Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aiba Masaki's 'Oujo' at Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen [25/02/2012]


It seem like Aiba Masaki's 'Ojou' had made an appearance at the recent TSD

here some caps...
The girl MC said that the next animal baby is really connected with Aiba and 'another name' of person, but I see nothing funny there...so, I'll cut that!! Hehe...

The animal is inside the 'box(?)...!

Just a little moment...for the akaa-chan to appear on TV !!

Even the main MC said, "Ah, It was you!"
It shows how many times they had met before, ne~

Aiba just laughed at the back..


Ojou desu~~~
This is Ojou!

As you can see, it a squirrel monkey!
Kawaii yo ne~~?

Just look at it's...
Really 'kurikuri' !! (big eyes and round)

For your information, Ojou is 7 months old.

"Choumou.." - imitating Ojou's voice.

Oh ya! Since behind the curtain before the box(?) got uot, Ojou's crying/screaming voice could be heard already..
Pity little Ojou...

And Ojou seemed to be really hungry!!

I'm 70% sure that Aiba was worried about his Ojou, as an animal baby should not be given its food late..

When the girl MC said that the guest (whom it was Aiba's junior in Johnys) could hug Ojou,
Aiba's sentence, "Slowly, slowly"

I can feel his love towards Ojou..
Chou kawaii~~!!

Behind the smile..I'm sure! 70% !!

Well, well, Ojou really seemed hungry that she even climbed further on the guest's arm.

Ijyou, Ojou deshita~~
It was Ojou...

Now, you know who is Masaki's Ojou!
Maybe most of you already know this..'ojou' could be mean daughter/young-lady/daughter or a high class family.

Both Aiba Masaki and Ojou are SOOOO CUTE !!

Actually, Ojou had once been photograph together with her Masaki in a magazine.
Here it is!

That's all for today...
Mata ne~

*It seems like I spent too much time doing the previous TSD episode..*

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