Thursday, March 15, 2012

[Schlaflied] ; an original soundtrack I found from drama [Maou]

It's almost 2 weeks this lonely blog have been left...well, undated.
And, this time, just want to share an original soundtrack made by Sawano Hiroyuki, for a 2008's drama, [Maou].
Why on this timing? Because I just re watched Maou yesterday... :P !

You can try and have a listen here..

Actually, I've been searching like crazy the lyric for this song..
At the end, I just managed to understand that the word 'Schlaflied' mean lullaby in German.
I want to search the lyric...*I mean who knows, the lyric might have some meaning that is not good for me*

If any of you can understand Germany, please translate it for me! I'll really appreciate that!!

So, that's all for today! Will try to update again...

bye bye....

*Ermm....Aaa...Maa ii ya!*
*Next, whose movie I'm gonna watch ??*

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