Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear time...You are very fast~!

Doumo, minna~!
It's been a long time, I know..
(and, yeah like anyone is reading this.. -_-)

Okay, just let that be..
Just want to share that, in about a month, my 2nd semester will end,
and ya!
It was like a blink of time!!
Mr/Mrs. Time, you are very fast..!
(and I do know that we're the one who have to chase them. ;P )

For this week, it's full with quiz..quizzes...QUIZ!!
nah, I'm not really sighing.. haha!

My latest news?
-Just finished the group work (except for the last one; Literature Drama!)
-still watching (just not that everyday) that Eyeshield 21 anime; it's cool, YA-HA!
-found a new anime (and I already knew about it at the start of this year), [Haikyuu!]
-feeling of excited on continuing my...workout,I guess?
-bought another 3 new books/novel, and as usual it takes time for me to finish everything! wah!!

I believe, I still have more to report.., but let just put it until here.

Until I really have time to do a really LONG LONG entry..
let wait together until that time, okay?

So, that's it!

Dani deshita!

*starting to love the 'planking' workout...hmm....*