Saturday, January 26, 2013

When you're becoming a 'lazy' person despite of everything....


Got nothing to say,
just right now, the person who lived beside my house seemed to renovate her/his house.
And, yes!
We're the one who got the 'noise'!'s not like I'm mad or what(luckily I have some problem with my ear right now...Is that a good thing?)


And, that's all I wanted to share right now!

Going to get my salary~~ (finally...?)
And, I'm planning to go Ochado, if possible.

Until then...

*Honestly, Really, Seriously, I'm becoming a lazy4x person nowadays!*
*Somebody, please help me~~~~ Huhu..T^T*

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm just....too bored!

Hey, hey dou~mo!

I just sound like having fun, but nah!
It just the 'boring-ism' got into me today....
Yeah, I have many gadget I can use...but somehow I have ni idea what 'to do' with them.
If only I'm working this time....

Ok, it's not like I'm complaining to anyone or whatsoever..,
it just when it became that way.., I couldn't help but to sigh all morning..
..well, might be all day.

Nevertheless, I still haven't neglect all the 'tasks' given to me by my mum.
That is the only thing that can keep me out from being bored...

Why just thing have to be this way...?

Okay, I'll stop here as everything started to become awkward right now.
Ciou! (did I got this right?)

Until then...later!

*Today : Drama [Last Hope], 2nd episode. I really can't wait for it!!*
*And please Mr.Johnnys, put on the full [Calling] song!! Pleasepleaseplease!!*

Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, I broke my promise....REALLY sorry about that! :P


Okay, I know,
this past way too long after what I promised since my last entry.
It's not like I'm giving excuse, just I got too busy 'continuing' my life by doing works. (yeah, totally an excuse! Haha!)

Firstly, I went to help my former school's library(as I used to be one of the librarian there) as I just truly wanted to do some job(eventhough not a formal one).
But, as the days went by(till this day), I started to become lazy going over there(well, I just went to help for about...3 days? Huhu) 
First reason, my sister got home+break from her study for about one month.
Second reason, I got 'a little' ill, might be becoz of heat stroke(?), then I got totally lazy to get up on the morning.
Third reason, I started to become a 'nocturnal' human. Haha!! I just found it really weird to describe myself like that, but yeah, that is the reality!
Lastly, I already registered my name for the driving license, for both (apparently). I got this feeling, 'It seemed like I WILL be out of the house almost everyday...''s not really what I planned...

Well, the past in the past...and I have to face the present.
I'll do my best about....erm....everything I'm doing right now.
It seems a bit hard to..., but this is my only chance right now. mean one thing.

I might update new entry irregularly...(yeah, it's not like anyone reading this, duh! Please, let me be in my worl~~d !!)

what else?
Okay, the end.
Got nothing else interesting...
Until then!

Before I forgot...,
Aiba Masaki's Tuesday drama, [Last Hope] have a REALLY 4x cool song!!
Of course, it is ARASHI that sang that song~~~
Wahaaa~~~ how happy I am!
(eventhough, I still haven't watch the 1st episode yet..Mitai yo~~)

Gaman !
Hehe.... ^_^

*[Last Hope]'s song, 'Calling'*
*Yes, the song is 'calling' me right now to hear it again and again even just a bit could be heard right now*
*starting back my new 'old' hobby, Origami~*

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And, it's done!


Yes, finally...
right now I just want to..jump and run all over the world expressing how happy+satisfy I was today! (truly hyperbola! wahaha!!)

