Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting addicted back to anime~ anime~ anime~

Ohayou gozaima~su!

Don't mind this entry too much..
It just a total random one coz I have no idea what to share this time..keh3!

But, the title said so!
I am right now getting addicted to the anime that I once watched years ago..
well, I just call it 'The-Road-Back-to-My-Nostalgic-Childhood-Time'
wahaha! XD (boo for my suck ability naming a title)

Right now, I'm watching The Prince of Tennis (not from the 1st episode, just the OVAs and special movies)
Later, The law of Ueki, I'm going to you! hehe...
There were about 3-4 animes that I bookmark-ed; as for the waiting list~
of course, some of them were the anime I already watched, but I wanted to re-watch.
And, there were also new anime that I just managed to catch it title, but not the anime itself. Huhu...
Now is the time!! Firee~~(effect from watching PIXAR's movie continuously 2 days ago)

So, that's all!
Haha! Told you it just a random one!

See you later!
I'm going to watch 'movie~~'

*I just don't want to comment anything about the PRU13..., that's all! *
*Oh! How I missed that OP&ED from P.O.T's anime!! Ryoma~  :')*

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