Friday, May 25, 2012

I still have my patience... (笑い)

Ooo...hisashiburi dewanai, ne?
Hehehe...brown teddy bear emoticons 3 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

Not really that proud to say that today was the last day for the Mid-Year exam

For these 3 weeks, I got many things to say...
Just like the title say..somehow the patience stop me from doing that..

I mean..,
JUST, this morning (around 6.36 am) was the first time I complained to my mom.

Somehow I just wanted to 'manja-manja' with my mom ~  brown teddy bear emoticons 4 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons

Back to the real topic...
Actually, right now I'm using probably my sister's laptop to type all of these alphabets..
While, my sister use another  laptop that supposed to be my mom.

Reason why I don't use the computer that located at the living room?
(eventhough it is the main one? What?!)

Because the exam just over today..
I planned to go and download all I want to today...(the day after exam ended)

I tried using the laptop I'm using right now, but.. :
'Sorry, we can't detected the link. Please type back the link correctly'

What the..?

Honestly,long time ago I used to face situation like this...
But only to the laptop!
How can the main center (I mean the wireless main center from the computer) cannot detect the internet?

This is SOOO brown teddy bear emoticons 9 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons !!

The thing I want to download right now..
there are too many and one of it is the [Beautiful World] DVD.

Still, right now I'm in stable condition..
but I don't want to be like this >>brown teddy bear emoticons 6 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons  or this >>brown teddy bear emoticons 5 Cute Brown Teddy Emoticons just because the computer still cannot detect the internet for this 2 weeks (school holiday).

...Hope so.

OK !
Let's...change the topic!

Kind of sad, but
- Four days for the first week school holiday will be the extra classes for us..
- we have to wear the complete school uniform
- I have no confidence for the A's for all subject << maybe just one or two..or three
- my sister will become the facilitator at her 'matrikulasi' for the whole next week << maybe not really that sad
- .....

And that's it!!

I have no good topic to say about here...
So...time's up!

Until later..
well, let's wait for the holiday !

Jaa ne!!

*It seem like Arashi's solo performance at the [Beautiful World] concert are quite...fuuohh!*
*Especially... Matsumoto Jun Aiba Masaki !!*

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