Day 10; Last day :
- Okay, folks...once again, I was a minute late after 8 AM. Wahaha! Why people always like that?
- There were only 14 of us (Examination Attendants) today. Yeah...the last 14 EA's.
- Got the PA Block. I have lost count how many times I went to patrol that block. There were only the PA and the M block today. Well, let just put aside!
- This morning, my assigned class was changed 2 times! First, becoz of an EA who was absent. Next, because there was one EA got sudden asthma (not really 'that' terrible, though).
- As a 'good kid', I just smiled and 'Okay! I don't mind!" while running to the assigned class.
- Once I entered the class, I encountered two women, one seemed much older than the other.
- They're very nice. Well, what else can I say? They're just..nice people, really. (sorry, sudden lost of vocabulary)
- Before the exam started, another lecturer/invigilator, male this time came in. Yeah, as usual, "you can call me Dani."
- It might be that today was the last day, that I met with a lot of 'new' things, or should I say...feelings?
- When it was time for the candidates to enter the venue, the head invigilator, the older woman got up to work.
- She read the instructions, WITH a very loud voice that I never heard before these past working days. She seemed very strict with the instruction, especially about the cheating between candidates and going to the toilet stuffs.
- She even told all the candidates (which were already in their seats, preparing for the exam) to "STAND UP! Get everything out of your pocket!"
- I was like...'wow' in my mind. Of course, it is definitely one of the best way to prevent students from cheating in the examination.
- Maybe becoz the 'strictness' were intended to the candidates, so I didn't thought about her being 'too' strict. Well, different people have different way of thinking, right?
- Chatted a bit with the male lecturer/invigilator as he was the one who asked me about the head invigilator(when she was not in the venue that time). He's really friendly, I got to say. He even told me about the salary, how do we get it, how it was different in other department and many more.
- He said he just started working as a lecturer at the TAR College(TARC) 6 months ago. He even shared information about universities, and of course, he asked me if I wanted to join the TARC later. I just nodded and smiled shyly, as I still have no idea about that. And, I already set my mind that, I would search for the government universities/IPT's first before choosing on the private school.
- Of course, if my fate is at the TARC, I'll go. It's not a bad thing...
- Okay, the morning paper was a 3-hour 15 minutes paper, and here! First time ever I know the exact numberof me going to the toilet;accompanying the student.
- I was at the 2nd floor, and I went 16 TIMES! Wow~~ that's really tough!!
- Went to eat lunch at the TARC canteen 1...after all, it was the last day...
- Got back at the store room before the other. Nevermind about that.
- For the evening session, only the PA block was used. And the 12 EA's (the other 2 worked at the office) went to the same destination, the PA Block. Our last job place...
- You know what? I got to work together with the 'strict' older woman, AGAIN ! What a miracle~
- As I already knew her, the work got easier. And the same thing happened when the candidates were all inside the venue, on their seats. Some of the students who sat at the back giggled with the way the woman invigilator 'shouted'. Whatever...
- The 2-hours paper went just fine, and I went to accompany the student to the toilet, only ONCE! Haha...
- And, returned back to our office..., I quickly tried to finish 'my last job' on TARC, while some were 'trying' to 'store' their last memory in that office maybe, and even cause the senior brother got 'pissed off' and was throwing 'fire' at some certain person. Well, the truth was the jealousy... What an unreasonable excuse. haiihh~~
- Okay,'s almost the end now. Bought my last 'Each-a-Cup' at TARC. Hehe...
- Got back home, feeling too happy that made me sleepy. Keh3!

Okay...that's all !
I just want to say this one thing.

Dear myself, お疲れ様でした!
Eventhough it was nothing cool, really, thanks you for your hard works!
もう一回、おつかれさま〜〜 ^_^
(sorry for being this annoyed girl, it just I have no one to tell me that, except for one person. ありがとう、ねえちゃん!)

My diary of 'working days of an Examination Attendants(EA) ended here, on this post.
Tomorrow, I'll do a sum up of everything; total summary of what I found/got/discovered throughout my working days.

So, until then!
Good night!

*Okay, now I'm FREE ~~ Yahooo~!*
*Well, I got a real working experience~~ Lalala~~*

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Countdown till last day working : 1 day

Ganbarimasu! ^_^

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Okay, I got an off day tomorrow~~


As I got the 10th January as my last day working as EA, I got tomorrow off~

And, here's today's summary!

