Monday, February 18, 2013

The class start today~ I'm tired~~

Konbanwa~ (as right now, it's 8.20 PM) I stated in my previous entry..,
"I'll try to make a post on my first day driving class" (did I really said that...?)

Never mind about that..,
here I am, wanted to speak up all my opinion about..everything!
Everything on what was my feeling, what was the weather, what was the people-
Okay..not really that far.

Firstly, I got a male instructor, I just state the initial, Mr. K (encik K, ye..)
Well...what should I say about him? My first impression, maybe?

He seemed..quite nice (in personality, I mean).
A bit dark skin he have, but that is not a big matter.
The matter right now..he is a smoker. (truly, not really my type! sorry bout that, though, da~)

yeah, got a bit 'tantrum', or what we commonly say, 'bebelan'..
but still, I learned many things (well of course, IT IS the driving CLASS!)

As almost everything was a first time for me..,
Quite hard to hold everything in hand.
Quite nervous+excited+scared~
The last time(or should I say first time?) that I learned with my mum,
I just drove on a STRAIGHT; full with bumpers' road.
Never done the turn/curve part, so quite hard.
and also the hill.

Yeah, I already went to the hill today~

Even I have no idea..."Did I did the driving well? How can I got to try and drive, while practising the handbrake and clutch and whatever on the hill?"

It was still a mystery for me right now as my mum said that so.
However, it was a good thing.
At least, I do knew some little things~

Better do next time..
I don't want to be called a 'wimp', or a coward just because I fail the test.
Eventhough I did failed for my motorcycle test...Huhu...really frustrating right now that thing!!

ermm...maybe that's all that I want to share today.
The next class is on this Wednesday..not really that far.

I' my best!

Sore jya, ato de!

*Okay..everything that was 'threw' to me were not ALL correct!*
*Confession! I like something different right now! But I just love it~ ^_^*

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