Friday, September 16, 2011

最高の日です~ !! (saikou no hi desu~!)


Today is the best day ever for this 9 months along.....
Why do I say this?

First, today is Malaysia's Day + 'Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan'.
Last year I didn't managed to watch the performance for this festival because I woke up late.
So, this year;today, I woke early and I managed to watch it!!
Eventhough I didn't watch it until the end, but still, I watched it !!!

Second, the reason why I could not watch the performance until the end because I have to go and pick up the cakes for my mother!!
Actually, the cake was for my mother's belated with my parents's anniversary.
So, my father bought 2 cakes, and wanted to make some surprises for my mother...
In the end, it's not really that GREAT surprises, but still, both my parents are happy!!!

Third, my best friend came and stop by at my house for some hours.
Reason? Her parents went back to their hometown, and my friend have to go to the camping at the school.
She came at morning, around 9 AM and she stayed her bags + stuffs in my room.
After that, both of us, together with my sister as the driver, we went to our teacher's house for 'Open House' at 10.00
Many things happened along the journey (for about 2 hours) and I really enjoyed it!
Not sure the reason why, but still I AM HAPPY ~~~

Fourth, after we got back from the open house, it was 1 PM, and my friend have to get ready to go to the school, and I sent and helped her brought some stuffs, and we were chatting happily, the weather was half-sunny until SUDDENLY !!

It was raining !! We ran but the rain got heavier!! So, we had to stop to find a shelter.
Okay, what was great with that, you ask??
Last Wednesday, I had ran through the heavy rain, but I felt so FREE !!
It does not mean that I'm not free right now, but it felt so good!!
Running in the rain, when parents supposed to scold their kids to not play in the rain...
I like the feeling...running in the rain..

Last, and again, today! Just AN HOUR AGO !! I felt the same felling again!!
This time, my best friend with me! Of course, I'm not sure whether she like it or not,
but we just created THE BEST MEMORIES EVER !!!

It's not like 'everyday's memory',right?
That is the reason why I felt so good running in the rain... when it supposed to be sunny!!
After some while, we can see the rainbow, right?
That why, you cannot feel down when it is raining~~

"Everyday, you got out from your house, seeing the weather is sunny, your smile spontaneously appear. But, one day, you got out from your house, it is raining. Don't be sad, because there will be a lovely rainbow waiting for you."

Like the quote said....there will be something good waiting for you, no matter what kind of challenge you had to go through...
You cannot ask for more..but you cannot bear to lose anything dear to you,
So, just be grateful with what you have !!

That's all for today!!
Thanks for those who read this crappy entry..
I just want to doodle my happy day here..
so that it can stay forever in my mind....Amin.

以上,Dani でした


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