Day 9 (countdown till last day : 2 days) :
- Got a little bit late today. Never mind about that. Hehe...
- They said the venue for today was just about 3 blocks, so most for the class venue got 2 EAs
- I got the PA Block for the morning session, and guess what? The other EA was my best friend! Haha~ how lucky was that? ^_^
- We get PA6, and that venue was quite big (and all seats were used), total of students was 118. Maybe becoz of that number, it felt big? Hm...?
- Went to toilet  quite a few times, and there was boy EA, he said that the invigilator that worked with him, brought 3 students at one time! I just, "what? can we do that?"
- Because the person who did that was the invigilator a.k.a. one of the lecturer itself, so even the EA boy did the same a few times. Oh, yeah! It was 3-hours 15 minutes paper by the way. That why I met the same EA again and again...Can't help that.
- Rushed back to our office, and quickly signed off as we didn't have much time to eat. Then, our chief said, "You can return back at 1.15, so careful and go eat."
-'Yahoo' is the word I really wanted to say that time, but feeling that the others EAs (who were in the same block with me) were very thrilled about that, I just grinned foolishly.
- Somehow, we got back a little late as the chief said, "you're late have to walk by yourselves. Here, check your venue".
- Oopsii...sorry becoz we're late. But, no complain as we walked quickly and went to search for our assigned venue.
- I got the M Block (the second time) and immediately signed my name and ran to my specified class.
- Got to work with 2 male invigilators, and luckily, they were nice. (eventhough there were not so many  conversation)
- The exam that evening was the Engineering paper. Once the candidates were allowed to get in their venue, I just saw...all boys. Okay, it's fine. Just boys kept going inside. You gotta be kidding.... All boys again...
Oh no...
- Until there were only 3 girls got in the venue, I exhaled with relief. Piyuuh~
- Got nothing interesting, just kept seeing 4 boys on the back 'discussing' when they thought no one was watching. haha, my eyes were running over you~
- But, until the end, I just let them be. After all, candidates discussing secretly were quite difficult to prove their wrong action, while it is much easier to prove candidate who bring in notes/small paper.
- The 2-hours paper ended safely, and as usual, tearing up papers session.
- Somehow, the air in the room that we always use whenever all the EA's got back from their venue and to continue our job by tear up/count the unused answer booklet was..different a bit.
- Yes, maybe the other EA also had the same thought that I had. It was our last day for together, all EA's to gather in a bunch; chatting, joking with each other.
- Then, some of them asked for our email/Facebook so that they could add or keep in touch. Yeah, I love that idea.
- Everyone (including me) were asking each other, "9 or 10?", meaning whether they work at 9th or 10th January. If they got the same date, then they would say, "let's meet again tomorrow". If the date were different, then some would hug or shake hands.
- It was a touching scene actually. I never ever thought our relationship would become this close, just in about 2 weeks. Wasn't it cool?
- We(me and my best friend) waved our hand to other EA who went to the opposite direction. Went to bought some drinks, before me and my best friend(she got the 9th, while I'm 10th) walked going to our own way.
- Got home before 6 pm.

The End.

Quite 'tough' to replay back my mind about this whole day.
but, honestly, all these days, it was the best experience!

I' my best, posting the last entry about my last day working...on the 10th January, Thursday.
Until then...wait for me~~ ^_^

*I really need to buy a new earphone!! Warrgghhh!*
*Planning to visit my school tomorrow....Hm...dou deshou? *

