Thursday, June 28, 2012

Without I even managed to realize...

Right now, I can't say that 'I'm all good', because it was a total reverse since this week started.

Before I type more and (might be) overflow.., here some I want to remind for myself (and maybe some of the readers? hehe)
- Drama, [Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri] had ended (ok, I know I'm too late for this reminder..)
- In a blink of the eyes, it almost JULY !
- The Ramadhan is coming !! << how happy I am !! I'll be 19 on the first day of Ramadhan!
- I am a 'naqibah' (leader) for a group << and I have two 'child' under me! kahkah!
- The SPM Trial's date is confirmed already. << Am I writing this correctly?
- I have to keep myself steady + smart in finishing my shukudai (homework)
- I still have many people around me that still can help me. << but it is really hard actually to ask for anything from them.huhu...

Well, honestly speaking..
I still have many more things too say..., to remind myself..,
but I'll try to categorized it in different scope later..Insya-Allah.

Now, the only matter that is running in my head right now...,
is how do I managed my time in this critical time?
I have to admit.., this is truly really hard.

...But, I cannot set myself to withdraw from anything.

what should I do...?

Got to stop!
Really, I got to stop whining!
and before anything else..
just want to say only this word...

                     الحمد لله    

Till next time..

*I still have HIM beside me all the time...*
*I told ya, it's gonna overflow with so many worthless, crappy stuff!*

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