Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PLEASE! Don't accuse me 'doing nothing' !


well right now I feel really upset when I thought back about what people said to me.
Yeah...everytime we met, I always wonder, 'why do you have to say that matter, again and again?'

Can guess what 'matter'?

No need to guess actually..,
Only I can create the answer myself. Haha!

I DON'T sleep back in the morning after I wake up! (Only on weekend XD)
I DON'T wonder around, leaving home 'alone'!
I DON'T abandon the 'mission' my mum told me to do!(cooking, cooking~)
I DON'T leave my house-job! (eventhough sometimes it piled up for tomorrow)

What else?

Whatever it is,
STOP saying I'm just 'making fats'; rolling lolling in my house!

Yes, I'm jobless right now.
But, I'm alive + doing my works thoroughly!

I am what I am...
You have no idea what I've done, what I'm doing, and what will I do!

p/s ; is this what we call 'complaint'?

*Anime! Thanks for spending time with me! Hehe... XD*
*After all, I was banned from it last year..~ lalala~*

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