Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Be With You] by Arashi lyric

Doumo doumo..
Right now..in the middle of exam!
Just want to update my blog..

Really a sad song here..,
also can be romantic song...
[Be With You] by Arashi....

Romaji :

Hodou ni naranda fuzoroi na futatsu no kage
Yorisou you ni nobite yuku
Awatadashii toki no naka Nagasarenai you ni
Bokura te wo tsunaida...

Hitogomi ga nagarete Isogu hito no naka de
Kanashiku natte kimi no namae Yonda
Toorisugita kaze no nioi
Atarashii kisetsu e Hora iro ga kawatteku

Kimi no koe de Sono egao de Sono subete de
Me wo hiraite boku wa arukeru
Donna kako mo Sonna asu mo Wakachi aou
Dakara boku wa kimi no moto ni

Kimi no me ni utsuru subete no kanashimi
Sono itami nuguetara...
Tooi kako Kimi ga okisari ni shita yume
Zenbu kanaeyou

Toki wa nagare itsumo Nanika wo kaeteku kedo
Eien wo te ni ireta bokura wa
Dare yori mo tsuyoku nareru
Mou sugu machi ni wa hitotsu Mirai ga kuru

Hito wo tsuyoku Aisuru koto Kidzuita kara
Me ni mieru subete wa kagayaki dasu
Sono egao wo Sono subete wo Mamotte yuku
Soshite itsumo kimi to tomo ni

Kimi no koe ga Sono egao ga Sono subete ga
Boku wo itsumo boku ni kaeshite kureru
Donna kako mo Donna asu mo Kanji aou
Soshite boku wa kimi no moto ni
Soshite itsumo kimi to tomo ni


Two shadows that lined up unevenly on the pavement
They stretch out like they are getting closer together
Like they won't be washed away in the bustle of time
We held hands...

In the middle of a crowd of rushing people
I became sad and called your name
The scent of the wind that passed by
A new season is coming Look, the colors are changing

Your voice, that smile, all of it,
Let me open my eyes and walk
Whatever past Whatever tomorrow Let's share them together
That's why I go to where you are

All the sadness reflected in your eyes
If I could take away all that pain...
In the far past, the dreams you left behind,
Let's make all of them come true

Although time always flows and something will change,
We who obtained eternity,
We'll become stronger than anyone
Very soon, a single future will come to this town

Because I've noticed that people love strongly,
Everything I can see shines
That smile, all of it, I'll keep protecting it
And then I'll always be together with you

Your voice, that smile, all of it,
Let me always return to being myself
Whatever past Whatever tomorrow Let's feel them together
And I'll go to where you are
And then I'll always be together with you


-Credit goes to yarukizero-san~~ yarukizero.­livejournal.­com

With that, there you go!
Probably...will no update for a week..maybe!

Whatever it is...can't wait for VS Arashi this 20th October!!!
Dewa, sayonara~~

*We do work hard, okay~!*
*Currently, got hooked by Saiyuki Reload's Ending, [Shiro no Jumon]*

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