question and essay writing.
The question have no different from the English Language paper for the test, it just the passage was quite high level, that's all.

After you finished with your question paper, they will collect your paper (usually, other candidates too, but there would be 'datang lambat' cases.)
And, you'll be carried to another block, and according to your panel(different panel, different room), you'll have to wait for your turn for the interview.
There would be another paper pasted on the door which have the names of candidates of that panel.

For my situation, I got the Panel 1, and my name was listed as number 7.
But, as I arrived a little bit late, my name was skipped and....of course, you have to be the last one.
can't help about that..

Usually, the candidates would enter one by one, according to their numbers as stated on the paper.

Here some tips!
If your number is still faraway, or near the last number, PLEASE talk/make a conversation with the other candidates.
Believe me, it could help you A LOT !
Don't be shy to start a conversation; who knows the person you greet that time could be your best friend?
I said this because of my 'little' courage asking another candidates, I never thought the first person I greet there would be another Arashi fan! That was beyond my imagination, honestly!
You might have the same fate as me (in a different details).... ^_^
no one knows about it~

And, when you make new friends/acquaintances, you can also ask them about the question that might be asked, or even the question that the interviewer asked them.
It just like killing two birds with one stone!

Talking with other people, eventhough you just met them, could help you to calm down.
You have the feeling of nervous, scared or whatever, AND the other candidates you just know also have the same feeling.
So, why don't you try to be friendly once in a time? Hehe...

Lastly, when you got call to go inside the interview room,
Don't feel too scare with the interviewer, they also human beings like you.
There would be two interviewer; could be the different gender or same.
For my case, both interviewer were really generous with smile, I really thankful for that,Alhamdulillah.
If you meet with a interviewer that have a sour/gloom face, just keep on smiling, don't think you cannot smile to them.

They would ask you to describe yourself.
Just describe it briefly;your name, your D.O.B, your family, your parents' work,your hobby
Don't waste time to explain everything IN DETAILS. Just a brief one.

And after that is where it could a little complicated.
They would ask you anything.
It could be general knowledge, the current issues(I got this for me), the things you like to do, your opinion about the school's education and etc. It could be anything!
But, don't be panic. Just answer the way you think that might be the answer.
It's not like you'll be reject just because you got the answer wrong.

'Do you really want to be an English teacher?' < This question seemed to be like a compulsory question, so..
just prepare an answer for it yourself.
Also, they could ask question that relate to the question about teaching so...prepare too!

Until the end of the interview, don't be panic. Just answer the question asked casually(NOT in a 'bahasa pasar' way),be honest with your answer; don't tell lies.

The point of the interview is just they wanted to see whether you CAN speak in English or not, do you have the CONFIDENCE to speak English.
Don't be scare of some little mistakes in grammar, vocabulary or whatever..just keep on answering WITH a point.

Okay..I think that's all about today's TESL interview.
I was quite nervous about it...
many things happened when I have no idea about how it works, so that is why I'm typing all these report.
So that, I hope there would be another generation that can use my report and...just to make a little prepare, that's all~

So, I'm sleepy right now...
See you again...later?
(well, it could be next week...What?!)

Ijyou, Dani deshita!

*I was happyhappyhappyhappy+did not expect to meet another Arashi-an there~*
*...maybe that's what they call fate..? only HE knows that...^_^ *

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I can't believe I just leave this blog untouched! What!!??

Doumo, doumo!

Forgive me for the lack of new entry...(yeah, I know I became a 'lazy girl' for this..huhu)

And, for after-a-long-time,-this-new-entry, I'm going to share about my current education 'status'.
I got the offer for the TESL interview this Sunday(28th April)!!


I was 'sowasowa' (restless) all along waiting for the UPU result..
and Alhamdulillah...
I just don't know what to say..


deep inside...(my heart, maybe?)
I'm kind a..feeling scared..a bit?

Up until the day I got know the result, I was scared of not being accepted in ANY programmes that I applied.
And now, I'm scared of what going to happen that day.


ok, I don't mid if you label me as a coward of whatsoever...
..maybe I am one, right now.

Still, I'm going!
What gonna happen, I have no idea..
I read some other blogs that shares their experiences..
and how their life as a TESL-ian(they stated themselves, alright)

I'll do my best!

Hmm...what else?
I also got the offer for the matriculation..,
but I have no idea why I got the KMP (Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis)
still not sure about it...,
AND! I'll have to discuss with my family first..
The end.

That's it!

Sorry for the lack of 'information' about what I'm doing these past weeks..
I just...I don't know.
Just lost in the maze on what I should type, should share, should copy+paste in the entry...

I...try my best for the upcoming days.

And! I try to open up a schedule on the day after I go for the interview...
It's not like people around me really want to know how the progress, right?

Arrgghh! Got to stop!
Or have to read another ridiculous+boring, uninteresting story.

Ijyou, Dani deshita~

*bought the [Last Hope] drama DVD two days ago! How happy I was~~!*
*Now...waiting for the movie..[Platina Data]. Ah ha ha ha!*