Saturday, July 20, 2013

Experiences for the FIRST three weeks at the college, part 2 (end)

really sorry for the late post!
It suppossed to be done at the same night on the last post, but somehow I forgot about it, and I have to wait until the next week(which is this week) to continue it.

Don't worry, it have nothing important, really...

Okay, where were we last time?
Oh yeah, the orientation days! 'That' orientation day....hmm

Sure, let just skip reviewing about it again.
Now, here comes the SECOND WEEK!
The class started to be held.
The students were divided into groups, section, etc.

I got my my section, I met with my classmates (which supposed to be 29, but its 26 now)
Kind of having hard time remembering their names that time.
A...nd! There were no lectures at all for each class that week.
Hm...I still have no idea what kind of reaction should I said at that time, coz we had no idea at all.
But, we 'greeted' the classes in that maze-like-building-of-KPTM.
I entered the library, and I like the atmosphere in it (except for the too-chill part).
Experienced the lost situation, and myself suddenly became very friendly with seniors that I hardly ever know.
In total, it was fun for the second week; well, first week for the class though.

Finally, I met two lecturers that will be teaching us for this whole semester.
I'm going to learn psychology in education too, did you know!?
'It seems to be fun', that what I always thought for myself.
And, I'm praying + hoping for it.

So, that's all for my 'first three weeks' being at the KPTM.
Don't worry, I'm not going to do this for the next 3 weeks or whatsoever.
Maybe after I'm in the 3rd year there.., I'll consider about making a post about it.
Hehe.. ^_^

That's it! It's done!

Will always doing the 'going-home-every-weekend-routine', so don't be surprise if my new posts are made only on weekend. :P

Until we meet again, adios!
Dani deshita.

*The only things I want at my hostel ; Wi-Fi, fridge and microwave/oven.*
*Please~~!! Please, please!*

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