Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey...since the last entry, it have been...1 week?

Well, somehow I always got myself trapped in hustle and bustle at school...
Sometimes, when Iwas supposed to go home at 1 p.m , it suddenly went until 5 pm !!
Of course, this year, I have set myself to do or join whatever the school prepared for us, the candidates for SPM this year...
...well, eventhough I have to sacrifice my 'finishing homework' time.. 'stress releasing'...

Today, Saturday, I have another programme that had been done for SPM's candidates and...ya!
I have many comments to say about it, but I have no regret.
So, I'll not say the comment.

And again, next week, the extra class (Sparkling A's) will start.
Actually, it had started this week, sarting from last Monday.
But, as many things occurred, those two class, total almost 3 hours were not counted!
And again...استغفر الله..
I have made so many promise today, I just keep working hard..
That's all I can do right now..

Hoping that my future will be much better than now, I'll work hard!!

That's all, goodbye!

*Actually, I'm in the middle of finishing the entry for last week TSD..*
*(sigh) (look left and right) (look infront) GANBARIMASU~~!*

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