Monday, January 7, 2013

Yeah, I met nice peoples again today... ^_^


I'll just start my diary right away~~

Day 8 (countdown till last day : 3 days) :
- Arrived as usual at the store room, sharp at 8 AM.
- Somehow, many of my girl colleagues wore baju kurung today..When they decided that?
- For the first session, I got the PA Block. Yeah, countless time already, but never mind.
- And, I got the first PA venue, which is PA1. Yes! It's at the ground floor~~
- The paper was the Measurement of External Works (don't ask me what it was about, I have NO IDEA about it), so, each candidates got two tables for themselves.
- And, the room felt much wider as there were only 39 students inside the PA1 venue. Okay, that's better maybe.
- Got two men as the invigilator, a Chinese lecturer and a Malay lecturer. Alhamdulillah, both of them were really nice to me. The Chinese lecturer even joked with me; as I introduced myself,
"Just called me Dani",
"oh, Dani ah? Later, I might call you Darling ma(in a Chinese slang),"
- Yeah, I laughed with that. Somehow, it feel nice to have a joke with someone you just met for the first time. Hm!
- Forgot to say, it was 3-hours paper for the morning session. But, as my venue was at the ground floor, I have no complain when I had to go and accompany the candidates to the toilet countless time.
- On the candidates table, there were too many stuff/papers/plan and whatsoever! Even watching them made me go, "uwaahhh!!"
- The paper finished at 12 noon, and I packed everything (that I supposed to) and brought them back to the head counter.
- Quickly went 'to search' for sugar a.k.a. glucose/sweet things as I was wobbling and my head started to knock themselves. Yeah, I almost faint. (..yeah, right)
- Just kidding about that, but I really need to recharge back my glucose loss, and I just ordered an ice tea for my drink.
- ...Becoz I was searching for sugar, not food ! I just don't understand which part they couldn't caught up my words. (I was a bit mad at some- no! A person that time)
- Just let that be...
- Got back at the store room, and I got the H Block. Just beside the store room block actually. Hihi !!
- Fortunately, it was 2-hours paper for the evening session. Yippi~~
- And, both the invigilators in-charge were men. Today, I have a luck with men, maybe? Haha! XD
- They really nice people. They talked to me. They smiled at me. (yeah, normal stuff....)
- I was kind of tired actually on the evening side. My venue was at the upper floor;the third floor.
- And, going back and forth accompanying student to the toilet was honestly tiring!
- But, I used to it! Hehhe...
- Got nothing interesting among the students (just they were..erm..I don't know), and the paper ended.
- Together with the stationery box (that contain all tools for the invigilator&EA to use) and the unused answer booklet, we head back to the office. Yeah, no need the van, just walk!
- Finished the last work for today, and found out I will be working on 10th January for my last day. Yeah, it almost finish...
- 'Played' a bit with my best friend, and went home safely.

The End.

Erm..yep! You can see that countdown.
My job is coming near the 'ending'.
I'll make a total conclusion about my job after I end my last day working.

Until then,
mattete ne~~

*I'm sorry but it seemed like I made a mistake about someone on my previous, previous entry*
*Will correct it ASAP ! Really sorry~!*

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today is Saturday, and...


The continuation for that unfinished tittle,
"Today is Saturday, and we lack of EA today,"


Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
we really lack of EA today.
Let's read the details below!

Day 7 :
- Arrived at the store room, talked with my best friend about Jun/Shuntaro in Lucky Seven. Ngehehe!
- Got the R block for the morning session. Guess what? I got venue R5, and it was the first class when I started working as EA. How nostalgic!! (even though is still haven't pass a week)
- Got to work together with a Malay woman, and she looked quite young, but I don't know about that. Hehe.. (and there was also a Chinese man, and he's a good man too)
Spotted almost 6 candidates(from different seats) were giving/asking for question/answer. But in the end, we just gave a warning. 3-hours paper ended with no shocking incident.
- For the lunch, I ate nasi goreng from the nearby canteen in the college compound. Well, not really that delicious, I have to say, however as I wanted to 'return back' my glucose, I had to eat.
- For the evening session, I got SC, which is Sports Complex! First time~~
- .....and it was an enormous place! As you can imagine a gymnasium..., well that was it!
- And, being enormous could bring one meaning, TIRED!
- The SC was separated (but still in the same complex) as SC1 and SC2. I got SC1, alone by myself as an EA. The others were the invigilators. There was 425 seats in SC1 ! Just imagine that! For SC2, there was 2 EA's, total 3 EA's that were assigned for SC.
- The paper was a 2-hours paper, and the students kept raising their hands to go to the toilet. Luckily, for SC1, the toilet was very very near.
- I accompanied a girl for a time, and she said she had gastric. Told about it to the Exam Centre Head, and they settled it after that. It was a pity to that student.
- I also met one of the invigilator(a woman) that I once worked together with. She is really a nice one. She is a Malay. I even shake her hand, and treat her like my own teacher. She is nice! ^_^
- The paper ended, and I had to collect back the unused answer booklet, by MYSELF ! Yeah, it is my job, after all.
- Got back to the office, and started tearing up the unused+scribbled booklet while chatting a bit with the other colleagues.
- Finished my work, and went home.

