Friday, May 17, 2013

'Mini'- reunion?

Hai, hai, doumo~~

Just got back from my class (3rd year of Lower Secondary School)..
well, only the girls (as we were only 25 students that time; 10 boys, 15 girls)

there were some girls I haven't met them for a long time, some I met them even last year..
well, that's the rule when you are still learning; no matter school, collage of university, right?

Got a little 'depress' after I got the news about my UPU result.
But, doesn't mean I can't smile anymore~ ^_^
I believe there still a thousand more ways for me to continue my learning.
so, daijoubu, daijoubu~

I'm going to continue reading manga, so adios for now~

Dani deshita~

*'Everything happened must have reasons, but it doesn't mean you hae to give up'*
*Have no idea if there was someone said that, but still, sure! I'll try!*

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