Friday, October 21, 2011

Mannequin Five SP#4 !!

Just want to share with some Arashians (maybe you know it already~)
For the Mannequin Five Dai#4 !!

The winner??

Sakurai Sho !! (he got his revenge back for the last time!!

Sho's choices of clothes :

Second place goes to.....*drum roll*

Ninomiya Kazunari !!

Kazu's choices of clothes :

Third place...

Aiba Masaki !! (he got the same place for the last time too..)

Masaki's choices of clothes :

Fourth place,

Ohno Satoshi !!

Satoshi's choices of clothes :

And...who would thought..the Fifth place,

Matsumoto Jun !

And Jun's clothes was : never expect what will happen in this world..
Who would ever though Jun will got last place again..? Hehe..
But still, I did not have my interest in any of the mannequin at all !
Why? Because I like here and there of each mannequin, but not whole of the mannequin !
Hehe..what can I do..?

Actually, I'm waiting for VS Arashi...huhu!
Really want to watch VS Arashi right now!!
Why? Because there will be Momoka a.k.a. the girl who acted as Aiba's daughter, Koharu!

Though, I have plenty of time right now!
hek hek!


*watching Arashi's concert, [Time: Kotoba no Chikara]*
*I can't help galling in LOVE with him..dareka tasukete~~!*


  1. Hi~ I came across your blog few times while searching for lyrics translation. I wonder if you take request?
    *This is like so at inappropriate entry* But I hope you wont mind XD

  2. I don't mind but why don't you look up at this site?
    Most of the lyrics I pasted up here is from this site:
    Credit goes to her for every works of these translation.