The End.

Yeah, not much interesting stuff, maybe.
But, finally I got to the Sports Complex! Yatta!
Now, I have to wait for my turn to get assign to Block V and the College Hall, CH.

Until then, mata ne~~

*Okay, I'm really really really tired right now...*
*But, finally Sunday is here! Haha~~*

Friday, January 4, 2013

It was fun today~~ ^_^


Okay, as I have not much time, so here it goes!

Day 6 :
- I wore baju kurung today, and arrived a minute before the 'signing in' list started. Hehe..
- And! For morning session, I got to do works in the office! Yatta! Which mean, I don't have to walk here and there, inspecting students in the morning.
- I got the symbol '#' written in red pen, which mean 'office'. And of course, I was not the only one who got that symbol. There was quite a number who got that office symbol, but in the end there were only 3 of us (the other 2 was my girl colleagues).
- Get into the office, well, our usual place for tearing papers actually. It just that only the three of us in there.
- Okay, as we could sit back while doing our works, we didn't really complain when we had to count+tear some paper, which total for more than a thousand!
- As there were three of us, so maybe that was the reason it didn't felt that many.
- Our hands worked while we chatted for some times, and in the middle of doing our works, 4 seniors of that place came in and helped us.
- Yes, it was a good thing, it just that the three of us became too awkward to talk in a loud voice (well, originally it was not that loud)
- Our work done when it was 11, which was the time when the other colleagues that had to patrol the exam came back from their block. It was a good thing we managed to finish it before they arrive...
- As we wait for their papers done with the tearing and counting, somehow our Head Exam Division, well, not really that mad, but I could see that she was a bit upset about our noisiness.
- Couldn't help it, I mean, we were assembled in a room which trap the volume of the sound, and of course it would bounce back in the same room. Well...I do admit that the boys were quite noisy (as their voice ARE manly)
- Went to eat lunch at the Club House, the only Malay restaurant that have many variety of 'lauk-pauk'.
Alhamdulillah for that food.
- As today was Friday, we got some time for we(the girls) to go and eat + pray for a long time (about an hour and a half).
- Got back at the store room at 1.30 pm, and off for our evening session.
- For evening session, I got the PA block (again and again) and this time, both of my invigilator that I worked together with were men. So, sorry, lack of friendliness. Hehe...
- Got nothing unusual happened, and the exam just end beautifully+smoothly just like that.
- Signed out from the work, and called my mum to come and pick me up.

The End.

Yeah, I really had fun at the office + restaurant today.
If I could get another chance to do work at the office again, sure! I'm willing to!

Until that, later!

*Finished watched Arashi ni Shiyagare SP...*
*It was fukuzatsu~~(complicated)!*

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today was not the usual one!


Okay, becoz I have too many interesting + shocking thing happened today at my work place..,
so, let just get it on!

