Friday, September 9, 2011


Minna!! I don't understand anything about downloading TODAY !!
(but, I'll try again yomorrow..haha!!)

before going to the main talk, just want to cut a bit here..
Well, we still in September..(of course it is!!)
And, still in Syawal!!!


for those who are Muslims...
congrats because you managed to finish the fast for the whole month...

for me, even though the 1st and 2nd week it kind of bad condition (of my body),
still, I have tried my best!!!

Talking about Syawal...and in the middle of it..,
visiting others' house seem sooo necessary...
but for me...I can't go anywhere for now.
Reasons? I am so lazy, I have many things to do, I have...AAARRGGGHHHH!!!
It is me who decided whether I want to go or not!!

I'm kind of frust right now...
Dowloading using the laptop kind of irritate me...
Who thought that will happen, huh?
All this long... I was able to bear with any kind of 'laptop stuck' or computer stuck'...,
what has happened to me THIS EVENING??

The call from my sister a minute just like throwing oil to a big fire...EXPLODE!!
Astaghfirullah hal azim....

Calm down..deep breath...YOU CAN DO IT !!
After all, Arashi also said..."we can make it" !!!
YEAH !!!

will continue tomorrow..
Insya-Allah (if the time are there, calling me...)

*Arashi no minna-san, hontoni arigatou gozaimasu~~*
*All 5 of you have brighten my days...or evacuate the fire maybe! Hehe!!*

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