Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I found it !! "Aiba + Ohno : S' Ghost Apartment, Radio Channel 77.5 "

hey guys!!
I think I'd once posted an entry..(but it seems like I have deleted it!)
It about USO! Japan, and...
I'll put the caps here!!

The preview...

*In the third cap, the red words stated : "The worst situation the programme had ever encounter, will be faced by this two!" *

Before the highlight of the caps (?), let me tell the story first.
There was an apartment that have been abandoned called 'S apartment'.
The reason why it had been abandoned for over than 10 years was
because there was a house, in 2nd floor/3rd floor (not sure),
a gas explosion have happened there.

Plus, it was done intentionally!!

A family; the father, the mother and their little daughter once lived in that explode room.
Because of some reason, the father decided to leave the world and the
wife agreed with him.
Together with their little daughter (that know nothing), they died in the explosion.

Well, traditionally people like to go to the places that have 'scary smell', right?
So, many paranormal-loverz went to that explosion place. When they searched around the room, they found a radio, and tried out whether it still can be used or not.
When they accidentally stop at channel 77.5, (that doesn't owned by any radio)
there was buzzing noise heard.
Gave up, they decided to look for other thing when suddenly they heard a little girl voice!

"Ikitakunai", means "I don't want to go" (can also means, "I don't want to die")

So, since then the rumours started to spread and finally, it got to the USO! Japan's ear.

That's the story...

Now, let's continue to Aiba and Ohno's adventure in order to investigate whether the rumours are true or not.

I didn't managed to cap the things happened before the next picture..but it just normal stuffs.
They arrived at the place, saying "what is this?" , "Is this the place?" and etc.

They went to the 2nd floor, and Aiba was the one who found the room.
The room's situation showed the image that the gas explosion really happened.

Here, they start their investigation.
As usual, one person will stay at the rumour scene and the other will observe from outside the place through the cameras.
And, of course Aiba was the one who stayed at the 'ghost place', with only one torchlight and set-up cameras watching over him. Ohno, just watched through the cable tv.

Aiba switch the radio on and went to the channel 77.5 and the buzzing was heard.

After 15 minutes, Aiba stated that he was cold, and just kept repeating the word 'cold'.
But, the temperatures of the room from the start of the investigation didn't changed at all.

Here, Aiba said to Ohno that something was gazing at him from far away at his right side and asked whether Ohno could see 'something'.
Certainly, from the camera's view, there was nothing.

Starting from here, Aiba's behaviour starting to got weird. First, the buzzing of the radio began to stop and start back and kept repeating the flow.

"I feel sick..." Aiba said.
And in the middle the radio kept repeating; stop and buzzing,
unexpected word came from Aiba's mouth.
Aiba : I probably can't go back..
Ohno : Can't go back?
Aiba : Yeah. I feel sick.
Ohno : Aiba-chan..
Aiba : I feel sick... (slowly, starting to fall down)

Ohno : Aiba-chan!! Aiba-chan, can you hear me?

The staffs quickly took Aiba out from that place.
According the person who specialized in this kind of paranormal stuff, it was said that 'I probably can't go back' came from the little kid.
It might be that Aiba was possessed and that why he kept saying 'I feel sick'.
Nobody knew what actually happened.

They came again at the place together with some nuns that will evacuate the ghost.
They also read some incantation to Aiba to prevent him from getting possessed again.

In the middle of the ritual, a nun suddenly (believed) got possessed by a ghost, and the ghost said, "Didn't mean to kill, I have to.."
Not sure whether the ghost that possessed the nun was the father or the mother, the words seemed to be meant for their daughter's ghost.

When the other nuns tried to heal the possessed nun, Aiba who was originally standing suddenly got down to his feet and hid his face between his hands and knees.
It also said here that (probably) Aiba got possessed by the daughter ghost and was there because of her mother/father.

In the end, everything got back to normal...but nobody sure whether the family ghost still there or already 'peace'.

That's all !!
Quite long, huh...this story
I have been searching for this video for almost 2 years but YT deleted it. (well..Johny's Corp. maybe)
That why I was SOOOO HAPPY that I got to download this video!!
Actually, I only have the part 1..stil searching the video for part 2 but..
I'll wait!!

Ijyou, Dani deshita!!
I'll update later..,sayonara!

*Wondering if Aiba still remember about this incident or not...*
*What did he actually felt that time..? Hmm..??*