Day 5 :
- I arrived when it was almost 8 AM today, and managed to chat for a while with my colleagues.
- For the morning session, I (once again) got block Q (the block that have classes/venue 'underground'. Really tired, because I had to climbed up and down when any student wanted to go the toilet. Okay, fine, it IS my job afterall...
- I also got to know that the invigilator that take turn with me for bringing the student to the toilet is pregnant! What?! Okay, I didn't knew that, honestly! If I knew about it earlier, I would NEVER let her to go walk and climbed all those 'ridiculous' stairs! Okay,not really that ridiculous..
- And, another interesting stuff here, I got to patrol the venue that took the JAPANESE LANGUAGE paper!! Kyaa...!! I was totally happy this morning! And, I was able to understand almost all of it! (of course, not 100% understand, okay...)
- But somehow, before I arrived at the block Q, something really terrible happened to me! It was too terrible + embarrassed + frustrated, and I almost tried to 'ran' myself away!
- However, I do believe that every problem that come to me, there MUST be a way to resolve it..and, Alhamdulillah, I did it! Yatta~~
- Next, for the evening session, I got the PA block (which is already the...4th time for me?).
- When I met + introducing myself briefly to the two invigilators in-charge of the venue, I started to suspect the woman who I believed to be the one who we (the Malay colleagues) tried to boycott(?) / oppose becoz of some 'serious' stuff.
- Well, she looked totally normal for me this evening ; she smiled back when I smiled to her, she asked my name before I managed to introduce myself, she asked a little about myself, she talked to me at the back of the class when we were inspecting students in the middle of the exam, she kindly thanked me after the work/exam done.
- Okay, I admit that everything that I stated are true! That's why, I was wondering whether the 'rumour' that my ear got before about her was just...rumour?
- Or could it be that the day when the woman scolded one of my colleagues was her 'bad day'?
- Or, could it be that she was the different person from the woman we talked about? (Okay folks, this is the answer!)
- Or, could it be because I introduced myself.., well, kind of friendly to her?
- Or,could it be, she have double personality? (oh, I sound so cruel here...)
- Or it could be another reason other that I stated here?
- Whatever it is, the answer must be from which of those question I made above...
- Still, I felt a little guilty right now becoz I suspected her and, I to got nothing...
- Back to the venue, this is another interesting thing!
- About an hour after the paper started, almost 58 out of 78 students went out of the venue (of course, they sent their answer paper already)!
- I was like.."what..? " when, after I got back from the toilet (accompanying a student, of course), and majority students were raising their hands, asking for their answer paper to be collected, so they could get out of the venue quickly.
- It was my first experience ever after working for about 5 days. In the end, at the last 30 minutes, there was only 5 candidates left. Well, I got to rest for a while..Hehe...
- Unfortunately, I witnessed a case where one of the 5 students left; a girl was suspected for bringing in a mini-note, eventhough she said it was not hers.
- ...still, once you pick up/hold anything that have to do with the question, you'll be suspected for being dishonest in examination and you'll be suspended.
- Kind of sad actually, becoz she was in tears when she was trying to defend herself.
- Well, I just a witness.., so I have nothing to do with it.
- After I got back from the PA's block, dashed to our 'office' and started to tear all the used papers and whatsoever.
- We were discharged from work 5 minutes early today...Hehe...
- I bought an ice blended from 'Each A Cup' shop...and it was delicious! ^_^
- Went to 'pasar malam' before arrived home.

The End.

Okay, today was full with happenings, seriously.
But, I like that to be in my memories+experience.
It could be a good thing one day, who knows~

Later than,
abayo~~ (it's Okinawa's style of saying goodbye)

*Hurry up! I dying to watch Arashi ni Shiyagare New Year SP right now!!*
*It was revealed that actually, I only work until the 10th January....Hah!?*

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Too unusual that I got nothing interesting today...

Good....evening everybody!

Yes, let just go to our main topic (or mostly, MY topic)
For the last 3 days, I was absent/holiday from this EA, have nothing to report about it.

Day 4 :
- For the second time, I got to go to H, for the second time.
- And,as usual, I got to patrol the candidates for Statistic Tables paper, so I believed they ARE a good peoples (so simple of myself..keh2!)
- Met Ms.Kik(near the washroom), the previous invigilator that I once worked with, and I have a really good impression about her. She still recognised me! How happy I was! ^_^
- That 2-hours paper ended, and we brought the extras answer booklet back to 'our office', and I went to get my EPF number approved by my thumbnails~ haha! I don't know if you understand this...
- Luckily again, I got 2-hours paper for the evening session~ yatta! Again, I got block PA 1-6 for the second time!
What with this all 'second time'..?
- Ended my job for today, chatted a bit when we were tearing the unused+needtoberecycled papers...of course, while our hands moving!
- Then, my dad came and pick me up.

The End.

Yeah, even I admitted that somehow today, I got a little bored.
Sorry about that just that all those candidates seemed to...'good'(?)
Well, it's not like I really hope to patrol in a class that full with bad students...
...Do I?

Ok, enough for today folks!
See you again later! ^_^

*Waiting for Shiyagare SP....sugoku tanoshimi~~*
*Hatano Takumi-sensei a.k.a Aiba're too good-looking nowadays!!*