Monday, January 9, 2012

[Furusato] by Arashi lyric *62nd Kouhaku version*

Today.., nothing big.
Just want to share the song that always sang by me lately...
without wasting time..DOUZO!


Yuugure semaru sora ni  Kumo no kisha mitsuketa
Natsukashii nioi no machi ni  Kaeritaku naru

Hitamuki ni toki wo kasane Omoi wo tsumugu hito tachi
Hitori hitori no egao ga   Ima Boku no soba ni

Meguri aitai hito ga soko ni iru Yasashisa hirogete matteiru
Yama mo kaze mo umi no iro mo Ichiban sunao ni nareru basho

Wasurerarenai uta ga soko ni aru Te to te wo tsunaide kuchizusamu
Yama mo kaze mo umi no iro mo Koko wa furusato

Shashin no naka no koe ga Futo koishiku natta
Yume wo katariatta hibi Kagayaiteita

Ano koro to onaji you ni Sora wo mitsumeru kigi tachi
Yurugi naki sono tsuyosa ga Ima Boku no mune ni

Sasaeaitai hito ga soko ni iru Ashita wo shinjite aruiteru
Hana mo hoshi mo niji no hashi mo Subete wa kokoro no naka ni aru

Ikiru koto de kanjiru shiawase wo Itsumademo taisetsu ni shitai
Hana mo hoshi mo niji no hashi mo Kimi no furusato

Boku no furusato

Koko wa furusato

Translation :

In the sky that evening is drawing near, I found a train of clouds
Suddenly I want to go back to that city with the familiar smell

People earnestly pile up time and weave their feelings together
Now, each of their smiles are next to me

People you want to run into are there Their kindness spreads as they are waiting for you
The mountains, the wind, and the color of the sea It's the place I can be the most honest          

Stories that won't be forgotten are there Holding hands, we hum a song
The mountains, the wind, and the color of the sea This is my hometown

I suddenly longed for the voices of the people in my pictures
The days that we talk together about our dreams were shining

Just like those days, the trees looked up at the sky
That unshakable strength is now in my heart

People that you want to support are there Believing in tomorrow and walking towards it
The flowers, the stars, and the bridge of a rainbow too All of them are in my heart

The happiness you feel from living I always want to treasure it
The flowers, the stars, and the bridge of a rainbow too Your hometown

My hometown

This is my hometown


Ja jan~~
What do you think of the lyric?
Doesn't it really come to your heart?
I mean..., the song really suit with any kind of situation that involve about friendship/family/yourself or something like that..

Hope you also enjoy the lyric..

*The happiness you feel from living I always want to treasure it*
*Oh...I'm speechless...*


  1. Hi there!
    I'm Tasha from Johor. actually I was killing time just now by typing a part of Furusato's lyrics, and poof! I found your blog! :D Somehow it made me happy when I went through your blog and found LOTS of Arashi's stuff. Because I'm Arashi's fan too! Big fan! hehe.
    I could hardly find anyone who like Arashi nowadays.. Seems like they prefer k-pop more.. So I'm kind of happy to know that I'm not alone! hehe.
    So, that's it. Just a random comment. :) btw, lets continue to support our dear BOYS kay! Jaane~

    #Sho's Nazodi special drama is going to be on air tonight.. I wish I was at Japan. -.- #

    1. Same goes here!!
      So happy to find one more Arashi's fan!
      Just like you say, people prefer k-pop than j-pop...
      and worst, they even force me to join them!
      I just...what...?!

      anyways, thanks for your random comment!
      I'll try my best to continue my 'vision' here!

    2. OMG!!!
      i've been searching for ARASHI's fans from MALAYSIA for years. i almost drawn within those k-pop lovers. i don't like k-pop at all. so, hope we could be friends.

    3. my pleasures Nabila!
      It's okay...I'm sure there are more Arashi's fan in Malaysia.
      It just that we, Arashian are not like those k-pop's fans..

  2. Hai, thanks for your translation. But, I couldn't find the long version of this song that could match this translation. I just have 2.32 minute song version. Would you like to help me to find link download for this full song?

    1. you can try find it at livejournal.
      Type for arashi_on, then search the tags for 'download:music' or 'download:tv lives'.

      I'm sorry I can't put the link here...
      So, you have to search for it.
      [[2011.12.31] Kouhaku - Arashi (Furusato+Medley+Mickey part)]

      Sorry if this is not helping.