Saturday, March 17, 2012

[Himitsu no Arashi-chan]; Mannequin 5 Spring SP 5th !!


If you go to this site : ...
and you click the first button ,

You'll find the voting site!!
You can also click the picture of the clothes for a better view..well, 360 degree maybe?

By the way, this time, the clothes chosen by Arashi were..well, a little bit hard to choose 'which is the most cool'.
And, say what! This time men also can vote!!
I'm so can't wait for it!!
It will be aired on 12th April, at 9 PM !!
So! Don't miss it!!

p/s : I also have vote one!! Yahaha!! The comments...LOL!! Wondering if they choose mine? Because I'm from Malaysia..? Let just wait and see!

Until here then...

*I have so many unedited and unfinished post in my posts list!!*
*Going to reset back!! R.E.S.E.T !!*

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